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Meet the man behind Bohnart

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1 week ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist

So this was a must for me I met him through prankster and this was planned a while back but he got really busy and we finally got around to it and if ypu read down you might to see one of his short animations and win ome of his NFTs.

how you today ?

I am good - how are you?

I am great working from home . Doing anything exciting today ?

Nice. What does your day generally look like? Are you full time NFT world? I am generally always catching up on artwork/messages - daily - today will be no different haha .

My day normal day depends on what shift I am on in work to honest . I would love this to be full time but at moment no such joy ?

what do you do fulltime?

Trade facilitation . Is this a full time job for you ?

Woah that sounds pretty intense!

Nah not at all what you do for a living ?

It has been a tough year and a half - I built/fabricated props and sets for Broadway for almost 10 years prior to everything shutting down. I have mostly been managing the needs of my family/homeschooling my kids the past year and half - in between I was developing a new animated series to pitch. In the research phase I found crypto and NFTs. I have since been building in the NFT space regularly. Art is the fulltime job - in whatever form it presents itself.

Ah so you have always been artistic . how did you find NFTs its such a leap for Broadway or animated series ? Now don't get me wrong I think animation is become a bigger player in NFTs .

Yes - I have always created art. NFTs are not far from making animated series/shorts. I have a huge collection of IP - some of it is fit for series/paintings/sculptures/etc. - A lot of it just sits there.

The deeper I dug in my research - and the more I tuned into the movements in the art world - the more clear it became how powerful and important this medium is for an artist.

Working in animation - everything is digital - so I am already creating work in the space - it just did not have an audience or home - or a way to sell it - animation as art form is something I am very passionate about - I think each frame and drawing - and the process of creating the work is the masterpiece - TV animation does not necessarily think this way - many people forget they are looking at 24 drawings a second with many many layers interacting

What was the thing that convinced you to create NFTs and where you already involved in crypto was this you dipping your feet in ?

Its taking me some time to unravel that memory.

Beeple was a big part of it - having followed him for years on IG - I started asking about NFTs in my tiny art communities - no one seemed to know what it was - at the time Beeple had his first drop - I just kept digging and poking around - observing - seeing this massive movement and growth - watching and learning about crypto - I noticed there was not any work like mine in the space yet - so I wanted to get involved - I jumped in eventually.

Why did you choose WAX blockchain to create your NFTs on ?

The only person I knew in crypto suggested Opensea to me - I started there - minted some work - was not happy with the experience - but did not know I was doing it all wrong - I reached out to Bosak who was super receptive and suggested WAX to me - I started noodling around there - again doing it incorrectly - but was then scooped up and accepted into a community of very helpful/supportive digital acid people. WAX was the best place to learn, make mistakes, and experiment - and inevitably grow in the space.

When did you drop your first NFT ?

Hard to tell - I have NFT art that predates the first mint - I may have listed some pieces - then deleted - then relisted them - but looks like Feb 25th on OS and a month later on WAX. Most of the early pieces - I deleted the files - so it really only exists on the blockchain...

Do you have a pic of the first one on WAX ?

Yes the first couple on WAX do not have templates - and I minted w the limited RAM - only 4 or 5 of them exist - one is my collection image.

I think those were followed by Head - 010, 011, 012 in the same day .

Oh wow how did the community react ?

I think I listed them for 10 wax each - was not whitelisted yet - no drops just straight to secondary - they all sold out over night - maybe 2 or 3 people bought them all - the next day I listed head-013, 014 with my "swelling" wax wallet haha - those sold out - following day I listed head-014B which was a misprint initially - fortunately they would all sell.

It was a mess getting started - but some people have some super rare pieces in their collection! They also helped me out and really taught me how to use the space. I certainly would not be here without them.

This community is by the most receptive and positive/supportive of my work - I've had my art in a lot of different places - the WAX community has been overwhelmingly beautiful.

How did you come up with the creations?

My work is character driven - when I build a series or short - its built on a unique character - a "Head" - from there worlds/stories evolve - I've got reservoirs of characters/stories w/o homes - so it fit well w NFTs - everyone collects these programmed generative pieces - to me its all the same - I get it but I also don't get it - my "Heads" are unique - that was my twist in the space.

Of course and is all your NFTs animated ?

Hmmm - there might be a couple still images I can think of - but 98-99% have life to them. Actually - looking at my records - they might all be moving in some form - there's even a couple pieces my kids animated in my collection

Oh really so your kids are interested in NFTs ?

No not really. I am constantly talking about NFTs and Crypto - teaching - but they don't really care/fully understand yet... They like art/animation and they get excited when I get excited - but hasn't fully clicked. I put my 7yr old on one of my Uplift plots for a while and heard her yell "MAMA, I'm earning WAX!"

Ah of course let me guess they think uplift is Minecraft ?

