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Meet the Artist Parrotfish Journey

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1 month ago

Welcome to another meet the artist this one has been in the works for about about two weeks as the artist was trying to sort some issues out with Atomichub and thank god it got sorted so lets meet the artist



How you ?

I'm great . How are you?

Great off today so quite happy . Did you do much today ?

I have done 50/50 today NFT world and relax time.

Nice where you working on a new NFT ?

I have been trying to find a perfect new NFT to showcase at the Shitcoin Conference 2021. It will visible in the VR gallery. I have started few paintings, but none seems perfect for that, so will start on something new!

Nice you excited for it ?

Over the moon!!! Such an honor as a newbie in the NFT space to have a chance to showcase my art!

Sorry I such really say congrats so how long have you been creating NFT's ?

Only since March

That's long compared to some artists !!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, ok. So maybe I'm senior then πŸ˜‚

No no what made you decide to make NFT's ?

I stumbled upon a video from Cryptostache on YouTube and got hooked. Love the way he explains things and easy to understand. So I felt I should look closer at the NFT space. First i just collected art, but then thought that maybe I should share mine.

So you were a collector first ?

Yes, I was and still am.

Do you have a favorite artist ?

My top favorites are ( Twitter accounts) @Bitcoinorigins , @CryptoMoonies,@JohnnyMon9 with his Neuroworlds, @MegaCatStudion with their CBAnotshots and recently i got little hooked on the packs of the @Eroszoes China artist. But there are so many talented artists out there, this is just a drop in the NFT universe

So you have a few favorites lol !!!!


Did you sort your whitelisted issue out ?

Yes ! All sorted . Atomichub have whitelisted me back . It took few days , but with so many other people messaging the team understand that things need time. Thanks for being great support, by the way! A lot of positivity received during whitelist issue time.

Showed me that I got seriously epic followers on Twitter!

So If you want to check her out on Twitter here is her link

Yea I know a good few artist who were on there fighting for you

It was amazing. A lot support, love and advice was shared.

Brilliant wax is the best community


How are your packs selling now ?

Packs are doing great. I have a lot of new things going on with the new REINCARNATE series . I have a Treasure Chest available at the moment and i have 5 more packs coming out step by step. Fun thing is that you can blend all packs before they are available for sale.

And you can also open them 10 minutes before sale starts.

This way long term collectors have an upper hand to get low mint #

First 2 packs are already available for blending

And you can see ingredients for the upcoming pack.

Some ingredients can be found only in previous packs to blend next ones.

Its a Pack adventure 🀣

Few other fun things regarding these packs:

1.Medium and Large pack have a chance to find a Pack inside a Pack!

2. All pack have a possibility to find the "Closed PoT" Nft inside them.

There will be 2nd snapshot on May 25 , 20:00 GMT and "Closed POT" Holders Mint#33+++ will be included in the snapshot.

After the snapshot, they all will receive 1:1 ratio a new VIP #NFT

It will be either "Joker- 0% of the POT" Or "1% of the POT"

Oh wow that is a lot of effort you really love your collectors

I think its fun if you collect and feel that artist is looking out for you, giving you a chance to get some VIP things first.

I recently also did a giveaway to the PNGDIVINGWLD nft holder to those who hold 50 of more nfts. New nft was send out for 7 days and mint# were in the same order as amount of NFT collector have. Meaning that top collector got MINt#1.

And "1% of the POT " Is even more reward.

Those who will get this NFT after the "Closed POT" Snapshot will receive actual 1% of the POT at the end of the REINCARNATE series

POT size can be seen at my Twitter BIO. It is updated daily.

Thats really cool so you working on a new NFT at the moment ?

Closed POT NFT is already out. First snapshot was few days ago and holder already received first VIP NFTs. Some got " Joker - 0 % of the POT" And 12 people got " 1% of the POT " NFTs. There will be only maximum of 100 of these - as POT will be divided in 100 parts / % .

Each pack also contains new NFTs .

And i am working on new nfts that will follow after May 25 , 2nd "Closed POT" snapshot.

There is a lot going on, it might easier to make sense of things by looking at timeline on my website

Or by having a look at the latest tweets

How long is it taking to create your NFTs from thought to finished NFT ?

It takes days for me sometimes weeks. As you can see i get very much carried away 🀣 and because of that i create many painting at the same time.

Record for a painting is 6 months for me. But that this piece is not in the NFT space. It was created before NFT time

Ah so what programs you use to make your NFT's ?

Actually i paint everything by hand , scan it and then just adjust things with windows photos. Not much digital work , but a lot of work direct on the paper. I love creating with watercolours, ink, pencils, acrylic etc.

