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I always like to talk to different artist and a lot of artists are branching out from Opeansea to Atomichub and he is one that interests me not only is he dropping some great NFT's his big picture is for a game . This interview was done over a couple days as he is a busy man I think since we started doing the interview he has dropped at least three NFT's and they have been nice

Hi Crackers ! 😁

Hey how's things ?

Rendering another textures right now:) Polishing themπŸ˜„

Nice when you hoping to drop them ?

I hope in about 2 hours some sort of it, have to create a little bit new concept:)

Busy man

What's your Artist name ?

So my name is Spacylion . its about new hope and story.

Where you living ?

I'm from Russia

What your full time job ?

love to chat, trying to speak as much as I can btw I'm dentist so its my job

Your a dentist by day NFT artist by night?


(Day 2)

How you ?

Hi, I'm fine , Excited and happy .

Good how did your drop go today

Well I have 3 orders so created first, its 8 pm so it will be looong day to me

I know the feeling so did the first drop do well ?

Yeap hope so but it interesting to know that this drop came for me not as a new selling item but a new step of idea in the whole meaning

As Malevich square - equal to Shit Coin

Cool I love them kind of NFT's . Did that take long to make ?

Yeap, it was for about 3 days we were concepting this NFT, with @jrome128 (twitter) great 3D designer of virtual reality, that was grateful to speak with him and met in Space check him out

I will do . So where you in work today ?

Yes in real life I'm Dentist Surgeon in St. Petersburg - Russia, implantologist , in Galaxy - I'm director of movement SpacyLion . Its great to me to work in this ways because its about of art, Art of body and art of mind.

Today working in both ways - morning started with 2 operations now I'm at home, rendering till the end

How did you come across NFT's ?

Well my mother is traditional artist the whole life, i draw a lot in my life and it is about of lot of styles, what is interesting is that I began to draw from the 1st year of the university and continue to this day. It's just digital now and I really like it because the community is very kind and responsive. in the last few months I have finally switched exclusively to digital drawings and I also promote my mom's drawings (@NFTkosach) because she has exceptional drawing talents. Dentistry is the same art, the purpose of which is to help a person. Art always keeps up with the times and helping people - "non nocere".

Art is a big thing in your family ?

Yeap, my grandma is architecture, mom is artist me - dentist, of course i draw teeth in my life - a lot of them! But the most lovely person of my arts are eyes. This is my weakness. in them you can read everything about a person

So you like to draw eyes so will you be doing some eye NFT's in the future ?

Sure, there definitely should be some eyes in the journey of SpacyLion

I just have a baddie out of doom the floating eye baddie

Cool I will be doing some sort of this style of course! Pirates of the Space are almost creative and dangerous

What is Spacylion all about ?

This is about Lion, symbol of strength & glory for your collection.

Free to play game in our future community. Flying throw ages of Universe. Pilot SpacyLion and his crew on the way to the conquests of space. Join, you can choose which characteristics you will pump, which Moments of the flight you will remember - it all depends only on you!

Whispers above Us

So you where on Opensea and you left to come here or are you still minting on there

I'm still there but, you know, Etherium fees are so bad so for human honour I always on WAX 90% of my time. OpenSea is some sort of my business card. 1/1 exclusive ones are there. Maybe just for me maybe for some Kings who knows

Yea I get you

How long you been minting NFT's ?

Since February, 2021, just started and have great mind. Collection of 50+ cards

IN count of Numbers # More then 800 I hope.

3 collection on AtomicHub - already WhiteListed - that's my proudest I think

Wow that is some amount 1100NFT's and But how many you created ?

I created all of them . Its all my hands

last one collection is not verified so 1100 NFTS minus 400 = 700 verified NFTs

Last one is the first collection, I setting up there all the stuff to recognize how to work on Atomichub

My god how many you creating a week ?

in a week? Its hard to say, well - I'm trying to create 1 card in the day but last week I was ordered some NFTs by great NFT holders, @CatFreshEnt , @NyteWolf503 , great @oxoprod and it is only first step. I'm looking forward to connect as much as I can with artists and collectors, in my story SpacyLion is coming to WARP in the whole crypto Systems to find out NFTreasure - its about mental its about heart

just for now rendering next drop for example. Its new collaboration with great artist - @MarcusNFT very smart guy and friend of mine check it out

(Day 3)

How has the week been for you ?

Week was amazing for me, new friends, for about 7 new cards and the biggest one drop I ever created.

A clip collaboration of professional sound engineers @yumyum

That was so tough and exciting for me, for us to create this, for about 20 hours work during only drawing

So I am guessing been a busy day how you finding atomic hub are you getting a fan base going ?

AtomicHub was firstly represented me by @NyteWolf -

Best friend of mine and it was a great find for me. At that time, I just started to make a Telegram channel and at the moment I conduct, in general, sketches and my ideas there. It looks like a big book with many chapters that are added every moment of this galaxy.

