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Meet the artist NiftyBC

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1 year ago
Topics: Nft artist, WAX, NFTs

So seen this this artist on twitter and liked his artwork so I reached out to see if he would chat to me and he happily did check out his video first before you read and get an insight in to his project . With a nice competition at the bottom

So whats your Artist name ?

NiftyBC is the team

So is M.O.R.B.S a team ?

Me, myself and I and a little help from my wife

A solid team of 1 1/2 haha

Awh let my guess she is tea maker (joke)

Haha no I’m usually the one making her coffee ☕️... she helps with scripting and voiceovers for the upcoming animated series

“The one making her coffee”

So you have animated series coming out and is this in part with your NFT's ?

Yes the entire project scope is an animated series literally built on the blockchain, from concept to development to final product , all being turned into NFT for collectors to take part in The first card series currently out , the Blue and Green series , 6 characters total are the character cards for the main characters that are going into the series. The next phase is turning them all into 3D and starting to script and build the sets for the animations . All will be turned into collectible pieces on The WAX blockchain using Atomichub

Cool and where will the series be avaliable to watch ? And is this a self funded project ?

All self funded , it will be on YouTube and Vimeo to start until we have enough episodes to try and do more from there ,,, but baby steps first

Of course and will it be adult themed or kid themed ?

And the episodes will also be MP4 NFTs with Augmented Reality assets and secretly place QR code’s in the animation that can be scanned to take you to other special prizes.

Wow thats impressive so thats your aim for all your nfts but will they each have there own movies ?

All the 3D cards and even the ones now have AR assets ... the next series will have the characters in 3D with animation AR

Wow can that all be done on atomichub?

Also if all goes well since they are in 3D , I might try to put them into some online/app games for collectors too, but that’s way down the line I got a lot to do before that point

No I use a few other things to create the AR , these assets are just for these cards. I feel NFT need more utility, a better way to show off a collections. I saw the VeVe app and what they were doing, since I already had been working with AR I thought it could be done, tested it and it worked.

Well AR is out there for phone apps like pokemon .

Yes Pokémon go is another inspiration, just think it’s such a cool thing for digital collectibles

Sounds like a lot thought has gone into this project and bringing alot of interaction of the viewers ?

More adult themed the one line pitch is

“Rick and Morty meets Its Sunny In Philadelphia type humor, about a reality show on NFTs, using Mutant Organic Robots Buyjng shit, (M.O.R.B.S) as the contestants. “

I love rick and morty and alot of the adult swim stuff i never really watched sunny in philadelphia But it sounds like my kind of thing

Actually it’s been a very loose project to start , all kinda comes together as it grows... totally different than 99% of any of my other projects ... I want it to be open ended since all this NFT stuff is so new

It started with a Krypto sketch about a month ago and grew from there

So how many nft / characters have you created so far ?

6 currently out with another 3-4 to be introduced in time... and then there will be some really cool funny dog characters as well

Everyone likes a dog nft !!!!

I can’t wait to release the dog drop its a funny one

When will that be realesed ? Any sneak peaks ?

Well I’m just getting into the modeling and rigging doing animation test all going great ... so first sneak peaks maybe in a month maybe sooner here is a taste of what’s coming

So this project only a month old has it changed much since the concept ?

Haha YES! The general idea of these little mutant organic robots that are from the blockchain that fall into buying NFTs ... that has always been there but how to present it was the challenge that we finally think we figured out . I wanted it to have a storyline that would make it easy for collaborations and cameos. A way to incorporate personalities in the NfT space

So your open to Collab's?

Most definitely... the way we are writing the episodes there could be cameos and then NFTs made of those collabs .... from personalities in the NfT space to artists, even want to get musician onboard to help write theme songs versions and scores also made into collab NFTs

So whats your twitter ?

Where can we find you on Telegram ?

M.O.R.B.S Chat

And do you have a website ?

Of course

So is this your full time job or I guess you must have a back ground is tech developement ?

I am an old school art director/ graphic designer that has a Jack of all trades skill set from sketch to 3D .... also a musician and photographer. I’m an art mutt .

Oh god so this your area so

I have been around the block a few times

I can tell lol so you always been artistic?

Pretty much, in high school I was really into skateboarding and punk rock music and art was just always there for me.

Nice so what brought you into the nft world ?

BEEPLE ... I blame him. 😂 No but seriously I had heard about this space about 3-4 months back then hopped down the rabbit hole seriously just recently. It’s so new and kinda Wild West

Yea some great artist out there do

So do actually collect nfts or just design them ?

Both I collect too heck It’s like being a kid again . I have a big collection of comic books and this reminds me a lot of that world

Yea when i was growing up i collected pogs my god I can see alot of anime in NFT's

I really like Cartbombs, Bitcoin Origins and a bunch of others .. lot of talent out there


So what programs you use for creating your NFT's ?

