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3 months ago
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I first meet this artist when he was creating on Proton but he didnt get much love over there so he came to join us on Wax he has just dropped his PFP come check it out.

So first of welcome bro its been a journey for you

Some what, I've been trying hard

I know well you officially launched this week how has it been going?

Good so far I sold about 57 NFTs so far

Not bad so how did your crypto journey start?

Honestly I was watching IG live and this rapper was talking about crypto, then this TV show was talking about crypto, then the news was talking about crypto during the pandemic, so i looked into it joined Coinbase and started to invest

When do you get into NFTs?

When I joined the proton community I saw they had NFT market so I tried it out. It was 1 of those LEROOOYYYY JENKINSSS!!! Style of epic failure.

Ah so you your creating on Wax how you finding the community?

Its like breathe of fresh nothing but positivity to honest. Everyone eager to help. Glad you guys convinced me to come over

We are glad you joined so tell us the idea behind the project?

When I saw Azuki I was ah man it gave me those samurai champloo kinda vibes.. I was like how can I spin this and make it my own.. Well I like the cartoon art of the Gorillaz so I added a little flavor from that , and the rest is stuff I just grew up liking. I have Trolls and Orcs dropping, From my warcraft days, A lot of the off hands are from cartoons I watched as a kid and as an adult from 80s American toons to present day French and anime toons.

This is a PFP how many NFTs is there in it?

10k in total 3.5k male 5k female 750 orcs and 750 trolls all the art is done, I originally tried to do it all in 1 10k drop. But my collection blocking data was just way to big it broke Hives PFP generator. I even had to merge my hat layer images with the hair in my female setup up because it was just much blocking data

Are they all available to buy at the moment?

nah but all the art is done I've been advised to give people notice and get on drop calendars before dropping so I plan to stop the random hidden drops and I have a non custodial farm setup for staking 25% of all sales go to the farm including royalties.

So many how traits are in each NFT?

Yea pretty heavy over 600 layers , female drop has the most in variety due to hair styles and the hats

What traits does NFT have?

Background , Special, Off hand, Base, Clothing, eye brows, eye, mouth, face, hair, mask, accessories, an ears. Masks are exclusive to male, and accessories are exclusive to trolls and orcs

What kind of cartoons feature in the PFP?

he man , samurai champloo, tengen toppa guraan lagaan, wakfu, dragon prince, soul eater, black clover, thunder cats, bishamon noragami, inuyasha, bleach, final fantasy, warcraft, spawn, berserk, zelda, borderlands, dreamvesper magi labyrinth of magic

That's some list . Are these all hand drawn?

The reaction u get from the community people are actually trying to help me.. its the complete opposite how I was greeted in the Proton community. Its like night and day.

That must be so time consuming?

Took a little more than 7 months to complete

Wow and what programs did you use to help build it?

Everything for the most part is drawn using a wacom cinitq, the software's I use Corel painter mainly for blending purposes, photoshop for minor inking in parts and color changes for variants

Is there rarities in the PFP?

Yes plenty they are weighted I don't think I've seen a blue or black pearl earring yet

Is there somewhere buyers can see there rarities of there NFTs?

Ah sorry I don't have a webpage i have a telegram though

Do you have any favorites of the ones that have minted?

In testnet I have a female 1 I just can't take my eyes off of I believe its due to the colors it just pops to me

I get it . I know your not in Wax long but is there any projects you could see yourself collabing with?

I don't see why not If I have time I'm game for pretty much anything

Is there anyone you would like to work with on Wax?

I don't know the names off hand but I kind like that zombie coffee guys stuff

Have you picked up any NFTs on wax yet?

Nah but I plan to I might get one of those Ratz and a stinger tomorrow

Nice . What's been the best part of creating on Wax?

The reaction you get from the community people are actually trying to help me.. its the complete opposite how I was greeted in the proton community. its like night and day.

What's been the hardest part?

Figuring out how to manually put things in the json file for the PFP generator..

Oh sounds fun lol what you like to do when your not creating?

I play my games PS5 Madden 2k Tekken division red dead. I really want to sell out so I can rub my proton haters face in it that would be icing on the cake

What does your family think of your project?

Nothing they don't even know I'm doing this lol I just be doing stuff. My niece came over 1 day and I was like look at this what u think, she just said meh hunched her shoulders and walked off

Where can people keep up with project?

My Twitter or they ask me in my telegram I answer

When is the next drop?

Probably next week

You said something about hidden drops what can you say about them?

I mean just dropping out of the blue with no rhyme or reason

Where can we buy your NFTs?

Any chance of a giveaway to drop with article

Sure I don't see why not

So before we finish up is there anything you would like to add

Not really I'm just happy people are happy with it I'm pretty simple

Sweet bro thanks for your time today!!!

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Topics: NFT, WAX, PFP, Artist, Interview


Hey, thanks for the interview! The best part of creating on Wax is the supportive community. The hardest part was manually editing the json file for the PFP generator. When not creating, I enjoy playing games on my PS5. You can keep up with my project on Twitter or Telegram, and the next drop will likely be next week. Hidden drops come unexpectedly. You can buy my NFTs on, and yes, I'll do a giveaway with the article. I'm just glad people are happy with it. Thanks for your time!

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