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Meet the artist Doc Edelbrock

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1 month ago
Topics: WAX, Artist, NFT

I followed this project from when it started and kept up to date till it was about to launch and we had done the interview but sadly I miss placed the interview but here we are .


Hey there!

How you today

Good! Busy, but going good! How about you?

Nice to be kept busy I am on nights so quite bord

For sure. Definitely makes time fly when you're busy. This works good for you on the side then huh? By the way I love the concept of what you're doing.

I love doing this than my real job and I enjoy helping to promote artists

Amazing. That's what it's about for sure.

So how did you become involved in NFTs?

Well I started as a collector at the beginning of this year. In fact I believe it was on wax but I've been dabbling in crypto since the last bull run.

Nice and what made you want to become a creator ?

Well I guess I've always been a creator, designer and a builder. So after I started collecting a bit I knew right away that I wanted to create NFTs myself.

And where did you get the idea for your project ?

After racking my brain for months on end coming up with ideas while collecting. The idea for NeftyGadgets was actually kind of inspired by an old PC game that was probably one of the first games I ever played.

Ha ha going retro love it .So tell us more about your project ?

Haha yeah 100%. I guess you could say it got the juices flowing. So NeftyGadgets is a collecting and building game with a full backstory of good vs evil. The objective is to collect the best parts you can to build machines which are used in challenges. At this time the "gameplay" is all by blending NFTs.

Of course and was WAX always going to be the first blockchain you wanted to release on ?

For sure. It was hard not to really. Definitely has the easiest entry and mechanics.

Of course so I know you have launched yet when is the official launch date?

Yeah! So I've got a lot planned for the coming weeks for NeftyGadgets. I will be officially whitelisted tomorrow then kicking off with the NeftyBlocks Halloween Party Oct 28th-31st. I'll then start dropping packs so the players can start their journey!

Oh brilliant can you give us a sneak peak what will feature in the packs ?

Each season the players of NeftyGadgets, the "Innovators", will have to build a PC. This is a promo for Season 1 PC build.

Ah cool will there be different blends to make ?

Season 1 PC will have all the same traits for the blend. However the actual builds will have a variety of rarities, blends and even wild cards. Season 1 is kicking off with downhill racer builds!

Oh interesting how many NFTs will be need to complete the build ?

The NFTs required will vary per machine but it's not too many that it's overwhelming, more about collecting the traits and rarities of parts as they determine the end result. Also I mentioned the Innovators before.. there will be a drop of generative profile type NFTs for the players as well.

What is your favourite NFT of the project ?

Now your asking the tough questions hah but I got to go with my main man, the for good character of NeftyGadgets- Doc Edelbrock.

Can we have a pic ?

Love it when will he be dropping ?

All the characters of NeftyGadgets will be dropping pre-launch of the main build. Soon. Very soon . The character bios and backstory are live in our discord by the way, if anyone is curious. Otherwise our website will be going live next week with exact dates on drops etc.

I have to say your Doc reminds me if a Scottish comedian .

Haha oh yeah? That's great. He's definitely got a familiar look.

Look up billy Connelly see what you think ?

Wow, indeed! Haha .

How long did the Doc take to create ?

Ya know I couldn't really put a number on it. I like to hop around on different things. Lots of long nights and multiple revisions hah.

What programs you using for creating ?

Asesprite for pixel/animation editor and then a mix of Adobe programs. Whatever gets the job done pretty much!

Is there room for collabs on your project?

Yea for sure! I would love to do some collabs.

Who would be your dream collab ?

Hmm... tough one.. I guess I'd say it would be an honor to collab with any one of the projects/creators that I was/am a collector of.

Who is your favourite artist?

NFT wise or


If not I would say Salvador Dali . Alright alright duh, um I would have to go with the bro bros Kenn Bosak and Loveistheanswer. They inspired me to actually get started on a collection.

What is the biggest collection in your wallet ?

Hmm I got into some Topps collections initially, just due to the brand name. So probably those. Then quickly seen how individual creators had a spot on wax too.

What's the long term goal for the project ?

The overall long term goal is to become a fulltime NFT artist and NeftyGadgets will always be the brain child of it all. So to be honest it is hard telling what the end goal is but it sure won't be a one and done! One long term goal though would be to add actual gameplay along with a currency.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt creating this project ?

Oof its been a long few months of lessons haha.. but ultimately the biggest lesson which kick-started all of this was a simple "Just do". I finally just told myself to start creating something that I like and I would buy as a collector. If other people think its cool and want to buy it then great! Less about money and more about the enjoyment of creating.

What your family think of your project ?

Mostly confused yet supportive haha but that's why we're innovators!

Ha ha . Where you from ?

Smalltown USA :) How about you?

Ireland . Tell us something random about you ?

Nice! Umm so random thing happened - I found an old portfolio from school and right on the cover is clipart of a character which oddly looks like Doc. This was after he was created too. In fact maybe it was of that comedian you spoke of lol

What you like to do to unwind ?

Haven't had a lot of unwinding lately but definitely have some hobbies I'd like to get back to. Also enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Where can the community keep up to date with your project ?




Any chance of a competition or drop for the readers ?

Join our discord and leave a wax-addy for promo drops too! Discord will be the main channel for announcements so it's a win-win :)

Brilliant so before we finish up is there anything you would like to say or add for the readers ?

Looking forward to launch in the coming weeks. Thank you to you and the readers! Greatly appreciate the interest.

So guys get into his discord and check out his Twitter page and he has some great deals on his NFTs

Quick update the artist has given me 3 of these to give away

So drop your WAX account below to try to win 1 for yourself

$ 12.84
$ 11.87 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.20 from @Idksamad7869
$ 0.15 from @PVMihalache
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Written by   506
1 month ago
Topics: WAX, Artist, NFT
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gldg2.wam, thank you

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Great interview and a very exciting project here Doc. Nice to see another passion project on the WAX blockchain instead of a get rich quick scheme. (Although maybe this will still get you rich quick guys ;) ) afyfc.wam

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Thanks for the write-up 🙂

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1 month ago

Always Love reading about Dad


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cool writeup, looking forward to more from this Project :)

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1 month ago

z.nqw.wam They look funny, i like them.

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1 month ago

urvwm.wam thanks, hope i can win. love the concept, love the story and love the pixel art.

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ma4qw.wam Thanks for informing us on, @Crackers!

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No problem sharing is caring

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Another interesting project

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Copy that. I mean for the drops. Time to check both Twitter and Discord for the free drop.

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