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Meet the creator of Kickback Wax

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1 month ago
Topics: WAX, Artist, NFT

I came across this project on Twitter and it look good also it features one of Ireland most famous Irish folklore leprechaun so I hit them up about there project and get the story about project and the team behind it and I this project will move quick .



How's things ?

Good thanks man! Crazy weekend (my brothers wedding tomorrow) so I am juggling Kickback/my personal portfolio/personal life currently haha. Yourself ?

I am good I am off for a week so I am happy dying for the Liverpool game today .I am guessing your project will take a back seat for a few days ?

It will tomorrow because I’ll be otherwise engaged with wedding goings-on . But it is the primary focus for me currently

Of course . How did you discover NFTs ?

I love dance music and last year when I saw Deadmau5 was releasing an ‘online trading card’ product, I decided to have a look. That lead me to finding wax and I bought some packs on the deadmau5 series 1 drop .

Ah and why did you decide to do your project on wax ?

After finding wax, I never left. I’ve been a part of most projects as a buyer and built great relationships here. Wax is my home . It felt right to do something on wax. No other blockchain was ever considered .

Oh brilliant so tell us about your project?

Yeh so Kickback, that started its journey as ‘accumulation cards’ was the result of my frustration of having too many projects that required active participation. I wanted a project that people can subtlety enjoy without needing to keep checking in on the latest updates and having to do a daily activity like mining etc.

I was also loving the auto-generative avatar scene too, on ETH and now on WAX with imposter punks paving the way. Although these are great projects and a true corner stone of NFT Culture, I thought they could go further in terms of utility. This is when I began to realize we could merge both ideas. We could create meaningful art work and meaningful utility. For season 1 we built a system that would create reward pools for each sale to reward assets in the form of backed wax onto the asset.

This leads to a difficult decision the owner needs to make. With on-going utility does the owner burn the asset to unlock the wax or keep the wax locked in the card but continue to benefit from the utility the card provides.

Ah I get so once someone buys your NFTs they are will have a sort of income?

Nothing is guaranteed in terms of income and it will be a reward pool that pays out to 50% of eligible NFTs.

Is this a team ?

We are a team, I am the Project Owner/Leader. I have a very close blockchain advisor, a smart contract developer and an artist. I also have voluntary community support members too

4 core team members and currently 3 volunteer support members .

Oh wow are they all UK based ?

2/4 of the core team are. all 3 volunteers are too .

Oh cool so its a big enough team . So are you going down the road like petethecreator with your NFTS ?

In what sense?

With NFT design so 1 of 1 ?

I think its important to distinguish the differences between the two projects. Pete's Imposterpunks are a very Raw avatar project and it works. It's very ETH-like in its set up. Kickback takes the essence of avatar projects and injects the soul of WAX into it by providing multi-level utility

I understand have you got whitelisted yet ?

Yes we got whitelisted just this week .

Oh brilliant have you released any NFTs yet ?

We have began to release our whitelist passes, our first sale date is looking to be Sept 11th .

And how many NFTs do you have ready to launch ?

We have our entire first sale ready to go which is 1,000 assets .

And is that 1000 different assets ?

1,000 unique Liam the Leprechaun’s

Oh cools can I ask what's your favorite one is ?

There’s too many to choose from!

Ah you must have one that sticks out !

I genuinely don’t they're all amazing .

How did you create your NFTs ?

So we developed the base avatar and then all of the attribute categories with 7 unique attributes in each of the 7 categories. We then developed an auto-generation script we run in our editing software which randomly generates sprites using the different categories based on a percentage we assign to each attribute within the category (for rarity purposes) .

Will this be more than just one season ?

Yeah we currently have plans for season 1 and season 2 in the works. this should see us bringing constant development and updates to the project until around August next year

Will there be blending ?


Cool is this a full time job ?

not currently, I work full time and do this outside of my day job

Can I ask what it is ?

My current position as my day job? I am a Professional at a Chemical Engineering Company .

How does your family about your project?

They're really supportive although they don't fully understand how 'internet pictures' work .

Ha ha ha . Where do you like to interact with the community ?

Discord is our main hub now but we also have telegram and Twitter

Have you thought about collabs ?

We are collabing with Oliveland and Nefty Box to provide their community members the opportunity to be rewarded with Whitelist passes for our First edition Sale. We do not currently plan to collab with other projects in other ways just yet.

Do you currently collect NFTs ?

Yeh, I have been collecting since 2020

What is the biggest collection in your wallet ?

Nova Rally

Are they your favorite artist ?

Yeh .

Tell us something random about yourself ?

My favorite fashion brand is Burberry

What you like to do for fun ?

NFT's, Poker, Hang out with Friends

What's been the most exciting part of the project ?

Today, creating our 1,000 Unique Liam the Leprechaun's officially ready for asset minting.

When does that drop ?

11th September hopefully!

Oh brilliant any chance of a competition or drop for the readers ?

I can offer 5 whitelist passes to your readers so long as they join our discord and comment 'meet the artist' in general first 5 people get the passes .

Perfect so before we finish up is there anything you would like to add or say to the readers ?

Nothing really, just keep an eye on us, come get involved and understand we are building something to grow for the future. We want to create something that lasts for a very long time!

Brilliant thank you so much for your time .

So join his Discord comment meet the artists . The first 5 win whitelisting .

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Written by   402
1 month ago
Topics: WAX, Artist, NFT
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Kudos mate, good interview 👌🏾

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1 month ago

I think I was still on time

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I guess im late for the invite 😅

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You can always try

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1 month ago

I am there friend.

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1 month ago

Nice!! The first Deadmau5 NFTS were what got me started too. Thats awesome! I tried to to comment on the Discord channel after I joined but It say I can't post messages? I'm sure it's user error. Its all good. Cool project bro, good luck on the 11th! I'll try to grab one when they drop.

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1 month ago

Already on Discord. Thanks!

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1 month ago

You in his channel already

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1 month ago

Straight to Discord!

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1 month ago

Nice one

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