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Meet the Artist NippyNip

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1 year ago
Topics: Opensea, NFT, Nft artist, WAX

So you proubly haven't heard of this artist but I was told to keep an eye out by @SillyPsyBen who told there is a talented artist coming from Opensea to Atomichub so I had to check him out is work is quite cool and so lets waste no time and find out some more information about him .........



So how's today been for you busy ?

Today's been a good day! I had a long time friend come wake me up in the morning, we linked up with another mate from up the road, had ourselves a talk about crypto and NFT spaces, said our good byes and off i went and got myself some dirty bird! KFC that is.. like that piggy I am 😂

Topped it off learning some guitar riffs with another friend around town. Once the night kicked in, the nippy comes out and I jumped online to drop some more mints on previous drops, buy some silly faces! ðŸĪŠðŸ˜ lurked the depths of Twitter and ofc touched base with the online crew âĪ

Leaving us here. ðŸĪ˜

So can I ask what lead you down the path of NFT's

Without to much of a backstory a good mate of mine had been going hard in what he calls hackart on his phone! He has some really great dark psychedelic scenes and colours 😍

I'd always loved drawing with him and I had been animating on my phone the last year for fun making some mini toon's ! It was then he mentioned that they could work as NFT's! NF whhaaa I say? He then proceeded to teach me up, show me what virtual galleries are the lot that alone blew me away, he the proceeded to school me vr worlds and all sorts! But that had me hooked quickly!

And you started in Opensea then came to the really place for NFT's wax blockchain how come you waited ?:

I started in Opensea as that was the choice of platform my said mate was running at the time and still is! I guess it was all so new and in was very eager to jump in and learn so I joined the gang and went in!

I wasn't able to get anybody to jump in and show me some love so sadly I couldn't afford the first time poster gas fees to the market place (100$ something USD) they wanted to put something up for sale. Although after that minting to the market place is cheaper and more affordable I've heard.

I had been shamelessly shilling away and following fellow artists who's work or charisma I was drawn too trying to meet people and sales.

There was one face I'd kept seeing pop up.. a silly face that is.. but I sent a dm and was blessed to get such a lovely person on the other end who spent some time explaining WAX and how to get started on the cloud! Even now he's been helping me along this wonderful and wild journey!

Ben is a legend who will help anyone out so he is the reason you are on wax . How you finding the wax community ?

It sure is he explained the benefits plus combined with his personality I knew what I had to do! #waxgang

So far it's been unreal! I've been here for 3 days only and I've already met 1 or 2 other great people! Sold over 10 NFT's in the first day and got an interview! I'm stoked âĪ

How many NFT 's have you minted on Opensea ?

I currently have 2 bigger 1 off animations with tones of colour and work in them, 1 version of those also comes with a creepy drum n bass track I created for it 😈

I have another 10 of my more recognizable pen work pieces from the past few years that I liked to much not to share! They all got re designed for the NFT world!

So your still present on there what about Atomichub ?

I am indeed for the time, I figure I've got the stills up there already so I'll keep at promoting them for a little longer, at least while I'm waiting to be whitelisted at atomichub!

But don't be worrying I have plans to drop a new birdii everyday and heaps of NipsTrips to come out as they do! Collab's and hopefully some blends on the way also ðŸĪ˜

What you go by in NFT world ?


Where you from ?

I live in Australia in country Victoria

So is this a full time job ?

That's the dream! So not as yet but if that's what the future can hold for me count me in 😁

What you do for a full time job so ?

I was labouring carrying plaster off a truck before covid hit n then almost lost a finger being a clown at work one day so I tossed that in and got a cheap room in a share house near the old girl and jumped on the doll so currently I'm unemployed for however long this will last 😂

Where can we keep up to date with you ?

You can find me on twitter @NippyNip2

Oh do you have your own telegram or discord channel yet ?

I will have my own telegram and discord coming real soon! But you can come find me on Twitter in the meanwhile ðŸŧ

Have you applied for whitelisting yet ?

I sure have ðŸĪ˜ðŸ˜ðŸĪ˜

Have you been waiting long for approve?

Not long at all 2 days for birdii bidii's and 1 for the Trips!

I hear it can take up to a week sometimes tho so ðŸĪž

How have they preformed on atomic ?

The first day went well I had silly the mad lad come in a get a few of those number #1's! ðŸ”Ĩ

straight after another mad man came thorough jumping on the set too collecting everything in the NipsTripz collection! Big ups to both of you supporting me and I hope you enjoy the set and future drops! I also had another couple of sneaky single sales on "cheese birdii" and "groovy backers!"

