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Meet the creator of WaxMafiaVerse

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Topics: Interview, WAX, Game, NFT

Welcome to another meet the artist this one is a new project that is in the works see what they have to say .

How they describe there project

MafiaVerse is a skill based strategy and social deduction #playtoearn game based on #WAX blockchain.

Here is there white paper


Hey 👋

How's things?

I'm fine, thanks. How's yours?

Cant complain what's the plan for the day?

Today we plan to start some new contests in our discord and prepare to the tomorrows promo pack opening event.

What got you into crypto world?

My friends invited me to this world. First of I just heard some rumors about bitcoin and something like that in 2018, but later on I dived in more closely and started to interest the coins, altcoins and later when NFT is showed up I joined some communities where my friends usually chat and monitor news. So step by step I've arrived at the wax blockchain - the most convenient and promising blockchain for me.

What made u start creating?

I wanted to create a community, such as those where we are usually met with friends but with more people oriented ideas, not about only the product we creating. Build a place where people will be pleased to be and happy to return everyday.

Why did you choose wax for your project?

It's friendly blockchain for an ecosystem with a big amount of cheap transactions which also eco friendly and don't have some massive amount of warehouses of mining GPUs at his back, haha.

What's the idea behind your project?

We want to implement this social game system from 'Mafia' (or 'Werewolf') to the blockchain, and provide the same experience with profit for the players, who show good results in "detective” skills.

So it is a P2E?

Yes I usually present project like this, because it's more common thing, but personally I would say my project closer to "think to earn" idea.

So what will the community have to do to earn?

There will be several options. Basic staking - if you don't want to do anything; closing "deals" - where you need to send specific team to earn more reward and most interesting but risky for my taste is the PVP and tournaments.

I am guessing there will be different rarities of cards?

Yes, we don't invented bicycle here and I think it's not so necessary. That's why we made 3 rarities for usual characters card and one unique card - Don.

So will the Don be a 1 of 1?

We thought about it and as it might be an interesting concept, but then was decided that it would be too overpowered. So, no, it's not 1 of 1, but it will be the rarest character.

When did you launch this serous?

If we talking about serious launch, I would say about late Spring, I am personally aiming at the end of April.

So at the moment its very early to get in?

Yes, we at the very start of our adventure

Is it a big team working on it?

Now it's 3 people, me as CEO and author of the game idea, an artist and a developer on outsource

How many NFT have you dropped so far?

For now there was few free promo drops for early supporters and one sale of basic NFT's.

What was the first NFT dropped?

First NFT was from promotional scheme - it was a cigar, inspired by Cuban cigars.

How did the community react?

At first the was like "what is it, just another free template cigar"?, but then I introduce them other works of our artist and they loved the style and the idea.

Have you got a favorite of the ones you dropped?

I really love "Don's letter" NFT, the old parchment letter with official seal of red wax give me nice sensation. I almost can feel that smell, haha.

Is there any NFTs finished that haven't been dropped yet?

There are two NFTs of 'districts', which we are not announced as an image. All others NFTs was shown in some or another way.

Here, take some pic of 'Affluent area'.

What will this be used for?

This is district where will be a specific "deals" according to a district specialty.

Oh cool where you get your ideas for your NFTs?

From my imagination mostly with an eye on mafia aesthetics and movies from 80's, together with an artist we are discussing how it will be better to depict and than she showing me some sketches and I deciding how we can finalize it.

How do you guys create NFTs?

We are discussing what functions we want to see in our game and 'who' or 'what' can do this action, then deciding how we can implement this on our ecosystem and entourage

I meant what programs you using for creating the NFTs?

Our artist using the Photoshop

How long is each NFT taking to create?

Usually around 1 week per character. Don took two.

Is there room in your project for Collabs?

Sure, we always looking for a new opportunities to make an interesting event together with other projects.

Is there a dream collab on wax for you?

For now no names comes to my mind, if we talked outside wax, collab with Al Pacino would be really a dream!

Of course I get that . Do you collect NFTs?

At this year probably not. I was totally dived into work for the project, but I collected some last year. From p2e projects my favorite is nftbattleminers, from artists - mythicalnfts, unfortunately he retire for now.

Is this a full time project?

Sometimes it takes full day, but it's not my main job for now. Always need a plan B, especially in this, not so shiny days for crypto world, nevertheless while blockchain is working we will continue to develop the project.

What's the long term plan for the project?

Long term plan is to create a sports league with monthly prizes for the best players

What has been the hardest part of your project so far?

When my previous developer partner on outsource disappeared with money and I needed to start it from the scratch this summer.

Oh god . What has been the best part of doing the project?

Best part is a community with which I'm interacting, see their support and interest in the project

Have brought anyone into the wax blockchain?

Probably not, after my friends invited me, I've asked some others people from my environment and they mostly be uninterested or already aware of it better then me.

What your family think of your project?

My family a little far from this theme, I once tried to explain this, and they told me something like "Oh, some complicated computer thing, okay. If it what you want to do - do it your best".

What you like to do to unwind?

I like to read some books, last one was The Three-Body Problem from Liu Cixin, very interesting Sci-fi, for my opinion and also a little bicycle while we have a good weather here.

When will there be a new drop for the project?

Now we are setting up the time for the "MafiaVerse case" drop, we think we need a little extra time for marketing before it, so it will be on the third week of November. Yes, I would say around November 20-21.

What will be in them?

It will be a character drop. Special NFT's which you are supposed to manage in game.

Where will we be able to buy them?

Now we are using Neftyblocks for our drops

Where the best place to keep up with the project?

For discord -

Any announcements goes there first and then to the twitter

For twitter -

Before we finish up is there anything you would like to add?

A little message to community - stay safe, fam. Crypto winter is cold, but eventually there will be another summer and thanks for your time to read all of this!

Thank you so much for your time

Thank you too for this interesting opportunity!


Check out are competition below

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Written by   650
1 week ago
Topics: Interview, WAX, Game, NFT
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