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Meet the Artist OxO.production

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1 week ago
Topics: WAX, Nft artist, NFT

Right here we go again this is a weird one I came across his project page and not the artist but someone passed on the artist name and contacted him and he was happy to chat to me even do English is not his first language so lets meet the artist .

So what's your NFT designer name ?

My NFT designer name is Oxo production 😍😍😍

Cool and do you have a website ?

I don't have a website, I'm developing one!

Ok so we have to keep an eye out for it 😁😁😁

What about twitter ?

Give a follow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what's your Telegram Channel ?

So what got you into NFT world and designing them ?

So, I am a 21 years old student in graphic design. I met a teacher during my studies and he is also an artist in the NFT. His name is "theblacksea". And he pushed me to go in the NFT field because he thought I was talented and I had good ideas. (sorry if my English is bad )

I know theblacksea I haven't had a chance to chat to him yet

Oh nice

So where you from ?

I'm from France, Strasbourg

So have you always been artistic ?

Yes always, since I was little I draw, and now I share my drawings and what comes to my mind I used to draw a lot but I never dared to share it before

Are you apart of the japanstamp 22 on twitter ?

I am the creator of "JapanStamp22" aha. I'm the only one working on the project. I am very proud to have been able to create a community from this collection. They are super nice to me and super friendly. For "Japanstamp 2.2" on twitter, it's a movement started by NyteWolf and people from my community to help spread the word about my collection. They are innovative and crazy aha. I love them!

Yea I meat nytewolf last night

Check out Japanstamp22 on twitter well worth it great project !!!

Check it out and they are for sell here

So how many collections have you done including japanstamp22 ?

Sorry with the drop tonight I didn't have the time! JapanSTamp is my very first collection! I'm working on a big project now: Unity collection! It's a very big collection that will take a long time to make aha

Cool should of said you had a big drop today I would said leave it till after your drop . How did it go ?

Tonight's drop went really well aha. One card was gone in 1 minute... And the drop sold out in 10 minutes

Wow congrats

So what can you tell me about the unity collection

Unity collection will be a big collection of playing cards. I'm working on it in parallel with "JapanStamp22". It takes me a lot of time and as I'm still a student I don't have enough time aha. I try not to talk too much about it to keep the suspense, but basically it's going to be a collection based on a universe I invited: Oxo land!

I put some pictures on my collection presentation pdf to inform people that I am working on several things aha!

Have a read guys looks really good

That will be some collection can I share the google doc or is that private

Yes you can share

And is this all your own work or will there be Collab's included ? And are u open to Collab's ?

I already made some collaborations there with theblacksea and soon with graphityNFT. So yes I'm open to any collaboration !

Just looking at some of your NFT's did you collect PokΓ©mon cards or stickers when you where a child ?

Many PokΓ©mon cards , even now I buy some aha

Really I know they have shot up in value again

So who is your favorite artist ?

My favorite artist is Mr.Doodle , and in the NFT I think my teacher "theblacksea" or Lux Expression that I like a lot

Il have to look up Mr. doodle

So other than wax do you have much other crypto currency ?

I only have wax for the moment

How long you been designing NFT's ?

Only 1 month , before I was drawing for myself

Cool any pics of your drawing ?

Yes aha 😊

There class i can see anime in there

So what's your favorite NFT card you own and what's your favorite one you have made ?

I don't have a favorite NFT card, I just love watching what's being done. And my favorite card to make is "Donny", I think it's too beautiful aha

So how do go about making your NFT's do you draw them first then make them?

I imagine the creation in my head aha. I have a huge imagination and my mind is offbeat aha. Then, I draw on my graphic tablet with the application "Procreate", and then I put my creation on illustrator and I make an animation with After Effect

I know English is not your first language do you struggle to understand people in your telegram channel ?

Not too much, in fact I understand English easily, but I have trouble writing it... I have to make a lot of conjugation mistakes and I don't even realize it aha

Would you spread your NFT's into different blockchains so like on to rarible opensea or even the new one juungle on BCH ?

I would like to go on rarible but it is quite closed and expensive.... I think the market is limited. But, yes I plan to put my works on other site!

