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Meet the artist HaTouken

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2 months ago
Topics: NFT, WAX, Artist

So this is an artist that produces some great pixel art and he now has a new project coming out also a new NFT from his first collection . I really wanted to him for a while and I finally got to chat him about himself and his projects .

How you doing today ?

I'm guess I'm fine, I'm waiting for the "The Night of Perseids" It's today, you have to look at the stars too and make a lot of wishes πŸ˜€

Oh is that meteor shower tonight ?

That's right 😊 you grab a beer, lay on a blanket with your love or friends, and watch the sky - it's amazing .

Do you know what time it starts ?

it's all night long, and not only today, but this night (12/13 august) is maximum of the swarm

Oh brilliant defiantly watch tonight . So did you do any work on your project today?

Unfortunately not, but I will make another pixel animation this weekend and drop it next week - with cyberpunk vibes. I'm promise! I'm also working with another, at now secret NFT project. But I think it will be funny and fresh .

Oh really so we will have a brand new NFT and a new project can you tell us anything about the new project ?

It will be something like Noah's Ark, but with NFTs . But I won't say anything more 😁

How did you discover NFTs ?

At the beginning of this year my friend drag me into cryptocurrency world. I read and know about Bitcoin and so on since 2017 - I've even mined Litecoin, but not so much to buy a bread πŸ˜†And when you are in crypto now, you sooner or later find out what NFT is (or you think you will know what it is). I discovered projects on Etherum blockchain like CryptoKitties, but it was for me like another world and too expensive world. I just didn't get it then, why people buy cats for huge amount of money.

In a meantime there was a boom on CryptoPunks and I guess by chance (or maybe it was destiny) I ran into WAX and Atomic Hub. I said to myself: you can do it to. Now or never! 😁

When did you decide to jump into creating NFTs ?

I was drawing things since I was a child - on paper, but never have motivation to improve skills, make something more or showing it in public. When you mint your work on blockchain and someone buy it for even 0,000001 $WAX, it's so encouraging! I've never do it for my money, but it's so nice - better than likes on Instagram or DeviantArt :) Another important thing is that I can also understand more how NFT technology and blockchain works - whey you read an article, it's too complicated. But when you do it on your own it's simiplier. But the greatest about it is that everyone have fun - people buy your stuff, you buy someone else stuff, everyone are happy and get to know about. It's very important because blockchain, smart contracts and NFTs are the future like internet back in 90s ;)

How did you come up with your project ?

Like many of NFT artist - I was inspired by CryptoPunks and its success. It's a nice idea to make different guys from the same model and turn it into a collection. It looks easy, but triggers creativity. People also want to catch'em all - like Pokemons. It's also a cool thing to test the power of blockchain in practice. If people want to buy digital art nowadays - and I think the test was passed cause someone bought a Covid Alien for $11.8 million (!) -

I also love pixel art. I'm 90s kid - my first computer was Amiga 1200, I played on Pegasus (pirate clone of 8-bit NES console popular in Poland) at my school friend home and borrow Game Boy Classic from another one. Pixel art is nostalgic for me, but it's also a technique that I feel good at. I always want to draw manga, but never have much talent and precision in my hands. Pixel art is like "programming" every single pixel on screen. You can do it with your mouse and simple app (I use Piskel and Aseprite). It also stimulate your imagination, because you have to make something - animal, human, whatever - with several pixels. It also look so cute and is connected with technology and computers. So it's like natural thing on blockchain.

It maybe be a surprise for someone, by my project Pixel Corpses on WAX blockchain is my first time in pixel art. Like a virgin! I have never do it before :) That's why I don't do a GIF everyday, cause I'm still learning. And why skeletons? I don't know, maybe because they are edgy like pixels :D

When did release your first NFT ?

I have to check 3.5.2021

Vanessa .

How did the community react to it ?

I think that no one say a bad word about it or at least I didn't see it. I think that's because it's moving . This is another wonderful part of NFT - the community. I don't know how it is on another platforms, but WAX community is like a big family - maybe even better, because it's more helpful and won't stab you in the back :D I met many lovely people that I know only by their Twitter nicknames, that are giving me advices, promote my stuff, tag me in giveaways. Just because they are also excited about NFTs. I want to thank NyteWolf, Mr. Galbraith, hlllnsn, Lewd Momoko, Dub_wizard, Nomada, Narooch, and of course you!

How many NFTs have released ?

At this moment - 18

If you ask for a number of templates . If you ask for number of assets on WAX - it's over 1000 .

So you dropped 18 and when will number 19 drop ?

Next two will be dropped maybe next week- one will by o collaboration NFT with NyteWolf and other will be a cyberpunkish - as I said at the beginning .

