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Meet the Artist Hatomic

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9 months ago
Topics: NFTs, Nft artist, WAX

Right this guy has been brought up in two of my articles so far and on twitter of someone who I should interview so today I did and a big thank you to Mollystudio and

Hi hows it going been running around all morning how is the nft work coming along

Hii! Well it's going pretty well I'm actually trying to learn some new things on blender for my next island

How is your day going ?

My day not going to bad as moment so do you use blender alot

Great . Well I actually just started using itI've never done 3D modelling before as I'm more into code . But I'm really impressed of what we can do with it

To be honest I have no really experince with blender but from the artists i have chatted to great for creating new nft s when you mix 2 or more together

Yes we can create really cool NFT's with it . I think I'll have two new Island soon

Cool so in other words blender can really expand your set of NFT's

Yes totally. Maybe we are not talking about the same blender?

Oooops 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I'm actually talking about the 3D modelling software, and I think you're talking about nft blends where you merge two or more nfts hahahah

Yea sorry lol

Hahaha don't Worry

But have you ever used NFT blends on your collection ?

Well actually not yet,. I only have two islands on my collection that I dropped last week . I'm waiting for some more NFT's to blend . But it's a really good idea, it gives people the opportunity to interact with my work and to get a new rare NFT

So whats your favourite program or is it just blender you use ?

I use blender, webgl and threejs

Where did you come up with your nft artist name ?

At first I made a logo with the two first letters of my last name HA for a project that I had with GVRT Molly where we all did that, and then after starting on atomic hub I just mixed the HA with atomic and I thought that it sounds good 😊

So how long you been making nft's ?

I started making NFT's 3 weeks ago

Well you have must of made a name for yourself as your name keeps popping up in my interviews

Hahah thanks, I guess it's my friend Molly who tries to help But I'm trying to do my best to get known

Yes but your name got dropped again last night when I asked for artists to interview

By any chance is the NFT artist called GVRT freind to

Yes we are the three friends! Gvrt, molly and me 💪 .I'm happy it did, and I totally forgot to thank you for considering interviewing me, I appreciate it a lot

Not a problem I like interviewing plus it gets your name out there so hopefuly brings you some new fans in

And I really appreciate it! It helps a lot

So did you grow up with molly and Grvt?

Gvrt is a friend of mine since high school, it was actually the first person I met there. But I know Molly for a year now, we have many mutual friends

Oh cool and do you operate out of the same telegram channel ?

Well, Molly and Gvrt share their telegram together MOLLYNATION. And as I'm new they will share also my work on the group. It helps a lot to have people to rely on when you start and I appreciate it a lot

So if people want to chat to you on telegram thats where to go ?

For now yes, but I also have a twitter account and they can DM me directly @HATOMIC_

Check out his Twitter account and give him a follow

Cool so you like to interact with the community ?

Yes of course, I love the NFT community. Everybody is so helpful and nice, trying to cheer up and boost small artists. And also really passionate. Our community is great

Total agree !!!!!!

So how many nfts have you created so far ?

I've made two right now, Marshmallow Island and KOÏ Island. After that I made a drop a week ago and I was crazy when I saw that I made a sold out in less than 5 min.

Wow thats crazy sold in 5mins so art must be well liked

Yes of course I was really happy that people liked it 😁

So when would you like them to be finished and for sale ?

Well I'm creating new ones right now and I hope I'll be able to make a drop this weekend or next week

Cool and I presuming this are following the same theme

Yes, I try to create floating moody Islands on blender and by coding on Webgl. I just want people to feel the mood I'm giving to the islands.

So each island will have a different mood ? Can I ask where the idea for islands came from ?

Well I wanted to start with something simple and small. And I've always wanted to create one of those floating lands that we can see on internet. So I started with small islands that people would like to collect and feel the mood I give them

Fair enough so if you to change your themes would you know what you like to do ?

You mean which types of islands or something else than islands?

Yes if you changed from islands ?

I would like to do something more realistic visually, or create my game, something that would make people interact. At first I wanted to created interactive art. But as we know, I can't upload it on atomichub. Maybe when the feature gets on AtomicHub.

But would you not expand in to different areas if atomichub dnt have or are talking about something like alienworld?