Yes - but its also an important bridge in that way .

What has been your favourite nft to create ?

My favorite is def the Lupe collabs - but 1 of the Bosak collabs are a close second.

Can you show us ?

Oh I am guessing the idea behind the first one is behavis and butthead . can I ask how long it took ?

Yea both collabs are inspired by classic cartoons - beavis and butthead and scooby doo - they are examples of what is possible on WAX - its a ton of work - the Lupe pieces took a couple weeks to complete from idea to delivery - Lupe worked the backgrounds - not sure how long that took him to complete. The Bosak pieces took several months for me to wrap my head around and execute - I made hand drawn backgrounds for the van piece - also original music and sound effects.

What programs you using for creation ?

Adobe products - animate/photoshop/premiere

Oh very nice can I ask how many hours a day you spend creating NFTs ?

It fluctuates - the past two days I put in 10+ drawing hours on an upcoming project - sometimes I knock out a couple heads a day - but then don't work/draw anything new for a week - it has been pretty busy the past month - I am consistently working in my brain throughout the day late into the night.

Here is a hard question because I know you have done a lot of collabs who has been your favorite and who is your dream collab ?

That is a difficult question.

I greatly appreciate a collab where another artist is actively putting in the work, experimenting, brainstorming, and stumbling along as I do - there is a connection there one artist to another - it is rare. For the most part I have learned a lot from collaborating and there is so much value there.

I am a teacher but also a student - so I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others expand their abilities but I also enjoy learning from them. I don't have a dream collab - there is a lot of talented people in the space I am certain would be fun to collaborate with.

Do you keep an eye on new artist to see would they fit with you for a collab?

I do - a lot of artist have contacted me as well - and I always tell them the same thing - it has to be the right time and place for both parties involved. There are a couple people on my list that I am watching grow - but I know I am not in the right place to collaborate with them. Its difficult - I gotta feel the spark - its a huge commitment.

Who is your favorite artist ?

traditional artist? wax artist? NFT artist? can you be more specific ?

On WAX ?

I have a lot - no one in particular - a lot of people are making great work - are consistent and continuing to grow/experiment - there are also great projects trying to build something more for the community - I don't have a favorite wax artist.

What's the biggest collection you have in your wallet ?

Hushwink .

Oh really cool . What's been the best part of becoming a wax artist ?

The community - friends from all over the world .

Have you learned anything new from designing NFTs ?

Yes - in this weird time - I learned how to come out from isolation - and share my art more with people. I opened up personally and am more confident with my art and myself - I have always turned away from people/groups - internalized and introverted - I think NFTs/this community have been helping me out of that hole. Where are you located? You said you were 4+ hours?

In Dublin .

Dublin looks nice .

Where you from ?

NYC area

Oh cool been to Manhattan once ?

I am def over it - ready for something new - been here half my life.

How does your family feel about your NFTs ?

My family is supportive and positive - they have learned to live with a crazy passionate artist but often times I get the blank stares and the eye rolls. My kids are def some solid critics.

Do you a limit of how many NFTs you will create ?

My Boneheads collection is limited to 100 heads - I try to keep the mints low without excluding people. I'm a bit crazy about my secondary market - I often buy up the bottom and burn them. I don't like seeing work hang around. If it was tangible art I would do the same - destruction is def a part of my process.

At this point I am having a lot of fun making NFTs - I hope to keep making them without over saturating my markets - just trying to always keep it interesting and fun to look at.

Tell us something random about you ?

This is difficult to answer - I know I'm a bit of an oddity but it all feels normal to me. I like riding my bike - drinking coffee - collecting books and records, I have chickens in a city, I like gardening and watching plants/trees grow, I love to cook - its another form of expression. I collect crappy tattoos and they're all upside down.

What you do for fun when your not creating NFTs ?

See the above random question haha - also I am a fulltime parent of 3 kids - I don't rest - I am always creating, nurturing, or destroying - sun up sun down - its family time or art time.

Can we have all your links for your community and to your NFTs?


Telegram -

Any chance of a competition or drop for the readers ?

sure - lets set this up asap

And here it is to win the below NFT follow the link

Before we finish up is there anything you would like to say or add ?

Thank you for this opportunity - I appreciate your time and your deep questions. I look forward to sharing more art with everyone! Thank you all for supporting me and my work!

Thanks for your time its been a pleasure.

Thanks again man - best wishes .

If you wanted to see an animation that he has done check this out

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Written by   329
1 week ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist
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The earlier animations are great but that latter one gave a headache. Hahaha. May be a flash warning next time. Lol! Anyways, he is really an artist.

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1 week ago

I enjoyed the vid. Oh, remind me of someone who can do an animation like this. Too bad he's too busy to learn NFT.

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1 week ago

I felt dizzy watching the animation 🤣

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1 week ago

Same haha

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1 week ago