Oh nice what is your favorite you have created ?

Hmmm its a tought question - like asking parent which child love the most :D I really like those with retro backgrounds. I'm proud of matrix-style pixel rain - I painted and animated every pixel on 32 frames. It was hard, but effect is satisfying

Ah don't say there isn't one that you are so proud of how it turned out ?

I'm proud of every one, really cause I can see progress in them. and discovering. For example the last one - with Windows XP legendary wallpaper. I first time used gradient tool - you can see those pixeled shadows. It looks nice, isnt't it? :)

Yeah, I'm proud of it. Maybe we will do a giveaway with it?

Oh yeah totally . How do you create your NFTs ?

It could be also fun for every one to blend it with this guy !

And the final effect is this

Ha ha love it

So, I was making first animation in Piskel, now I'm converting to Aseprite, because it's more professional and has more tools .

How long does each NFT take to create ?

And I draw things with mouse, pixel by pixel so it depends. Maybe some day I will try tablet . But I think that about 10 hours? I'm a begginer, and I'm still learning how to animate things to be smooth. I don't all tricks like Disney .

Of course do you enjoy the process do ?

Yes, it's sometimes hard but also relaxing, you know - like coloring book for adults and I like the feeling when I finish it, it works, and looks even better that you imagined in your head .

I bet it must be so satisfyingly to see the finish the design ?

Yes, especially when you don't do a sketch before - like me haha it's a trial and error method, but finally you will get your work .

Oh wow that impressive no sketches first. Have you done any collabs ?

Yes, with my dear NFT friend NyteWolf - we are working on it at the moment .

Will this be your first ?

Oh yeah, thanks to NFT I have many first times lately .

Who would be your dream collab ?

Anyone - just lemme know if you are reading this . But my dream is to make art, sprite, graphics and so on for game. If you are developer and you are reading this, PM me .

Do you have an idea for a game ?

I love point & click and RPGs. I don't have idea but it would nice to create something themed in slavic mythology, aliens and dinosaurs .

Oh cool so an old school game . Who is your favorite artist ?

I don't have a specific one, I'm trying to find out my own style. I'm enthusiast of retro games, who loves exploring internet and postmodern art

Do you collect NFTs ?

Oh yes 😁 for retirement. hope that in the future some of them will be worth millons of dollars .

What's the biggest collection you are hold in your wallet ?


How come ?

I'm also surprised, I think that there was a really nice and cheap drop .

Cant beat a nice but cheap drop . So just a few question about you !

Where you from ?

I'm from Poland .

One think great thing about this new trend and I think whole digital art is that you can create completely new "identity".

Where you come up with your name ?

My name - Hatouken - is a combination of token and Hadouken - special attack from Street Fighter game . I have never show my real face, name or anything.

What your family think of your NFTs ?

Even my friends don't know that I've started making NFT (except my girlfriend and two close friends). It's fun for me and has a little bit of mystery. :)

That's quite cool that you keep it a secrets . What you do for fun when your not creating ?

I do many things! I play games on PS4, read s-f books, watch shows on Netflix and HBO, and meet friends to play Magic the Gathering . At the moment I'm playing Gods Unchained - blockchain game similar to Heartstone .

Nice I am trying splinterlands . Tell us something random about you ?

I still listen to emo music - and It's 2021!

Ha ha ha wont say anything I still stick on dance tracks for 98 .

Haha I also like happy hardcore and rave music from the 90s . Yea, one other weird thing - before the pandemic I was also a DJ on rave events and on another ones I played pop music from 90s/00s - you know, for millennials! But lockdowns ruined many things .

Oh cool do you have an original music yourself ?

no, I only play not make music - I wish I had a talent and ear for music

Oh well if your sets are as good as your NFTs might be on winner . Where can we keep up to date with your project ?

Where can the readers buy your NFTs ?

You said earlier you wanted to do a competition ?

Yes . What about 5 set of 2 NFTs that can be blended?

Brilliant . So before we finish up is there anything you would like to say or add for the readers ?

Never give up and try anything - who knows, maybe someday you will detect your secret git - I'm 35 and just start creating pixel art . Be yourself and don't listen what other say about you - It's your life. And don't underestimate the power of crypto .

Thanks so much for chatting to me I am so glad we finally chatted good luck with the new NFT and the new project .

Drop your WAX in the comments or follow the link below to enter twitter competition

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Written by Β Β 387
2 months ago
Topics: NFT, WAX, Artist
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I like the they are a fellow sky watcher too! I was out the last two nights watching as well but only saw one . There is too much light pollution where I live so it doesn't get dark enough to see them very well. They are actually the debris from the tail of a comet .

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