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Meet the artist PVMihalache

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Right guys you mightn't know the name as well as I do but this guy has been involved in NFTs as long or if not longer now I know him before that for his blogging on his many different sites I only started to chat to him when I joined nearly two years ago and since then we have tried to help each other grow .

Hey How you ?  

Hey Craig! All good ... trying to survive 2022!  

What got you into crypto?  

I entered the Cryptoverse in 2015 when I bought some Bitcoins, sold them few months later to buy ETH and Litecoin.   

How did you get discover NFTs?   

I discovered NFTs in 2020, when I made my WAX account to participate in a CryptomonKeys giveaways on Publish0x. Few weeks later I won my first ever NFT, the MonKeyDrop. Since then I started adding more and more to my collection, and diving more and more into the Metaverse.  

Why did you choose WAX for your projects ?  

WAX is by far the best place to be, with a strong community, low fees and a eco-friendly chain. We are all friends on wax, and everyone supports everyone. It's not a competition between the artist, but a nurturing place where people can evolve and improve.  

What is the idea behind your project ? When did launch ?   

Everything happens at accelerate speed in the Metaverse, and this was the case for my NFT journey. I started working on NFT instead of writing about NFTs in the summer.

I launched Humble Tractors in July, a collection of 60 unique photography, minted on Polygon for speed and accessibility. Humble Tractors is the first ever NFT collection that integrated KPI Options by Outcome, tokens shared to holders and through giveaways. The KPI options will be claimable after the 31st of October, for 0.5 USDC or 1 USDC - depending on the collection sales volume. I had 3 extraordinary collaborations throughout the summer, starting with Descent into Madness. I drew this while I was waiting in the plane, as my flight from Turkey was delayed with 4 hours. All I had on me was a notebook, a pencil and few hours of spare time.   

It was followed by a Cryptoswatches collab, a drop that featured two common NFTs: one greyscale piece of art and a solid color “utility swatch.” The two basic NFTs can be blended to form a rare, full color version.

Blend all three to redeem an even rarer black label version. If you are a Johnny Walker fan you know already that black label is the best! You can buy the Cryptoswatches here and blend them here!

The most recent NFT was created to celebrate Byron's birthday, and I worked with Pets of Clark for a surprise drop.

The drop is live, and limited to only 50 NFTs. Byron received mint #1, while mint #2 was auctioned over the weekend.   

How many NFTs have you dropped so far? What was the first one you dropped?

I dropped many NFTs since 2020, for fun and to say thank you to my friends and subscribers. My first NFTs minted on WAX were for giveaways, or as social experiments. Milky - The Devilish Cat and Pyro Zickles where NFTs I draw and minted as a way to learn more about minting, and also as a method to send $WAXP in an unique way. I was filling the Pyro Zickle with tokens, and the receiver could burn it to receive the bounty.

How did the community react?

I was always encouraged by the community, sold few NFTs, gifted the most but the most important was the constructive feedback received.

When the next drop ? Sneak peak ?

Humble Tractors - Hey! is ready for minting, another photography collection linked to DeFi and yield farming. I have others collaborations planned for 2023, and many other ideas that I want to mint on the blockchain.

What is the process of making your NFTs ? What programs you use for creation ? How long this each NFT take to create?

I draw my NFTs, with pencils and crayons. I don't use any programs and not even filters. Depending on the quality and difficulty of the drawing, it may take up to couple hours. The photography NFTs are simple pictures made with my phone, but the place matters more than the technology. 

What is your favourite nft you have made ? Why?

I don't have a favorite NFT from the ones I made, as all of them are special. However, I have a favorite NFT in my collection... the vIRL Genesis by Cryptoswatches. This amazing artwork is both a 1:1 NFT and the real life painting! I have it in my room, where I can watch it whenever I want! What a great use case of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens.

Who would be your dream collab?

My dream collab would be with Byron, but was done already! The next in line would be Wax Sneekers, Maiki and Senor Lupe

Are you a collector of NFTs?

I have over 3500 WAX NFTs, with some staked on R-Planet and Wombat Dungeon Master. My top collections by numbers are AlpacaWorlds, Byron, CryptomonKeys, Endless Loots, Roberto's Periodic Table, Maiki, Cryptoswatches, NyteWolf and Alien Worlds. I have about 500 on other chains, with more than 100 NFT on both Smart BCH and Ethereum. 

Who is your favorite NFT artist?

Byron is my favorite NFT artist, and one of the top friends I made in the Metaverse. He is a top guy, with many ideas, a great artistic brain and no matter how busy he is ... he will make time to help others.

What has been the best part of doing your project ? What has been the hardest part?

The best part was the feeling of belonging, feeling more integrated in the ecosystem. The Humble Tractors collection was a huge achievement and a dream come true. I was afraid that nobody will want to buy a Tractor, and the feeling I had when I received the first email that informed me about a sale was liberating. 

The hardest part was to create a demand on the over-saturated NFT market. This is why I integrated KPIs, this is why I am organizing events and this is why I am trying to offer something new for the holders.

What's the long-term goal of the project?

I want to create synergy between many chains and to educate more people about cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions. The #ProofOfTractor concept will make the NFT holders eligible for exclusive tournaments, events, airdrops and educational content.

What does your family think of your project ?

My wife is crypto neutral. She seen my collection and was ... meh! However, my son loves NFTs and has his own wax wallet. He likes to help me out and I always ask him to give some feedback to my drawings and ideas.

What you like to do to unwind ? Tell us something random about you ?

I cook to unwind and I write to relax, maybe this is why my content creator journey was great. Something random ... I am a football referee! The man in black that everyone hates! On the pitch, same as into the Metaverse, haters gonna hate! 

Where is the best place to keep up with the project ?

You can read my crypto/ NFTs articles on HivePublish0x,  readcash,  noisecash and

Where can we buy your NFTs ?  

You can find Humble Tractor NFT on Opensea, and the Cryptoswatches and Pets of Clark collaborations on Neftyblocks   

Any chance of a drop or competition for the readers ?  

I have 3 NFTs from the Cryptoswatches collaboration, the two basic ones and the full-color blend.

Is there anything you would like to add or say before we finish ?  

I currently have 2 Humble Tractors live events! The first 35 holders will receive automatically one Humble Tractors - Hey! directly in their wallet. This collection will be limited to only 35 NFTs and will work on the first come - first serve distribution model. The second event is another raffle,  where every existing Humble Tractors holder will receive 1 raffle ticket per NFT, but new owners will receive 2 tickets in the draw. There are 80 KPI options allocated to the draw. The top prize will be 40 KPI options, and 4 secondary prizes of 10 KPI options. The snapshot will be taken at 8 PM GMT on the 31st of October and the prizes will be sent as soon as possible.  

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Written by   650
1 month ago
Topics: NFTs, Artist, WAX, Interview
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Pvm the best! He got the spot again!

Anyway, can't login my wax account for unknown reason.

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Great to see PVM in your spotlight 😁

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Bullish on PVMihalache NFTs!

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The artist that are love by many, Pvm is really awesome. He can do a lot. And all of his creations are all cool and full of uniqueness. Really cool 🤜👏🔥

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I guess i am biased, but this is by far my top favorite artist.

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Biased much lol

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HAHAHA. Was hoping to get a free drop. LOL

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You are bias 😆 🤣 Just a regular guy 👦

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