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Meet the artist Joeychips

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1 month ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist

Right this artist has NFTs everywhere he is what I would call a long standing member of the WAX family as he has been around since it just about launched so its a pleasure to get to chat to him .

Hey man how you ?

Doing great! So many art happenings I am involved it. It's a blast. How about you?

I am good just relaxing I am guessing its about half 12 there as he is in the west coast of America .

Yes. What part of the world are you in?


Ah, that is very cool.

How many projects you involved in ?

ArtVndngMchn is the main one, which spills over into WAX, the Uplift World, and even a little ETH. Also involved in . FYI I have been doing cryptoart since about 2014 and NFTs on Counterparty in 2018.

Oh wow . So you really are an early adopter . How come you set up on wax ?

The ETH and BTC fees to issue art really bother me as a matter of conscience first and as a matter of finance second. WAX did what EOS could not: lead a blockchain powerfully with zero fees and zero drama (mostly) that just works. WAX community is a lot of my old EOS friends too. I cofounded the pixEOS gallery back in the day.

You left out WAX blockchain its also a green chain . You cofounded pixEOS is it still around ?

Ah that is so true. Yes pixEOS gallery is still around but most EOS folks don't want to spend their EOS on NFTs. They are expecting it to still go 10x .

Why are you using WAX so much this year?

WAX has no transaction fees at all for purchases. It is a superfast blockchain and major brands are using it too—not that I need major brands for validation, but it shows that a massive international user base with deep pockets has also vetted it and the network just works. I have been running the ArtVndngMchn fine art project with 22 artists through WAX and it has been a fantastic experience. We've sold thousands of fine art NFTs in ArtVndngMchn packs where some of the money goes to charity.

Plus the WAX community has a Minecraft component called the Uplift World where you can set up a gallery and people earn a little WAX just for playing and visiting your land in a Minecraft server. That's where we set up the ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park where players can ride rollercoasters while viewing art and simultaneously fighting off zombies.

So your uplift player ?

Oh yes. Are you? Our plot is in Gratitude. Coordinates 3050, 71, 2375 to enter via our art rollercoasters.

Really need to get involved in there ?

We are having 2 events next week. I can whitelist you if you want to come.

Oh defiently are you friends with t.c and the themellowbuilder ?

I don't think I know them.

Oh cool you should check them out . When did you mint your first NFT on wax?

In 2019 I minted FOMO Chain on WAX.

Blockchainizer was minted on WAX in 2019 too. I think Blockchainizer came first.

Oh right wow you are old school on wax how many projects have you done on wax?

The main project is ArtVndngMchn which is under a collection of the same name. I have also issued many NFTs under the joecsketches collection, done a good deal of collaborative work (with Cryptowriter, Crypto Swatch, Uplift World, Yoshi Drops, and probably more. Plus those two 2019 pieces that were issued through WAX's old Op Skins marketplace.

You have done some collabs with superstars of the NFT world who would be your dream collab ?


(I am still waiting for the answer lol ) How many NFTs have actually you have made ?

I have never counted, but it must be over 20,000, between Counterparty, ETH, EOS, and WAX.

How many different templates is that and how many would you say have been in WAX because 20,000 is a lot ?

At least 15000 have been on WAX. As for unique WAX templates, a rough estimate would be 500.

Wow . So what has been your favorite one to create ?

On WAX, that would be Zine Machine because of all the intricate surreal mechanisms which was one of the precursor concepts for ArtVndngMchn. I really enjoy exploring the theme of art-within-art as well as automated art.

Plus it has a nod to my zine roots and highlights Silly Daddy Zine, a 50 page zine NFT I released on MakersPlace.

I love it so much going on so where do you come up with your ideas for your projects ?

Thanks a ton! You know, for the longest time I have been literally praying—like on my knees— to have good ideas and to get them right on the first time (rather than working and reworking pieces endlessly like I used to do). So I think it is a gift from God, also influenced by collecting comic books, Hot Wheels, drawing on the spot from life, science fiction, the deep desire to imitate a mere fraction of God's creativity, and good old-fashioned Bible meditation (as described in the Psalms), and the yearning to create things that inspire people for the common good.

Do you have to think about it ?

Sometimes ideas come to me fully formed and then I just implement them in brush strokes, almost like freestyle rapping. Other times I draw or paint something that I like, but let it sit dormant because I have a sense that I can take it to another level later.

Are you working on a WAX NFT at the moment ?

Yes! It is an ArtVndngMchn piece that cuts deep with satire called "Dept. of Homeland NFTs." It drops this Monday.