It’s starts on my IPAD with Procreate or Affinty Designer , then photoshop to final image. For 3D I use Blender and video editing I use Premiere and after effects

Wow some amount of programs !!!

So how long would you say it takes from concept to finish nft ?

Let’s see... for Krypto, Toe-Bee and GasFeFe (the first three characters) ... took me about a week.... the same for the other 3 characters.... I do them in bunches

Oh right and would it be long days when your making them ?

I am a night owl when I work so yes there were some insomnia induced nights ..... sleep seems to be the hardest part of the NFT game lol

So what your favourite nft that you own at the moment ?

Pizza day by Bitcoin origins ... just love the artwork and concept

I havent seen that 1 before 🤩🤩🤩🤩

And whats your favourite one you have designed ?

That’s a hard one ... ummmm .. they all have their qualities but I think I’ll say DEE-Fi or


They look very retro 90s look grunge

I just got Which will be the home of MORBS in the coming weeks . But that hasn’t been put up yet need another week . I am hoping to have the Wax wallet able to work with the site to purchase physical merchandise for MORBS too , that is also in the works

Is that just an api programme or do you need to get approved

The api is open but I believe you need an approval too , I am trying to find that all out .

So is beeple your favourite artist ?

He is pretty badass , but I like a lot of artists, I’m influenced a lot by Coop from the 90’s poster art and cult comics like Crumb

Awh you must be so happy everthing 90s is back lol

Haha I’m not complaining

So do you think you will stay on atomichub or expand into other sites like opensea rarible or even juungle ?

I’ve thought about this , for M.O.R.B.S I think I’m staying on WAX ...... I like that there low fees, solid system and environmentally better than ETH .... and seriously screw those gas fees haha. I think because of the massive amount of people entering the space the platform won’t be selling for you ... it’s all gonna come down to self promotion so doesn’t really matter where you put your NFT IMHO

Its one of the reasons i started this series its to try introduce artists to more poeple ?

It’s really cool your making these articles I thinks it’s such a great idea

Thanks so are you only involved in wax or do you have other crypto ?

I hold a bunch of different coins ... NfT I have some pieces on Mintable of my one off designs and Photographs from a music zine I used to run

So what advice would you give to people entering into nft design ?

Advice , this is from my perspective and by all means is not the end all opinion... but to me you need to create a community around what you are doing, for me the trading card strategy makes way more sense on the long term than just creating random one off pieces.

Work on building a strong social presence, the artwork alone won’t make a successful run...

Be consistent, listen and stay humble

I think alot of artist would agree the community is the back bone to getting anywhere in nft world

Most definitely, I think a lot of new artist don’t get that

Most of the artists i have chatted to say the more you interact with the community the more community like you


how you feel about funko pop coming into nft world ?

Ok Funko Pop

Well all the major brands entering the market is a necessary evil. They will make it easy and accessible to the mainstream which in turn will make it easier for smaller creators....

on the flip side ... there will be a flood of copyright suits coming to artists using established intellectual property.

The high NFT price points on the ETH platforms will look less and less attractive to buyers.

Just looking at the success of VeVe beta app selling out everything and then the secondary market is huge and vibrant ... where as the secondary market for a lot of other platform is performing horribly , so eventually I see a lot collectors feeling burned on a big purchase they cant trade easily

I’m sure it will be a much different game in a few years

So are you whitelisted on atomichub ?


Are you listed on token heads ?

Not yet I actually just found out about it

So do you have kids ?

One daughter in high school

3 dogs 🐕

Furry kids

Ha ha ha and does your daughter get involved in the nft making ?

Not yet , but shes is getting interested

She is a pretty amazing artist

Would you not set up account for her or get her working on your project ?

I really should

Where can we find your cards for sale ?

So what hobbies/fun other than nfts do you do ?

I usually play music , but have been unable to due to covid , but just got vaccinated so hoping to be playing again soon

What music you play ?

All types my old band we played for years locally here in Los Angeles... now I usually sit in on a few different projects also release a song here and there still here was a little electro song I did a year ago

So i put up my articles up on have you ever heard of this site ?

No lt really

So any chance of a small drop for the readers ?

Here is the tweet text for the Raffle



FREE "DEE-Fi #20" (super rare) #NFT by


WITH AR ASSET! Show off that NFT!

1. FOLLOW both




2. LIKE & RT

3. TAG 3 Followers

48 hours - good luck

So is there anything else you would like to add ?

I think that’s about it, thanks big time for your interest and hope the best with the article

Thanks so much this project is a big project more than just a NFT card collection this is enabling all types of tech so please give him a follow on twitter check out his sites

Till next time !!!!!!

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Written by   650
1 year ago
Topics: Nft artist, WAX, NFTs
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Great intro heads up to both artis

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Another successful interview ehh, Congratulations 👏.

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Nice interview from him! His daughter would be a great artist😆

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