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Meet The artist N๏Na๓e우ค๓iG๏➤ ™

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Topics: NFT, WAX, Artist, Interview

So this is an artist has been around for over a year and his work is amazing and I don't know how to classify his work because each NFT is total different from pixel work to glitch NFTs and everything in between we finally got to chat all about his work.

Hey hey


How's things?

Fine feeling a bit lazy right now choosing something to do .

Nothing wrong with that its a Monday lol . Any plans for today?

Monday, exactly. I am in self-employment mode. and earlier on Monday I took a day off. now I try to spend more time learning something new, but today there is really no cheerful mood. So here I poke buttons in my own way... have enough monotonous work. ....I want to go through the oldest templates from the collection and close them... and then we'll see, most likely this fog in my head will dissipate by evening..

How come your closing off old templates?

Many of my NFTs have been loaded for a long time. and whoever wanted it got it. and I don't want to mint any of them anymore. and you know, NFT has such a characteristic as the maximum amount. so when I close the template - the maximum number is limited to the already created amount. For example the owner of a specific NFT will see that the maximum amount is not 1000 but 15, and, as it were, the value increases. etc. So I go to the atomic hub, where I create templates for NFT. then I click on a specific template and I am prompted to close it. at the moment such NFT where I want to limit the maximum number to more than 300

What brought you into crypto world?

Let's just say I've always been on the lookout for alternative moves. something different from the standards. this also applies to ways to earn money. and when there was the first boom of bitcoin and then altcoins, it looked like the perfect way to get more money and in a short time. well, yes, I bought the first bitcoins to pay for drugs, then these sales via the Internet, and not from hand to hand, were just beginning. I'm trying to remember when it was, it feels like 10 years have passed....By the way, the first half of my life, you know, I grew up in such an area that my interests were only from narcotic substances and options for where to get money, more and faster. Now, of course, my outlook has changed.

Now I'm not interested in either. risky scams have been replaced by my favourite hobbies, in which I put the maximum of myself and I know that one day I will get a return on them. In general, in 2017 I already understood that it was necessary to make investments. and and I invested in different coins. one of these coins was the wax. this is what I remember clearly . One of my friends, a serious person, he was then engaged in the exchange of bitcoins for cash. he gave me advice - buy wax. expected a big increase and growth was, but I did not use it. and than the whole market collapsed, the crypto winter began....all my (approximately) $100 invested in crypto turned into a few dollars and I forgot about it for several years so as not to get upset and when the market revived, I gradually returned to the game. and when this story with NFT began, I really wanted to take part in this, ..

How did you discover NFTs?

So I began to look for information about NFT, platforms that allow you to do them. and when I discovered that on the wax blockchain we can implement what I want, and even more .... in short, it was a sign ... as I wrote earlier, I already had wax coins on the exchange, and I found a use for them . I keep my finger on the pulse, where is what’s new, and when I heard about NFT, I became very interested . I just had this obsessive idea to do NFT and after a month of living with it, I created my first collection on Atomichub. And the whole process really got me hooked. working on the image first, immersing yourself in the fictional storyline and watching what happens there.... snapshot certain moments. upload to the blockchain. and demonstration to other people. then their reaction. all this has become my life for 2021

So you launched in 2021 do you remember what was the first NFT you dropped?

I remember it was a photo of a slug. Arion Rufus....or... wait... it was a picture of a snowdrop, flower The first thing I wanted to upload was a snowdrop, but still uploaded a slug. but I just wanted to make sure I can convert the image to NFT . You see, it turns out that at that time I was engaged in photography and began to learn to animate we can say that the first was an animated cherry tree flower.

How did the community react?

Well, I made a telegram group. began to distribute NFT. Received positive feedback. everyone liked everything

How many have you released since?

More than 1000 Templates, & Assets in the Collection amigos2space - 21,778 but over the course of this year, I have come to the conclusion that NFT is not only a picture, and it is more than a picture with a story. this should be an image with a future.... at least that's what I want do.

Would you say you have changed your NFT design over the last year?

It is a fact. and it can be seen if you look at my NFTs storyline.... it's a matter of experience, and I'm learning new tools, different techniques and at the present time I can feel enjoy the usual animation, and I'm not interested in history or utilities. for example, this NFT, original design, fun music, free drop and life is good .

