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Meet the Artist of Gnome Series

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9 months ago

Right I came across these great artists on twitter I thought I would ask would they answer a few questions and happily they did love there work andI can say I even have one in my wallet lets meet them .

Name ?

Nick & Nick

Where you from ?

United States

What's your twitter account as I will link in the article ?

Do you have your own telegram channel is so can you drop your link ?

We do not .

You really should there is so much shared between artists there .

Do you have a discord channel ?

We do not.

Do you a website ?

Check it out !!!!!!

So is this your full time job if not what is?

I am an owner of a digital marketing agency.

Does being in a digital marketing agency give you a head start in promoting your NFT's ?

It does in a way, but honestly with NFTs it is all about community and being part of it. You'll notice we respond to almost every tweet and will continue to do that regardless of size.

Code word Gnometastic

What made you get into NFT design in the first place ?

The infancy stage of NFT's really intrigued me. There is so much that can be done in the future. Excited to hop onto this at the starting stages of evolution.

Do you have any crypto currency ? If so what you ?

I do not. I got hacked several years ago. I decided to stay away (besides Crypto to sell art).

Have you always been artistic ?

My business partner Nick B. has been artistic ever since he was a little kid.

How long have you been designing NFT?

Nick and I just started ~10 days ago.

Why do you design NFT's the way you do?

We see value in the market. We have huge plans in the future to tie the cards into a game so people can see the long term value of our collection.

And why gnomes ?

My business partner started drawing gnomes for several years now. I was on a Peloton and he called me after I mentioned about NFTs. We decided this is the time to start cranking out some of the long hard art work we both have been doing for so many years.

Can you give us a hint on what kind of game you want to make ?

Well I currently own a game called War Identity which is a FPS, but with the Gnome Series we'll be creating a trading card game that will run off the blockchain. It'll validate which cards you have and you can use the cards in the game.

So will your game be based on the wax blockchain or have you thought that far ahead ?

We’re still looking into that. There’s so much we gave planned. May need to hire another dev

So might be a job going lads get C.V 's ready lol

What's your favorite NFT you have designed ? Can I have a pic of it ?

Crypto Moon Gnome - It is my favorite because of the humor behind the design.

Wow I can see why you love it .

Who is your favorite NFT designer ? Why ?

Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple - he amazes me with what he is doing in this space.

Have you done any Collab's ?

Not yet, been talking to a few.

Would you do a Collab and with with who ?

I'd do a Collab with almost anyone. I am always looking to expand my reach.

How many collections or cards have you made ?

We're at about 15 unique card designs. We have about 100 Gnomes ready to go, but we don't want to flood the market with too many options yet.

What your favorite software for designing NFT ?

Currently Photoshop, I've been using PS for over 10 years now.

What advice do you have for people trying to get into NFT ?

Be unique, don't think money... have fun!

What's your most valuable NFT you have ? Can I have a picture ?

Unfortunately I have not bought anyone's art work yet, I don't have a valuable one in mind.

How many hours do you put into a NFT card when making it ?

Depends on which card, but I'd say on average 4-6 hours.

What hobbies do you ?

My business partner and I both enjoy playing hockey.

What you do for fun ?

With COVID being a thing, I am always fixing up bugs in my PC game that I created, War Identity (NFTs coming soon in the game). Really just hanging out enjoying life.

Where can we find your cards for sale ?

AtomicHub -

So we can we get a small airdrop for the readers ?

Of course but we will for a code word that will be posted on here and will need to be put on my post on twitter .

Right please show these guys some love I think I have found my new guilty pleasure

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Written by   503
9 months ago
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I don't have their NFTs yet but already seen some on Twitter, and I love gnomes from the gnomeo and juliet movie.

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9 months ago

They did a drop on twitter for this but they seem to be giving them out all the time

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9 months ago

aw.. anyways, did you contact the artist I mentioned to you recently?

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9 months ago

I did reach but i havent heard back

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9 months ago

They are so cute 🥰

Hoping to have one .axr.wam

$ 0.00
9 months ago

So it is another hunt hahaha but in case, here's my address: 1ntr.wam

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9 months ago

Just found out about the gnomes yesterday thanks to crackers, and wow guys!!! Love your work!!! I have to collect them all now, its my life's mission!! ❤❤❤

$ 0.00
9 months ago

I seen u begging on twitter lol i found them by chance love there work

$ 0.00
9 months ago

I will give them a follow on Twitter. Nice I hope they have some free 😁

In case. 4ibr2.wam

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9 months ago

They will have a drop on twitter

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9 months ago