I would love to expand in rarible for example. But I'm at my begginings and for now AtomicHub is good for what I'm doing. AlienWorlds in an example of a great game yes.

You check out an article I did with the artist EleBob he wants to bring VR and NFT's together

I actually read it, his project is really interesting!

M.O.R.B.S is also bring VR into NFT's as well

How long does it take for you design your nft from thought to finish product?

Well Marshmallow Island took me around 3 days to finish, I spent all the time trying different dispositions and animations as all the island is made by code. KOÏ Island took me two days. So I would say 2 days in average

Do you have any crypto currency other than WAX ?

Yes I do! Bitcoin Eth and some others like polkadot

Have a great idea for an island by the way ?

What idea hahaha?

Dead island volanic in the middle over flowing with lava buzzards circling it and skulls and bones all around the base

That's actually a really good idea! I'm going to write it down on my notes, thank you!

By all means but I want creative credit lol

Can I ask you where you're from?


That's really cool I've never been there

Really where you from in france ?

I'm from Besançon it's really close to the German border!

Cool I have only heard of it through Molly studio

Yes we are from the same city

So is this your full time job ?

No it's not, I would love it to be but not yet hahaha

So have you always been artistic ?

Well I like creating, but my thing was more photography and videos than drawing or 3D modelling. I discovered 3D modelling only when I started NFT's

So are you just a creator or do you collect as well ?

I try to collect and support other artists, specially the new ones like me

So who is your favourite artist at the moment ?

Right now I would say that I'm really into the crypto Pingouins, I discovered it on twitter and I loved it, it makes you want to collect them

Do you have a pic off one to show us ?

Here is one of them hahaha

Thats todd the man is a legend i have alot of its done under pixel labs .By the way todd was happy to here is project being talked about

I appreciate Todd's support and I really like his work . I like also what my friends do of course, GVRT and Molly

I'm trying to build my ikimono world deck .Ezra is my favorite character

Yeah molly was talking ikimono world and how he has big plans for it

He's really dedicated and works hard on it

Yea both guys are working hard did you see pixel labs new side series

The angry Karen ones hahahah?

Yea I have one love it reminds of a cartoon from when i was younger lol . Fairy old parents lol

Yeees that's the name . Hahaha I feel like a kid now

Thats allowed so will you be doing much work on your nfts over the weekend

Yes I'm actually spending all my weekend time to learn and create some new NFT's

Cool sounds like a productive weekend

Yes I hope so!

Whats your most valueable nft you have? Can I have a picture ?

I think it would be the Doge Marble by GVRT, Its rarity is set to Epic, there are only 12 Minted and I have the mint #2

That is class

I really love the marbled crypto too, the concept is really cool and it's exactly in the right context cryptocurrencies

Yea is very pleasing on the eye

So do you have any cards for sale on atomichub at the moment ?

Right now I don't have any of my creations to sell, but this weekend I think I'll drop new creations! I'll announce everything on Twitter

So when your not busy with NFT's what you do for fun ?

I like to learn new things, play to COD with friends, and running.

Let me guess zombies with molly grvt

Hahaha yes, I also like to find new artists to follow

Check out some of the Artists I follow !!!!! Who would you reccommend to interview ?

I wanted to recommend you to interwiew eleblob Bob but I just saw that you interviewed him hahhaha

So any chance of a small airdrop for people reading this ?

Yes of course I still have 5 Islands that we could giveaway to them !

Ok so will we do the giveaway !!!!!!

Right il do google form that they have to retweet article and follow both of us

Sounds like a good way to do it!


What nft are you giving away so i can put it the article ?

I have 5 Marshmallow Islands

Brilliant 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Just 2 question left for you is there anywhere else people can keep up to date with you and finally this is for an article that will be be put on do you use it ?

Nope and I only discovered when I discovered your twitter, but no I didn't use it before . I don't really know more people a part from my twitter followers

Hopeful you will pick more up from here

Is there anything you want to add il happy put it in

I would just thank you for taking time for me and I'm really happy we did this interview

Not a problem hopefully you can keep busy on your nft over the weekend and so we can see some new nfts

Thank you ! I'll do my best !😉

Right guys please show this guy some love and check out the google form to win one of his NFT's

Till next time

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Written by   503
9 months ago
Topics: NFTs, Nft artist, WAX
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