So can i ask why you call yourself oxo.production

This is my favorite question . I am quite happy with me logo and my name. In fact, when I was little I used to draw rabbits with these shapes (the one of the logo). I made two small circles for the eyes and a cross for the mouth (OxO). And that's where my artist name comes from, Oxo production, in relation with my rabbit aha. I remember my mother telling me that she loved my rabbit drawings. Finally I still make the same rabbit design since I was born aha. And today it doesn't leave me anymore. However my favorite animal is the toucan and not the rabbit

(You can see the rabbit in this drawing)

What advice do you have for artists getting into NFT world ?

Be passionate and stop trying to make money easily. I am very frustrated to see people start without being passionate... Unfortunately if it works it must be art aha. More seriously, be serious, rigorous and do the NFT for fun ! Don't stress and think about yourself first !

Want to do you think of Funkopop getting involved in the world of NFTs or do you know who Funkopop is ?

Clearly, FunkoPop for me could dominate the NFT aha. With the licenses they have and the original design of their pop figures, they could really blow it up aha

Yea totally agree I was a collector of pop funkos up to recently i think it will help the market and bring in new fans

Clearly, I saw that Macdonald was going to do NFT too

Really MacDonald's oh god

So are you white listed ? And are you or would you like to be listed on token head?

Yes I'm whitelist and right now I'm working to be on tokenhead

How do you find inter acting with the community ?

The community is GREAT! I love it, they are super cool, nice and they don't criticize negatively! Honestly I was afraid to start, and the community reassured me. Without them I am nothing. I owe them everything

So where do your ideas come from your NFT's ?

Really of everything around me. There is too much going on in my head, I have to draw it otherwise it tortures me aha

That's a good thing

So what do you do for fun / hobbies not including NFT ?

So I do soccer and weight training where I live. For with the Covid I do soccer with my friends aha. Otherwise I watch a lot of series and I read a lot of books about graphic design! I always keep my mind busy !

strength training ! Bodybuilding ! I don't know strength training I'm sorry .

Don't be


So what football team you support ?

I hate supporting big teams. I'll tell you what I support but you won't know aha. I support "Le Mans FC" and "Stade Lavallois"

Looked them up drogba played for them wow

Yes aha! But it was the time when Le Mans was good

So when is your next NFT going to drop?

Tomorrow Friday 9th April at 18 UTC. I'm trying to be thorough! Although I think the day I want to take a little vacation my community will understand and still be there!

Yea I get you its nice to have a break any plans or will you just relax

Project and relax . Plus I'm still a student so I have plans for school to do too...

So only a few more questions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok nice 😁🐰

So where can we find your NFT's for sell

Now mainly on AtomicHub, I love the platform. Then I'm thinking about doing Atomic and Rarible!

When would you think of joining Rarible?

When Atomic will be well launched. I don't want to mess up on Rarible . So I don't really know when

Ok so any chance of a small drop for the readers you can setup a task for them if you want ?

Of course let them put there wax address in the comments and you can pass them out . Oh and keep supporting NFT artist

I publish this on have you ever heard of it ? Do you use it ?

No never heard of it

Anything you would like to add ?

I'll add that I'm glad to be part of the NFT community being so young! I can't wait to be known so I can thank the people who follow me since the beginning!

No problem mate I am going to work this into an article i might have a few more questions but thank you for your time and your English is great andis there an artist you think I should next interview

No worries! It was my pleasure! I advise you to ask "Skiall" if you want

I am waiting for him to answer my questions ΔΊol

Right guys show this guy some love great artist with a great up and coming project give him some love of twitter and support him by buying his NFt's

Leave your wax addy and IL drop a NFT's when I get them passed to me

Till next time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Written by Β Β 113
1 week ago
Topics: WAX, Nft artist, NFT
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Not gonna leave my wax since i was late lol. Nice interview tho. Honestly, never seen him before. Wait, was he the French guy you told me about?

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Testing my status :)

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His name suggests he's a bit of a square, lol! Possibly need to be English to get that joke and as the dude French lol !! He's probably wondering wtf ! Ha ha!!

Another great article cracker and if I type fast enough I could be first to comment πŸ˜‰


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interesting list of football teams that they support like Le Mans

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Well i am liverpool fan

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great interview/artist! udtr2.wam

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Very nice article, I already knew him. He is awesome.


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