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Right guys I know this artist as Prankster but sadly changed his name to Duck Blob but one thing hasn't changed his art style or his opinions or certain stuff well he is back creating and with his new PFP NecroNauts

Hey bro how's things?

Going well how about you?

Cant complain so after a very long break your back . What brought you back?

I wouldn't say it was a long break, but I got bored and wanted to doodle on my computer again

Long enough so tell us what you bringing with your new doodles?

Well I went through some issues with Adobe because it just didn't make sense to pay them $50 a month for a subscription . So I stopped paying and stopped making, I just found a new animation software though I think will work well so I am back

Ah so tell us about your up coming drop?

I am really excited and nervous about it. So many questions and quasi planning. So I wanted to do a PFP and was really wondering what might catch on well, I had brain stormed things like Wacky Whompers, Big Butts Gang but ultimately landed on NecroNauts. The idea being a throw back to thee early days of NFTs and the bull run. If you remember everything was astronauts and moons

The story is the NecroNauts are the undead wanderers from last bull run.... Which is really just a metaphor for all of us still trying to make something out of this space.

We all love to go to the moon but what goes up sadly comes down so this is a kick back to the bull run you seem very excited for it what will the PFP comprise of?

So the PFP drop will be 555 NecroNauts with a lot of traits. The cool thing is that 30% of the revenue will go into a farm for steak holders to stake and earn rewards. I am prepared to do a phase 2 where maybe the PFPs fall into a nuclear reactor or something, but I need to see how this first drop goes before investing another 2 months into the project

What traits will there be?

Lots of eyes and mouths. Ears, hair (brains) noses, space suits and helmet collars. I spent the most time on eyes and mouths because I feel like those are the most defining traits. Only so many ways to draw a cool ear.

Lol will there be any traits from other projects featuring in the PFP?

Not really no, I drew inspiration from the dead fellaz, but haven't taken anything from any of the other collections on WAX

I am guessing these are all hand drawn creations what programs did you use for drawing the?

I used affinity Designer , it is a really great program that can handle vector and raster drawings

Will there animation in the PFP as we all know you love doing it?

The PFPs will not be animated PFPs the NFT hive tool does not support it yet. That's not say that I won't make any custom animated NecroNauts. In fact I just started working on an animated patient 0 version of a NecroNaut. With all the goodness of eye popping and flashing colors as to possibly cause a seizure.

Also I don't know that I love animation so much as I feel the digital arts just require it to some degree.... I just feel like still images are more impactful as physical paintings, drawings, etc. .It's funny how this space has evolved. When I first started it was ....

  • 1. Make art and earn royalties when ppl resell your work.

  • 2. Then we went into this meta verse phase where everyone wanted their NFTs to be displayable in virtual galleries.

  • 3. Then "Utility" became the hot word and every NFT had to have a gimmick to make it an "investment"

  • 4. Now everything is called a rug or a scam And then there are creators like me just trying to have fun and earn a little beer money

Is there any favorites of the PFP?

I think my favorite is the Nuclear Potato space suit

It's like potato but it's radioactive

Only you man how much will they cost?

I have the price set at 50 WAX seems like everything is going between 30 & 50 WAX

When will they drop?

September 6th at 12:00 CST

I presuming on NFThive?

Yes 100% on NFThive

Will there much levels of rarities?

Only by sheer chance, with so many traits and only 555 mints, I didn't want to make it where a trait had virtually 0 chance of being pulled. I drew it so I want it to show up at least once

Ha ha ha do you have pic of the rarest NFT?

I don't think we get that until mint day

Is this your first go at a PFP?

There was another project I guess almost 2 years ago I guess. It was fun but not as much fun as the NecroNauts

Have you learned anything new doing the PFP?

I learned that NFThive did an amazing job putting together a free tool anyone can use!

What's the one thing you would pass on to anyone trying to do there own PFP?

In this market, don't expect success

Ah bro your being very negative

Lol no I just don't want to be disappointed, and I hope it sells enough to make sense to do a blend or something

Of course do you have many blends in mind?

We will see what happens after the drop, and how I get inspired

Tell are you working on anything else at the moment?

I am still making my Ugly Mug series of NFTs But I am really wanting to take the time and get reinvested in printmaking. Like wood block printing, dry point etching. But those things take a lot of time and money to do... And I have neither of those two things..... Anyways I feel an inevitable shift towards making physical art at some point

Would that vIRL of your NFTs?

No it would just be art no need for 2022 marketing terms

Well excuse me lol so it wont be reemdable NFTs?

No just Go on Etsy and use a credit card I mean at the end of the day if I am putting Fiat into a product, then I need to get Fiat out to cover my production costs. I am not opposed to vIRL NFTs it's just seems like unnecessary work. Person pays WAX for an item, then I have to exchange the WAX and pay exchange fees to get fiat. Then I have to go and hope that I charged enough to cover shipping (I have done this before)

Of course you have given me some steak NFTs to giveaway what's idea behind them?

I know a few different creators have tried adding a rewards system using wax daos farms, and it seems to be a good way to give back to collectors. I figured I should come up with something, so I came up with Stakeable Steak. Every Quarter I will be putting 30% of my quarterly WAX earnings into a farm to be farmed . The first farm will go up after the NecroNauts PFP drop concludes

Ah so your back creating so will we see some random NFT drops along the way and I love the animation.

Thank you yeah if my day goes at planned that will get dropped to day

Before we finish anything else you want to say?

Just everyone try to stay positive, don't lose all hope in WAX

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