Of course so your enjoying creating are you still learning as you creating?

Yep, yes, I'm continuing learning Adobe After Effects. modelling in blender , my last NFTs are made with the help of ii, with subsequent refinement and wanting to keep pace with technology.

So how many programs are you using for creating?

I have 5 of my favourites, sometimes use more

Where does the ideas come for your NFTs?

From the surrounding world.... sometimes I see something interesting, I take a picture, then I start to turn it over. or I turn on some program, and I think like this, what can I do here? and also begin to twist twirl. also I have specific purposes that will require specific images in this case I focus on the desired effect. When working on something, I enter a kind of flow, collaborating with some creatures, I don’t know exactly what it is, perhaps a muse, as some describe, .... in short.

Have you got a favorite you have created?

Yes, there are a couple. I'll show you now

just flipped through, there are many interesting ones, but these have taken a special place in my heart, and I do not know why. The three of them are all very different types of art so it makes sense .

Have you done many collabs?

What can I say in fact no. I did some NFT for a collection Pixeltycoons when they had a birthday. Did some NFT for Smelly Coallas community and there are two active projects with collections on Wax, I am in dialogue with them about collaboration.

Who would be your dream collab?

look, in general there are a lot of talented guys on the same wax, but to single out someone in particular don't know... I understand that this is useful and necessary, it's good for the community. if someone contact me - I'm ready for collaboration....but so that I sincerely name someone specific I can't but I think it's important to collaborate with artists that aren't on the blockchain yet

Why you think its important to collab with artists not on blockchain?

It's fresh blood.... After all, there are so many talented people with their own audience who are not represented in the digital space, & still use "traditional ways" for exhibitions, and other communication, its good, but they can do more than that. Some just don't even know about the potential, some think it's very difficult, etc. But if help them get into it, it's a win-win situation for everyone. I think so

What has been your favourite part of thing your project?

I like the state of inspiration...

What has been the hardest part of doing your project?

Everything was fun and therefore easy all though most difficult in front and specifically now working with an image is interesting and easy for me. now I want to comprehend basic programming to make an application on the blockchain in fact the hardest part is accepting the fact that my software can't implement my ideas.

What does your family think of your project?

I talk to them a little about it I don't really like talking or explaining things to someone.. so each of them sees only that part of which he is able to understand for my Mom I show pictures as much as possible. Mom likes it, she supports me in everything my wife as well too. The brothers are a little involved in it & help as much as they can

Have you brought many people into the wax blockchain?

I talked about Wax to some friends and at least 7 people have created accounts for themselves and use them. Two of the bottom have created their own collections there are several other artists who are waiting for me to help them make their collections.

Oh wow that's cool . What you like to do when your not creating NFTs?

Hiking, trekking, and rapping

What the long term plan for your project?

In the near future, this is the Creation of Dapps, so that people can mint new NFT in a playful way. I also want to implement the possibility of exchanging NFT for specific things in the "real world". In short - More utility & recycling for NFTs

When you dropping your next NFT?

Try to do it every day. Usually towards evening, Kyiv time. in the beginning I did Drops On Neftyblocks but now on NFTHIVE and WAXDAO

Oh wow man it must be hard?

It was hardier earlier in the year when I made a commitment and had to fulfill it. I did four drops every day. Now I do them when I'm in the mood and it doesn't bother me.

Where the best place to keep up with your project?

In the telegram group. or in discord

Yep, Twitter, here is my account

And here is the account with project news

Do you have a link to where we can buy your NFTs?

And on waxdao, you can buy NFT using the AMG token

Any chance of a competition for the readers?

Of course 1/1 I made it at the beginning of the year, the full-scale war had just started and that NFT reflects my inner feelings. And I'll upload a new NFT, especially for our meeting. There will be 12 or 24 of them. So, there are three different NFT. 2 of them are limited edition and will be for few winners & we can collect wallet addresses and make drop according to the whitelist. So that everyone can get NFT

Brilliant so before we finish up is there anything you would like to add?

I'm haven't eaten meat for 8 years now... And I'm like to play the flute, But the people who are nearby at this moment are not very happy.

So guys drop your Wax wallets to be in the chance to win a NFT or check out are link below to win mint 1

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Written by   650
1 month ago
Topics: NFT, WAX, Artist, Interview
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