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Meet the artist Simpleton

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3 weeks ago
Topics: Artist, WAX, Interview, NFT

I love coming across new projects that stand out with there work and I think his work one of those projects that is one of them he uses A.I art but the originals are his own work but I have to say the colours are amazing .

Hey man


How are you?

It's the weekend so let's chill 😎

Nice any plans?

Watching rugby, lunch with family and rest to start the week to come the better way

I can think of worse ways to spend the weekend what brought you into crypto?

In 2017, I’ve seen a mining rig at my friend’s place and I’ve built mine few weeks later. Since that day, I’ve never stopped doing my own research and I’ve discovered play2earn and NFTs: a revelation 🤓.

What made you start creating?

It could be surprising, but when I’ve discovered Wax blockchain and Atomic Hub, it was a kind of game and everyone could create drops and share lot of NFT. I’m not an « artist » but I wanted to drop stuff and be a part of this ecosystem. That’s how I’ve started to « create » and also the reason why I’ve started.

So I am guessing you were playing a p2e on wax at the time . What is your project about?

I'm on Alien Worlds, Rplanet and more recently on Wombat Dungeon. I really like the NFT’s staking concept that brings utility and empowered NFTs. I think that the mechanics of those projects have a big influence on what I wanted to bring: cool NFTs, funny distribution and passive income/utility (and maybe later onboarding non NFTs artists).

When did you start creating NFTs?

My AtomicHub birthday is on February 16,2021 so I have started a few weeks after

When did you drop your first NFT?

10/03/2021 12:36 It was a promo NFT made with a photo that I’ve work on to create symmetrical effect.

How did the community react?

Receptive to free drops but not to photos😅 I think it wasn’t in accordance with Wax NFT’s and with play2earn (and I was not a good seller and promoter too). But it was a good experience and I’ve learned a lot about blockchain’s creations tools and process.

How many have you released since?

I did many tests…maybe 1 hundred templates. The main thing is to be able to offer something qualitative and to know how to structure it and put it forward. If we can add a usefulness and value to it, the collector will find his account and everyone will have fun. And this time, I’m pretty sure that I’ve round the good formula.

How do you go about creating your NFTs?

The concept is the following: I start with simple elements that I produce myself (photos and artworks), I transform them with an image processing software, adjust them with a good dose of AI and imagination according to the inspiration. The goal is to produce nice visuals that match me and that make collectors want to get them while making the distribution fun (thematic series, giveaways...). For example, right now I'm starting to think about a series for Christmas (it's early I admit) and if I want to do what I have in mind I will to have to go take pictures of Santa Claus in order to have a base to work from :)

What programs you using to create?

I'm using Inkscape as an image processing software and when it's about AI I could use Deep Dream Generator, Night Café or Art Breeder. Sometime I could combine all of them to have a result that fit me.

Personal photo or artwork ➡️ InkScape ➡️ AI generator ➡️ InkScape ➡️ NFT Mint

Do you have a favorite?

AI generators are better and better. I like Artbreeder but that's because I'm accustomed with. Night café seems to be a good one but I need to practice more. My main criteria to use a tool is the possibility to work on your personal work and to freely do everything you want with it. If AI takes control, could we still call the thing "Art"?

I have had that chat a few time but I actually meant what is your favorite NFT you have made?

I really like the one called "Simpleton". It gave me the idea to work on a new concept and I find it not so bad: the original stuff is a picture of a very good friend that I was able to revisit and I like the result. It is at the same time faithful to the original photo and at the same time very distant. It's cool! That's is what I wanted to do: to see and present the world in my own way and with a fun look.

He is brilliant have you done any collabs?

Not yet but I’m open.

Who would be your dream collab?

Doing a monkeystack with Cryptomonkeys or something with Byron the Artist or Dagga could be fun because that’s really Nice guys that have cool art and projects.

Who is your favorite NFT artist?

Has to Byron and Cryptomonkeys.

What is the long term plan for the project?

I want to create an ecosystem to give value and utility to NFTs so that the community can find itself in them: farming of $WAX (and why not other tokens), exclusive NFTs for "Top farmers", collectors and the community, redistribution of earnings and weekly increase of the farm rewards and why not embedded none NFTs artists that I know…

This is a long term project for you so?

It will depend on the success and perception of the first drops as well as the financial feasibility of the farms. At first I prefer to focus on structured drops that seem to me aesthetically successful (this is subjective).

What has been the hardest part of doing the project?

For now, it's just a pleasure to get back to work. The hardest part is still to come: to be able to propose artworks that please, to create interest and to succeed in crossing the stages. I'll try not to take my head and just have fun. And maybe if it works, other people will join the Simpleton community.

What has been the best part of doing your project?

It was exciting to create new stuff and to ask wife and son which ones do they like or not. But I really enjoy the settings things: profiles updates, create new templates and drops, working on the farm’s economy. And most grateful thing: interact with the community and see how people are reacting to NFTs.

Is this a full time job?

No its a full time hobby :) I'm doing it on my free time.

What your family think of your project?

They like the new visuals and they are not necessary interested in NFTs and cryptos but as long as I'm happy, they are too.

Have you introduced anyone into collecting?

Yes. At work some people were trading crypto. I have introduced them to wax NFTs and play2earn and now we have something else than work to talk about when we take coffee☕️

What you like to do to unwind?

walking, hiking or trail. Relaxing, drinking a beer with friends. Simple things.

When is your next drop?

This week on Tuesday or Wednesday. Will drop 2 other smoking Aliens and add some wax as rewards in the farm.

Where can we buy your NFTs?

Next one will be on Neftybloks I will try somewhere else in further drops

Where can we keep up with your project?

Mainly on Twitter

There are Telegram group and Discord but they are not active at the moment

Any chance of a competition for the readers?

Of course. You could giveaway two away

Thank you so much . Before we finish up is there anything you would like to tell us?

I just want to add that: Thanks to the tools developed by MikeD from WaxDAO in particular and all other WAX blockchain features (Neftyblocks, Atomic Hub…), there is really something interesting to do. And Thank you for your work in Wax Community.

Here is are link to are competition but if you check his drops might be other ways to earn his NFT.

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Written by   650
3 weeks ago
Topics: Artist, WAX, Interview, NFT
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