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I love the whole concept behind this project now you mightn't know the name of his project but if your on twitter I am sure you have proubly seen his twitter name knocking around if you have keep an eye out for Lovecraftian he is trying to spread the Wax world to his native tongue.

Hey bro

Hey crackers!

How's things?

Fine working a bit this morning for fiat money and you?

Same as in the fiat mines to sadly . Will you be doing any crypto work later?

I would like to finish some things on my website that are behind schedule like the wax project directory.

Of course have you been in crypto long?

In crypto only 3 years and two in wax.

What brought you into crypto?

Trading in Binance, but when I heard about alien worlds I came to wax like many others and here I stayed I spend the day on the wax blockchain almost playing games, collecting NFTs and promoting projects I like.

And where did the idea for your on project come from?

I realized that everything in WAX revolves around English language and many spanish-speaking people are left out because they cannot communicate. The idea of the project goes beyond the blog. I try to make reward systems within the blog for activities on the page and reward users with mystery boxes

Of course I think its brilliant that you are bring WAX news in spanish but also creating NFTs to reward people . Where did the idea come for the NFTs?

The original idea, as everyone knows, is from OnlineInn. I got in touch with Frazel to help me create mine and then I asked acquaintances in WAX to donate NFTs to the waxdao pool for self-promotion and as a result, many artists are kindly collaborating.

That's for the mystery boxes my other schemas are Pixelart because I love this kind of art and off course it's less complex than others. Pixtalgia inspired me to start to create something like his promos. Then came the PFPs that I have a lot of fun doing even though I sell very few This PFPs will be part of my website, registered users can use them as avatars.

So your inspiration came from the artist on WAX and I think pixelart is so under valued but there is still so much love for it . When did you drop your first NFT?

Long before WAXHispano I started a collection on Lovecraft's literature, a writer I really like. He made some characters from his universe using AI and then laying them out as collectible cards but I didn't quite like the result, that was over a year ago. It is a collection that I want to resume but drawn by hand in the future. About WAXHispano my first NFTs were so that those who bought it could have roles on the web as a writer or publicist

They should be NTT but I had no experience and I did it wrong haha .The blockchain does not allow deleting so they stayed that way

Of course what ever is created on blockchain forever lol . so you are going to start hand drawning and will they be created in pixel art as well?

Yes, in two different collections Lovecraftian and WAXHispano I have been dedicating myself to scientific work for a long time and I have forgotten my creative side. WAX has reminded me of when I was a child I was always drawing. I am delighted with it, I have fun and all the money I earn in Waxp I invest in other collections that I already consider friends. We are a big family of that there is no doubt I hope that the future does not leave small artists behind

This is why we need people like you and me doing what we do to help the community find new and small projects . has WAXHispano helped new people find the wax community?

At least we try, that's the idea, to publicize projects, collaborate and make sure that we all have a place in this family . I'm afraid that in the future when WAX become more popular the big projects that make money for WAX they will eclipse all the small artists, you know the big fish will eat the little one. But who knows the future doesn't exists... we'll see let's have fun now that we can.

As long there is people pushing pushing and helping small projects they will always be here . How are you creating your NFTs at the moment ?

Right now with GIMP it's like Photoshop for Linux, but I just bought a copy of Aseprite it's the most used by Pixelart artists, I have to practice with this software and take my creations to the next level . It was recommended to me by Brokendollz and Pixtalgia two legends

Of course love does two guys how long is it taking to create a new NFT?

It depends on the schema, the PFPs and the magazines I have some bases created and I only have to modify them, so at most one hour. The magazines are a little more because I have to look for the latest news from some creators on Twitter. The promos are made from scratch so I can spend hours with them sometimes I have an idea and I don't get the expected result and I have to leave it or sometimes something else unexpectedly interesting comes out. I've been thinking on an interesting idea for a promo last days, I hope I have free time and try it. Oh yes I leave the access cards, they are collaborations with projects I get in touch with them they send me graphic material and I share the profits at 50% but I also have templates made for it.