So you have a had a nice few days of sales ?


Where do you come up with your idea for designing your NFT's ?

Loads of different places! Mainly it's a mood I like to settle down into, but from skating to music to a world of cartoon watching and whatever it is that's happening in life, I try to draw ;) inspiration from all walks of life 👅

So from thought to creation how long is the process ?

Oh now this a hard one.. I'm a a slow worker atm so I'd say sometimes up to 3-4 hours pen pencil in design, then another 3-4 hours working out the colouring and all the parts line work and then maybe another 2 hours on the animate but that's the bigger jobs.

Some only take a little bit less "backers "came out from mind to your screens in about 2 hours in was on a roll 😂

But I've spent up to 8-12 hours straight on some of the larger animation

So pencil first then what programs you use to finish it off ?

I'd say 90% is done through an ap called flipaclip!

My phone memory is pretty on the brink usuually so I don't get to mess with to many applications at the moment

Ha ha so they are all done on a phone?

Oh and yes most start at pencil 😎

It's just been my main tool for as long as I can remember the old greylead has been a staple

Yeah all made currently on the phone, recently my neighbour has been lending me a Samsung tablet from about 2016 to help with some space so I'll run that for storage of all my work, twitter, telegram plus it has the background remover, mirror lab, deep after effects and comica app but I rarely get into them much unless it's for some trippy backgrounds as you can see in my open sea work.

But all the animations are done in flipaclip on my phone, drawn with my skinny fingers. 😂

All in all tho it's a great llittle app for the phone in fact I couldn't imagine trying to use anything else, only draw back is it has about 10$ worth of features to buy to make it worth it's time.

Have always been artistic ?

100% I think my uncle even has some cartoon drawings stashed away that i had done of my family when i was about 6-8 with funny moustaches, warts, scars, there eyes falling out all the good grousome things we love ðŸĪŪ😎

Who is your fabourite nft artist ?

I'd say boneheads444, lushsux, Backman and sillypsyben are my current favourites

Nice whats your favourite NFT you designed?

I have one that I'm working on atm that's easy my favourite, but I'm thinking of saving that one for later down the road and working on it some more, out of the animations that are on atomic now I'd have to run with my little Backman his a friend a bomb artist and the inspiration behind the design, it's fun to animate and mess with and I feel the character has it's own vibe about it kinda creepy kinda cute? That or psychedelic fingers the trip vision is something I can relate too. 😂

Can we have a pic ?

Love that

That's alright never know till you ask I guess 😊

Ahh thanks heaps ðŸĪ˜

No problem so would you think of doing a series of that NFT ?

I sure would consider it! I've got plans already made for a blend for with this backers and "?? Backman ??"

But if people like them enough I'll make a series for sure!

Perhaps even a collab series on the cards?

Nice so your open to collabs ?

100% love meeting other artists, especially when you can click well with that person possibilitys become 10fold more

What advice do you have for new artist entering the market ?

Make art that makes you happy, don't be scared to be yourself and talk to others and join WAX ðŸĪŸ

Do you have any crypto investment ?

.05 Eth 😂😂

Its something

Hopefully I thinks it's at about 170-180 usd for that

So tell us something random about yourself ?

I'm double jointed in the elbows and the thumb and I love skateboarding! kickflips all day ðŸĪ˜ðŸ˜‚

Tell us a fact about about yourself ?

It's a fact that I have nip tattooed under my nip


Any chance of a small give away for the readers ?

Of course il give one lucky winner one of my NFT's

Where can we buy your cards ?

You can find everything here ðŸĪ˜

So anything else you want to the readers to know about or anything you would like to share with them

Not that I can think of? I'm pretty railed maybe just what time I wrote it all in case I sound even more cooked then i thought lol

Enter the competition please shop NippyNip some love buy a NFT or just give him a follow till next time ....

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Written by   650
1 year ago
Topics: Opensea, NFT, Nft artist, WAX
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Yay! Not sure if I've seen him before.

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1 year ago

good to see more artists are moving to wax realizing it's the best platform for NFT's m5fay.wam

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1 year ago

How you keep pushing them out like that, I am already happy if I can get 2 articles out in a week. But I am not complaining keep them coming rx2r4.wam

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1 year ago

alot of effort

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1 year ago

Glad to see artists moving to WAX! xxbb2.wam

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I know

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