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Meet the artist of Rusty the red panda

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1 year ago

This is another artist who I was told to check out and I am glad I did his work is brilliant and if you love red pandas he is the man to go check out .A bit more background lumpia Gang and him work together lol and both were recommend by @CAV321 on twitter (thanks so much for that ) So lets meet the artist .....



How's things ?

all good, just waiting waiting my new drop to go live😅

When you is it going live ?

in 16 minutes

Oh right do you want to wait till after your drop is live ?

nah its ok, we could start now 😁

Oh brilliant so how you today

all's fine, just normal busy day 😄

What's your name ?


Where you from ?


Where you in work today ?

we're working from home and just finished my work today

And for those of you who read my article yesterday he works with Emman

Oh cool how is the drop going ?

its great! First time a paid drop is sold out

Oh wow first time but for some reason I doubt it will be your last time . That was quick you happy

yeah very much, feels good when they appreciate you're art :D

Yea I would say so I was chatting to Emman I guess you work with him

yeah we're workmates and we're friends since college

Oh cool so just for the readers if you missed last night article about lumpia gang this is his friend who also makes NFTs so can I ask how did you discover NFT's ?

actually, Emman introduced me to Nano and banano crypto, then to Alien Worlds and Cryptomonkeys. I learned more about NFTs form Cryptomonkeys community discord.

So how long are you creating NFT's ?

I started creating NFT's last week .

And you been whitelisted on Atomichub yet ?


That' a short amount of time and your selling out already that's brilliant . Where did you come up with the idea for your NFT's ?

I was inspired by the NFT's of Cryptomonkeys, cyberpuppies and Digital Ducks to do an animal themed NFT . I like cats but there are already many cat NFT's so I went with a red panda, my 2nd favourite animal. It's cute and I imagined a collection of red panda going on an adventure.

I agree lots of cat NFT artists out there so your red panda will be going on adventures could you see yourself doing cross overs with another animal NFT artists?

yeah, maybe. I had a convo with other artists and I think it will be a possibility in the future if they want.

So you are open to Collab's who would be your dream Collab ?

I think it will be with Digital Ducks' stabby, I like the art style

I interviewed Stabby a while back great artist and lovely guy .

yeah he gave me tips about making NFT drops when I was starting.

Brilliant so do you collect NFT's as well as make them ?

yeah I like to collect them

What would be your biggest collection ?


Of course who doesn't have at least one cryptomonkey in there wax wallet I guess soggyapplepie would be your favourite artist so ?

yeah I guess so😅

So what's your favourite NFT you have designed ?

I like both the redCaptcha and sketchy panda

Can we have a pic ?

Love the captcha


So do you draw your work before you make the NFT ?

yeah I draw sketches first, make them into vector then animate them for gif NFT's

So what programs you using to create your NFT's ?

Photoshop, illustrator and adobe animate

Oh wow a lot of programs

haha yeah but for the stickers I only use Photoshop

What do you make more of stickers or NFT's ?

I like to make more stickers because it was easy than animating them haha. I like to reserve gif NFT's for big drops once or twice a week.

So how often you dropping NFT's and stickers per week

I like to drop 2 stickers and 1 gif NFT per week. Sometimes I do bonus sticker drops for special events like I did last May 4 star wars day

How long is it taking to create a sticker or NFT from thought to finished product ?

for the stickers, I make them as a teaser for the upcoming gif NFT drop like telling a story. For gifs, I always imagine my character going into different places and doing silly or interesting things like he is in an adventure.

And how long does it take to make the NFT ?

stickers can take 1-2 hours and 3-4 hours for animated nfts

Wow that's fast

haha yeah , but thinking of ideas sometimes takes hours and days

Yea must help when there is some sort of event so did you have any more drops this week ?

yeah 1 drop and I have a surprise for them

Can you show us a preview ?

Love that can I ask why there isn't a red panda lumpia yet ?

haha we're thinking of that but it's hard because we have different style, but there will be soon

How about you release a lumpia in your style and he does a panda is his

yeah I like that, we can do that if he agrees

I just asked him lol if he agrees we can announce it in the article what you think !!!!

haha sure!

Just a heads up I left the chat for a minute and went to talk to Emman the creator of lumpia gang to see if he would agree to a Collab .This what I got back of Emman

yeah that would be a great idea ! I think he has a few Collab's lined up , and maybe after he is done with some we can start on

There you go you have a Collab

awesome! panda x lumpia NFT soon 😁

Wow I am excited to see what they turn out like

yeah me too can't wait to do them soon

So what you doing for the night ?

I'm currently sending free stickers to everyone who hold the new gif NFT's

That will be a nice a surprise

Can't wait

So tell us something random about yourself ?

I'm like a red panda, mainly active from dusk to dawn and sedentary during the day lol

Ha ha ha

When your not creating NFT's and stickers what you do for fun ?

I like to play games and watch Netflix

Do you have telegram channel or discord channel

yeah I mainly use discord,

So can we have a link where we can buy your NFT's and stickers on Atomichub ?

Any chance of doing a lil competition for the readers ?

yeah I have some stickers that I can giveaway

Brilliant is there a task you want to set !!!!

maybe like and retweet this article, post their wax address and follow my twitter page. I can pick 3 winners for sticker and 1 winner of an animated NFT

That's perfect

What's your Twitter so people can retweet this to you ?

Anything else you would like to add

yeah just to keep checking the twitter and discord for future updates and surprises!

Brilliant thanks for your time Michael

Right guys if you want to win some of his red panda stickers follow his instructions and I would recommend following him on Twitter . last nights competition ends tomorrow I will announce the winners on Twitter and they will get there NFT's straight to there wallet till next time .............

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Written by   650
1 year ago
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Rusty needs to meet Aggretsuko.

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1 year ago

Awesome! I have a few of these I got as gifts. Now I'll be on the lookout for them.

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1 year ago

I really enjoy getting to know the artists it just add value to the the art, thanks as always

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1 year ago

No probs bud glad you enjoy

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1 year ago

Great article... Think I've done everything and here's my account p4ira.wam

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1 year ago

Another inspiring post, especially to those who wants to become NFT artist

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1 year ago

awesome that they started creating NFT's last week and now whitelisted

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1 year ago

Thank you. i like those cute pandas

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1 year ago