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Meet the artist Mr Who

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1 month ago
Topics: Interview, Artist, NFT, WAX

So I started chatting to this artist in June this year and he kept refusing to do a meet the artist on till he had is NFTs ready to launch and only recently he launched his project and decided he was ready to chat .

Hey How you ?

Hey Man, Yea I'm good

What got you into crypto?

I'd heard of bitcoin a good few years ago through a documentary about the dark web but I didn't really take alot of notice of the whole crypto world at the time, that came much later.

How did you get discover NFTs?

Discovering NFTs was down to my partner. She showed me a bunch of things but I didn't really get it at first. For me I couldn't see any use or purpose for them so I didn't understand how they had value. It was time to start researching and from there I kinda fell into the rabbit hole. In this world doing your own research is a must.

Why did you choose WAX for your project?

I play prospectors and wombat dungeon so I was already familiar with the marketplaces. I have the premium subscription with Wombat as well so that means I get 200 free transactions a day then I only need to cover the ram when creating an NFT collection.

What is the idea behind your project?

The idea is real simple. I wanted to create a collection with eye-catching art that would have utility. As for the utility I want to have the collection stakeable in wombat dungeon. I've played the game since the beginning before season 1 and I've learnt a lot from those guys behind the whole wombat ecosystem, so it would be cool to get a collection of my own on there list.

When did launch?

Friday 14th October

How many NFTs have you dropped so far?

Before this collection around 250-300. Nothing serious they were more practice pieces getting used to creating NFTs. Some are on Ethereum and some are on Polygon. The WAX Blockchain is where I want to stay though. I play games here, I buy NFTs here so it makes sense to create my own collections here.

What was the first one you dropped?

So my first ever NFT I created was from a photo of one of my own Pokémon cards. A 25th anniversary Charizard. It was done on Mintable as I could create and mint without any gas fees which was appealing to me as I was still unsure what I was actually doing. Anyway I went ahead and created a small collection based on some of my own trading cards. I quickly realised I would most likely not be able to sell these because of copyright issues and what not but still a neat little collection to keep to my self as a memory of my first steps into the world of Web3.

How did the community react?

There was no real reaction as I kept the collection to myself.

When the next drop?

The next drop will be series 2 of sanityskullz. As for when I really don't know. I'd like to say in the new year but I can't say for sure right now.

What is the process of making your NFTs?

The process for Sanityskullz is pretty simple just very time consuming. I started making a basic drawing of the skull on the old Microsoft paint on PC. Then fill added the colours, one background and one colour for the skull. Each of the 300 of those are then saved to my Google drive. Then I go over to my phone and take one picture at a time from my Google drive and make 40 different images from each one skull picture using glitchlab and combine those together as a gif then a filter is layered over the gif to pull all the colours across the collection to a similar palette.

What programs you use for creation?

For this collection I used Microsoft paint on PC and Google drive. Then on my phone I use 2 apps called gif maker-editor and glitch lab.

How long this each NFT take to create?

Each NFT, if I made one from start to finish maybe 10-15 minutes but the collection was built in steps, so I did the first step 300 times, then the next step 300 times etc. A few mistakes were made and a few were lost during the process so the collection finished at 277 artworks of which 12 max can be minted.

What is your favourite NFT you have made?

My 25th anniversary Charizard I mentioned earlier. Why ? Purely because it was the first NFT I made.

Have you done any collabs?

No, not yet.

Who would be your dream collab?

It would be cool to do something with wombat dungeon but I'm open to working with anyone that likes my style and wants to Collab.

Are you a collector of NFTs?

Yea I do collect, mostly collections from in the dungeon.

Who is your favourite NFT artist?

Byron, with the spooky zombie style art which I really like. Check out the WAX collection on Atomichub: byronartset1

What has been the best part of doing your project?

Honestly, being approached by yourself to do this interview was awesome. I've never really done alot in terms of promotion so seeing that someone like yourself was interested in my work was a real boost.

What has been the hardest part?

We have two small children aged 2 and 3 so finding some quiet time to actually work on anything is a real challenge.

What's the long-term goal of the project?

Long-term I'm going to continue growing the collection with series 2, series 3 etc. Introducing packs, rarity tiers and eventually blending. I'm aiming to get whitelisted on Atomichub just because I think it gives the collection a bit more weight with showing buyers the creator is creating there own art. The big one for me though is having the collection made stakable in wombat dungeon, like I said I've played the game since the beginning and it would be awesome to get one of my own collections on there list.

What does your family think of your project?

So I asked this question to my partner and this is what she said, I can't emphasise how proud I am of Mr Who, In a very stressful household and with poor technology Mr Who remained positive and determined. He's developed many different skills to achieve this outstandingly high quality NTF sanityskullz collection, I can't wait to own one myself!

Have you introduced anyone to WAX?

I don't think I have directly but most if not all of my twitter posts, retweets etc. are related to the WAX blockchain, be it games, drops or general blockchain news so in that sense I could have indirectly introduced some people from outside the WAX community to the blockchain.

What you like to do to unwind?

I play dragonball super card game and I really enjoy driving. A nice twisty coastal route or some quiet country backroads. Perfect.

Tell us something random about you?

I once rescued a stranger's lost Labrador from a frozen lake.

Where is the best place to keep up with the project?

My twitter is where il post updates. Follow and allow notifications to stay updated.

Where can we buy your NFTs?

Sanityskullz are available on Atomic Hub

When is the next drop?

In the first quarter of 2023 is what I'm aiming for with series two but this isn't set in stone.

Any chance of a drop or competition for the readers?

Yea, il hold a giveaway on twitter and send you a link to share with your readers. This will be for everyone and anyone to enter. I'm also going to send you 10 random sanityskullz for you to do a giveaway exclusively for your readers.

Is there anything you would like to add or say before we finish?

I think we've covered everything. I would like to thank my partner for being such a support and pushing me forward even when I feel like giving up. I'd also like to thank yourself for reaching out to me about my collection. I think the work you do, hunting out unknown artists, is awesome. Its really given me some confidence in my self and my work as I'm sure it has for others, So for that I thank you Crackers.

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Written by   650
1 month ago
Topics: Interview, Artist, NFT, WAX
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