All the original art will be auctioned at later date , so if collectors like, then can get an original painting!

Frame it and hand it on the wall!

How long you been painting ?

I have done about 5 years of different art classes to learn how to use different materials.

Oh cool so have you always been artistic?

Yes. I just love art. People create the most amazing, unusual things. Love it!

Does it feel good people want your art ?

Yes. I love it! Now with NFT space collectors keep art in their wallets where everyone can see it and appreciate it VS before NFT era . You would sell your painting and likely never see it again. No idea if anyone enjoys it or throw it out some time later.

What's your favorite NFT you have made?

Hmm. I do love "Adorable Panda" A lot , but both of my VIPs 0 and 1 % NFT's are my favorites, because of black page and white pencil / watercolour work.

Can we have a pic ?

Adorable Panda

"Joker - 0% of the POT " And "1% of the POT " VIP nfts

And my latest pack design🀣

They are cute

Thank you!

Your welcome !!!!!

Can you tell us how many NFT's you have dropped since you launched ?

There are 20,000 PNGDIVINGWLD collection NFTs minted so far. I hope i understood this question right.

You made 20 000 or minted NFT's ?

Oh. 20,000 minted.

I have made 144 .

Wow 144 NFT's my god that is some amount

Only last REINCARNATE series is hand painted. Before that i converted my underwater photography into NFTs.

And are you going to stick with the hand painted ?

REINCARNATE series will be all hand painted. But about future series i don't know yet.

I have a fun idea for a new series in few months that might combine photography and hand painting. But that is still only at idea stage.

At the moment all the focus is at REINCARNATE series!

Of course

Are you open to Collab ?

Yes, I am. I have done Collab's with 1amazingbook, LSD Gummy Bears and Krypto Galaxy. And would love to create something amazing with new artists.

Who would be your dream Collab ?

Bitcoin Origins

Yea they are really cool artist !!!!!

I like their style. Beautiful artwork!

Where can we buy your NFT's ?

Where you from ?

Lets say I'm a citizen of the world. I have been living all around the world for last 12 years.

Ok IL take that

So do you a discord or a telegram for chatting with the community ?

I do not use Telegram or Discord at the moment. I always forget to check it. So i have all my focus only on Twitter, that i do check daily for messages.

Undivided attention πŸ™‚

Tell us something random about yourself ?

I did a cage-free dive with Bull sharks in Cuba with guide feeding them few meters away.

What you do for fun when your relaxing?

I love nature . I hug trees, walk bare feet or sleep in the grass a lot . I try to Meditate, learn Yoga and read about spirituality related materials a lot. And I enjoy food. These is just so many options to taste in world.

You enjoy nature

I do. I speak to trees and smell flowers. I believe nature is intelligent just differently from us.

Many spiritual teachers say all is connected. So i am trying to learn more about this in my own way. Its fun. You should hug a tree nearby your home and name it. Then every time you pass by, you say hi to it hug it.

They call earth connecting "Grounding" And have some amazing studies released seeing link between ground connecting and Inflammation in the body . Maybe it helps someone.

Of course we all have are own believes

Indeed. Exploring this universe πŸ˜‡

Any advice for artists joining the NFT world ?

Just have fun. Make a mess during art creating process . I would recommend to create art that is you. Right people will find it and love it!

Any chance of a small drop for the readers ?

I would love to do that. I would happily give away 20 NFTs to your readers!

Surprise NFT from REINCARNATE series. Some might even get "Adorable Panda"or a Pack!

Would that work?

Perfect and would you like them to do to earn them

Actually I am gonna ask you to pick those lucky 20!


And if any of those lucky winners love the NFT they received - share a screenshot, or comment and tag me so i can see and retweet!

Would be fun to see if anyone wants to share πŸ€—

Not a problem !!!!!

That's only if someone wants to share. Not mandatory at all.

I know

So before I let you go because it must be getting late there is there anything else you would like to share with the readers before I let you go ?

Just want to say thank you to you, Crackers83 , for the opportunity to be a part of your " Meet the artist" Series.

Thank you to all the readers, i hope you enjoy or will enjoy art i am creating! And maybe one day you will get messy with watercolours or pencils or digitally and create something epic!

No thank you so glad we finally got around to chatting

I agree. This is my first ever interview! 😍

I very much appreciate you using your time for this interview.

Time shared πŸ˜‡

Not a problem I hope you enjoyed your first interview

It was fun!

Perfect host helped πŸ˜‰

Check out her new drop here only 3 wax now live

Right folks get dropping your wax wallet and check out Parrotfish Journey on Twitter and don't forget to show her your the NFT's you get off and till next time .........

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Written by Β Β 207
1 month ago
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