Instead of a story about an idea, I will provide a background.

Pt.1✨Hello to Universe! Background

SpacyLion decided to reach the Crypto NFTreasure.

What's the NFTreausre? We can not know what it is, so many networks, currencies, people, we need to look for answers. the answers can only be obtained from a height, and therefore it was decided to go beyond the borders and up. having supplied the ship with provisions, we began to recruit a team. any cruiser needs a team, especially if it needs to prepare food, pour ether and fuel, and charge the light bulb in the rescue airlock...

We have SpacyLion on a board as a pilot, so check your seatbelts, there will be few stops!

πŸͺStars are here, so you can touch them in a while and i will help you with it.

🎟 First of all lets check your tickets to ride and then we'll lunch up!

🌠 WAX Collection and star Mapping:

85/100 cards, Check your Number #

So the big picture is your NFT's are going to be for a game ?

I hope so maybe the game, for now its a book. I m working with creating of RPG gaming but its very hard for me. By the way if there will be some gaming designer - I'm almost open to discuss it!

I'm just a Dreamer of Art.

What kind of game app or website ?

Maybe some sort of text rpg i think - this is the first step of everything

Would you go to space, how much carrots in your pocket to eat and how much Moments of WARP jump left on your ship, it would be interesting thing i hope

Fight with pirates and open the CryptoChests

You check out he runs quests like that on here like dungeon and dragons

Very nice to see of course will check!

You should might give you ideas of where you would like to with your game or what about alien world way ?

Well the main plot of SpacyLion story is warping the space and finding some treasures

Unlike many games, it will not be stationary on one planet, where some cryptopeople grinds their pieces of land, but there will be a constantly evolving game that will depend on people, that is, the next chapter will proceed from what happened in the previous one. A meeting with alien worlds will also be, this is an integral part, respectively, it will be possible to make friends with them, take them into a team, which will give additional perks, well, or just shoot off their limbs, and take away what they are guarding there

Will there be lots of NFT's to earn and could you see yourself leasing space to NFT artist ?

Well this Game is just in my mind for now I don't know exactly steps for it but it definitely will be nearest future, so stay in touch and grab all what you see who know what will be the price of living on the ship!😁😁😁

I get you so this is a big project so

btw I have web version of our Big Project will sent you


So who is your favourite NFT artist ?

and of course Stache & Bosak as masters of NFTs

Cool do so what your favourite NFT you hold in your wallet ?

Well let me see . Oh I get it - my project of course😁😁😁😁 Cause I know what's behind it

But of course I love this the most for now on Atomic

Its not a simple auction its the first idea of Collabing more then 2 artists on the same card, textures are from @SillyPsyBen , promoting and CryptoKicking my ass to draw - from @DogecoinKid and symbol of my first step on Atomic Family of 22.22 move is @NyteWolf on it

It means

All 4 1 A 1 4 ALL

Brain , Mental Power , Promoting and speech , And the Heart

LOVE THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So tell us a random fact about yourself ?

Well I'm dentist, implantologist in real I love people, love to help them love to see their smiles. Love to draw, love Spain

So when your not making NFT's what do you do for fun ?

For fun well few things - I'm PhD student of medical university so have no any free time, working, doing a lot of operations, so my free time spending on draw and with my beautiful wife

Oh wow you do live a busy life

What advice do you have for people getting into NFT's ?

Well, I have a lot of chatting guys everywhere in my life. Its not advise for collectors or artists its for all on this planet - stay human. That's the point. Don't let the power of space broke your jobs, life and family. Be careful with this weapon and improve every skill you have!

Have you set up any channels for people to check on your work or for you to interact with you

My Twitter is

Of course! My channel is on TG, I deliberately did not make any sites to be with my readers and communicate with them, I love this business

Join, I will be glad to everyone!

❗️Join Tweeter/Instagram: @spacylion

❗️Join Telegram:

So do you fancy doing a giveaway as part of the article ?

Well why not ! If you tell me the time of article I will create a special drop of 2.2 WAX

150 NFTs! I will create it soon, today of course:)

very nice I will prepare to this

Thank you so much .

Btw - today will be special edition drop of our YumYum project, stay in touch and check out news!

Anything you would like to add for the readers ?

Well I will drop my handmade ART of the global move

That was some Years ago and now now it is on the Chain!

And addition to Project of Yum please add link to OpenSea!!!!

Thanks so much for your time sorry it took so long to finish

That was pretty cool don't worry! And please be sure after your publication will finish you will hype yourself very high I will promote you

I am here to promote you not the other way round

Ok thank you for you work !

I am very grateful for your work!

Oh check his work out on Atomichub here

Rights guys a big thank you to Spacylion for bearing with me over 4 or 5 day of an interview this guys is giving out the most NFT's every for MEET THE ARTIST please show him some love any way you can and dont forget to leave your wax address at the in the comments . And till next time..............

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