How often do you release the Magazine NFT?

The idea is every Monday a magazine compiling the news of Pixelart artists

Is it just Pixel artist?

I think that over time it would be nice to make the magazine with unlockable attributes and have more content on my page but for now I only do the covers. Yes its only related to Pixelart artists in wax.

Of course and is it free?

No, but cheap only 5 wax .

I am guessing this can be a little stressful getting it ready each week?

Yes, but if I need to create goals for myself , I am a person who is easily distracted, I need a routine.

Ah what has been your favorite NFT you have created so far?

I love many of the PFPs I created but if I can only say one the Game Over Promo

Is like the credits of a retro game machine, definitively I need to create more promos like that.

How many PFPs have you created?

The last one is the number 36 but the first 10 were lost in a pool badly done hahaha, I have been learning through trial and error

Of course have you done any collabs with your projects?

Yes, card.ids schema are a collaborative project I have done with Brokendollz, Pixtalgia and Cozmic Alien and there are many more coming.

Who would be dream collab?

Hmmm I hadn't really thought about it but I would like to do something with Acryptia, I love that game and Taco is a fundamental part of the WAX family

What is your favorite project on WAX?

Although I like many artists and many games in WAX, I think that Taco masterfully covers all of this. Everything they have done and will surely do in the future for the WAX chain is incredible, tools like MEAL SALSA or SWAP are already essential and Acryptia is one of the best games right now. Right now as we speak I'm playing Acryptia with Shnazzy's deck which is incredibly pretty. One of the bests collabs in the WAX scene until now.

Nice what has been the best part of doing your work on WAX?

I am one of the people who likes giving more than receiving gifts, so I feel satisfied when I help deserving people to publicize their projects. The key is to do what you like and not think about immediate rewards, if you do good in the end everything will be fine.

What has is been the hardest part of doing the project?

Time, it is difficult to find a balance between work, family and being active in WAX but we do what we can. Luckily I have a job that I can do from home and without a fixed schedule, otherwise it would be almost impossible.

What does your family think of the project?

They have always supported me in all my projects, whatever they may be, my family is not a fan of technology so they don't go into depth in what I do either, but their support and understanding is enough for me. I am a very lucky person, at work and in the family and I am thankful for it.

You are indeed . What is the long term plan for the project?

The first phase is the blog and its reward system which is 90% developed in the future I would like to create a Spanish-speaking community with interests within the WAX blockchain as a land in Wombat Dungeons Worlds, a Taco venue with the level to participate in Brigade or Acryptia, all under the name of WAXHispano as a clan :D

Nice what you like to do when you aren't working or doing your project?

I am passionate about the sea, I have a small boat of 5 meters in length and when I can, the place where I am most comfortable is fishing in the sea.

Oh nice sounds very relaxing

Yes it is.

Where is the best place to keep with your project?

I am more active on Twitter for my Discord, although it is more powerful, it is difficult for me to manage and I do not use Twitch either because I do not like to speak in public too much :D

Where can we buy your NFTs?

I use Neftyblocks for drops and blends and Atomichub only for auctions right now but I really want to start using the NFTHive crafting tool looks amazing

When is the next drop?

If something spontaneous doesn't come out on Monday there will be a new magazine, the number 3 and a new PFP the number 37. I would like to do a promo vignette every WAXWednesday but I still don't have the ability to ensure it, ideas are not lacking, skills yes.

Any chance of a giveaway for the readers?

Of course, I have two mystery boxes for your readers, inside them there are two NFTs from different collections and you can open it here:

Thank you before we finish up is there anything you would like to add?

Yes, a piece of advice, try to enjoy what you do, have fun. Change your mind, don't start something thinking about the benefits, if what you do gives value to the community, the benefits will come sooner or later in one way or another. Much love to all. Thanks for the interview much appreciated bro

Thank you for your time today

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