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Meet the artist Signature Green

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1 month ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist

Well this meet the the artist came about thanks to monster cadet as he had been following this artists work and have to say he was right to tag her in my post as her work is really good as she is only starting she hasn't dropped many pieces but the ones she has dropped are great so let find out more about her.

How you today ?

I am doing pretty well. It's been a busy and chaotic time, but it's definitely helping me grow... be better .

Of course you are moving house ?

I am... So stressful, but so worth it!!!

I would say so will this help you when your creating ?

Definitely, I am surrounded by creative open minded people, so I think my work will improve and be affected positively by the changed environment.

Well lets start at the start how did you become involved with NFTs ?

My friend a.k.a @D1rtyflapjak gave me the idea of starting NFT's and introduced me to @Altruli who is currently managing me. I'm hoping the community finds my work so that I can continue doing art. Would be amazing to do art full time.

Awh so your a friend of Shane and her boyfriend ?

I am yes. I have known Shane long before she started NFT's. We used to do photoshoots together and our friendship started developing from that. We refer to each other as Twin 😂

Awh I talked to Shane a while back about her project so I am guessing it was always going to be on the WAX blockchain for you ?

Both of them have really helped me out. WAX is the way!!! All my work can be seen on AtomicHub. I have actually sold out 3 drops already, so it's been super exciting and an unbelievable start!!!

When did you drop your first NFT ?

Friday the 13th August. I had good luck on the day, thank goodness!!!

Can we have a pic of it ?

Ignorantly Dazed was my first ever drop from my Lucent collection. 44 were available and it all sold out quite fast. It was an amazing feeling!

I bet it was amazing feeling alright so what is the idea behind your project ?

Most of my art is inspired by my mental struggle, environment, music, dreams and things I find beautiful or alluring. I like contradicting concepts being deconstructed together. So my work can be seen as dark, surreal, raw and emotive... I mostly just trust my hands to do what it wants to do and only later I realize what my subconscious mind was bringing forth.

So are they all hand drawn ?

Yes they are. I use a Apple tablet and the App @Procreate to create all my digital artworks. I started drawing from a very young age and just adapted my mediums along the way.

What has been your favourite NFT to create ?

Definitely Instill!!!

This piece always shows me how far I've come. It's also a favourite on other platforms so I am so glad my viewers also found the beauty in it. I definitely went through a huge peach phase 😅

How long did it take to create ?

A full 8 hours about. I am a fast drawer most of the time. Most pieces take me 2-4 hours depending on the style. But surrealism of this depth takes much longer.

Have you done any collabs yet ?

Not yet, but it's definitely something I'd love to do!!!

Who would you love to work with ?

I think @monstercadet and I could definitely do something cool, he's been mad supportive and of course @D1rtyflapjak. Would be amazing to see what we can do together artistically.

Have you asked either ?

@D1rtyflapjak and myself have discussed it a bit. But I am also a busy body with multiple jobs, so finding the time can be difficult. But as soon as things calm down collabs will definitely be discussed. For the time being I'm focused on my individual projects. Signature Green is getting a full on revamp.

Who is your favourite NFT artist ?


I recently discovered @aeforia on Instagram and I am obsessed!! I'd love to create a similar look and feel but in my style.

Oh very futuristic . What's the biggest collection in your wallet ?

I'm still very new here so my one collection Lucent is on 5 (soon to be 6) and Darkling is on 3. But future projects, giveaways and rewards will drop soon to say thank you for all the support so far.

I meant the ones you collect ?

I'm still just creating, not collecting. But hopefully in the near future.

Oh cool . What has been the most exciting part of your project so far?

Just seeing the community's reaction. It's very welcoming and inspiring to see artists and art collectors hyping each other up. It's refreshing to see my hard work being appreciated. Being an artist can be hard. NFTs has definitely opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.

Of course . Is this a full time job ?

No it's not. I am an ESL teacher and I have my own business where I sell fine art prints and seasonal apparel.

Oh cool so you have your hands in lots of pies . Tell us something random about you ?

I am a bit of a workaholic. I like doing multiple things to make sure I am secure. Signature Green is definitely an escapism for me. An alter ego if you must. I am a complete softy who likes making edgy art.🤣🤣🤣 Also I like yellow. Random enough?

Perfect .


Where can the community keep up to date with your project ?

Telegram is the way to go for drops and news.

And for any other links, here you go!!

When is your next drop ?

Join my Telegram to find out 😎 I usually only notify everyone an hour or 30 minutes before It makes it more exciting and fun.

Oh cool you like the suspense . What do you do for fun when you aren't creating art?

All I do is create art, it never ends, but other than that I make music, read psychology books, watch movies and spend time with friends occasionally. I'm mostly introverted, so I'm used to solitude.

Ah I get you . Any chance of a competition or a drop for the readers ?

A giveaway is in the works... For more information follow me on Telegram. More surprises and rewards will follow 😁

I am already in there lol and that's no problem . So before we finish up is there anything you would like to say or add for the readers ?

Just wanted to say thank you for the support so far and welcome everyone to join my journey in NFT's. Don't be scared to have a chat and connect. My art looks dark but I am a softy I promise!!!

Its been a pleasure

Thanks so much man I appreciate your time!!!


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Written by   410
1 month ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist
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I really like the darker and twisted imagry of Signature Green work. In fact, most of the interviews I've read and loved by Crackers deals with artist who have a slightly twisted and dark theme and I love it all! Thanks for another great interview!

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1 month ago

Not a bad

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1 month ago

Nice one again Craig!

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1 month ago

Cheers mate

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1 month ago

Her art is nice, it's a greet interview. I think her art reflect her personality.

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1 month ago