(This dropped on Monday 19th )

How did the drop go ?

Department of Homeland NFTs is still on sale as a 1 of 1 piece

No one has said anything about it yet, which is not uncommon. Sometimes it takes time for the audience to catch up. For example, my CrystalsCraft NFT comics from 2018 (on Counterparty/BTC) are attracting a ton of attention this year.

Oh wow that's always a good thing people still finding your work

Yes, it helps to have perseverance in this field. Eventually, you find your tribe.

Of course .

How long did it take to create ?

Maybe an hour.

What programs you use to create ?

Procreate is my main one, using iPad and Apple Pencil. I also use ArtRage and a little bit of PhotoMosh sometimes.

Is this a full time job ?


That's brilliant to hear who is your favorite ?

My favorite artists include many of the old cartoonists: Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Gil Kane, Ross Andru, Dave Sim. Fine artists would include Rene Magritte, Van Gogh, DaVinci, Duchamp, Thomas Hart Benton, Warhol. Fellow cryptoarts would be many in ArtVndngMchin: ilan katin, Isa Kost, Marko Zubak, and of course my kids, Luke, Maria, and Anna, who also make NFTs.

That's some list oh your kids make NFTs ?

Yes! My youngest, Anna is the painter. Luke creates with a lot of generative tools and filters, and Maria is a writer so there is a very conceptual component to her work.

That's brilliant to have them involved . So I am guessing your family are super supportive ?

Yes the family is supportive. I have even written print books with my wife Denise, and she has a few NFTs in ArtVndngMchn too.

What's the biggest collection in your wallet at the moment ?

Is this still specific to WAX?

Yes !!!!

I think Uplift World NFTs, Alpaca Worlds, MitzisNFTs, some from HumbleDrawings, and I do also collect the art from ArtVndngMchn artists too.

Humble is a great artist and a friend .

Oh I really like his work .

You said your wife is an artist as well do you help each other out with designs ?

My wife is incredibly creative and talented. We collaborate on life together, mostly in parenting, ministry, and fun. In the arts, when we collaborate, it has less of a pattern to it. Sometimes she will color my black and white drawings. Sometimes I will illustrate her words or expound on her creations. She has edited almost every book I ever wrote and we have cowritten a book together too.

Oh wow so you really share everything that's great to here . What advice you have for new artists ?

I have a few tips for new artists:

1. Make the exact art that you would want to collect.

2. Get a steady job (any job) until your art makes consistent money for at least 6 months straight, because you need to fund your art until enough others do.

3. Understand the difference between the art market and the fellowship of art lovers. They are 2 distinctly different things.

4. Low sales do not define the quality of your art: you define the quality of your art.

5. Be patient and persevere.

6. Pray to God for help.

7. Never forget why you started creating in the first place. Explore and have fun.

What you like to do when you aren't creating ?

Bike riding, family outings to the beach (SoCal), light hikes, helping people spiritually, and watching old mystery shows from the 70s: Columbo, McMillan and Wife, Rockford Files.

I am surprised Murder she wrote is not on that list lol .

Hah! I only saw one of those but it is on my list.

Nice lol . Tell us something random about yourself ?

I eat a bowl mixed with of blueberries, peanuts, sunflower seeds, anise seed, plain shredded wheat, cinnamon, and olive (or coconut) oil every day. I call it Silly Daddy Cereal.

Sounds nice to be honest . Where do you share your updates about your project to the community ?

Where can we buy your NFTs ?

I have a list of all the different NFT sites and chains I sell on here:

ArtVndngMchn does have a specific page here:

Brilliant any chance of a drop or competition for the readers ?

Retweet this article saying what you appreciate about Joe's work, tag/follow @joeychips on Twitter, and include WAX address for free NFT.

Perfect . So before we finish up I have to say it been a pleasure and a honor . Is there anything you would like to say or add for the readers ?

I feel the same way. It has been so much fun talking with you this way, over the course of a few days. It is an interview faucet!

It really is but its the great thing about the NFT community might be miles apart but we always make time for each other .

That is so true! The miles just melt away through the mystery of NFT glory.

I know its great .

So dont forget to check out joes work and to do his instruction to grab a free NFT .

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Written by   411
1 month ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist
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To be an artist is the gift from Almighty God, lets us share it and give importance on it. Btw, Im not an artist doing like that 'coz I dont have the talent like that but somehow I can learn with some of your tips to be an artist in diffrent way.

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If you would a free nft followin his instruductions

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I see.

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