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4 months ago
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This artist isn't creating long on Wax but dropped his first PFP recently and sold out very quickly so I had to see what was driving the artist behind the project to see what he had to say.


Hey Bro

Good man how are you doing?

Cant complain man . What's the plans for the day?

Not much really, took the day off to hang out with the kiddo as an extension of his birthday over the weekend. Just gonna hang out and work on some pieces really

Speaking of pieces congrats on the PFP drop . What brought you into the crypto world in the first place? I appreciate that, I worked for a few months on that drop planning next steps. I did not even expect it to sell out, I was expecting it to sit for a few weeks or months just because I'm not a known artist in the wax space! I first got into crypto I want to say around 2013, and I was using cellphones to mine Satoshi through out the day. I mined a decent amount but that's in an account I'll never be able to access again. I didn't get into NFTs until around 2020, where I started on SOL buying random pieces off of MagicEdens launchpad.

What brought you to WAX? There is actually a known person that goes by CaptainDegen, back when Funko dropped the first TMNT packs he put alot of us on wax. And ever since then I've been collecting some awesome art pieces, there are some incredible communities on wax!

There is ah the captain brought you in when did you decide to go from collector to creator? So I've been a graphic designer and digital artist for years now, I've done character design as well for a studio based out of NYC. After watching how a lot of creators and artist move on wax, and slowly becoming friends with some artists already established on wax, I figured why not give it a shot? So I took some time really contemplating on what I can base my collection around, and I thought to myself.. what do people in crypto really lean into? Anonymity! so what better way to hide your identity then with a mask. That's why the first pieces I dropped on wax were the Incognita, and their hidden identity behind masks. What better way to make an art project then with a statement behind it?

So I am guessing you will not be hiding behind your mask will project have a certain concept behind it or will you be keeping the mask idea?

I am hiding behind a mask, as a joke. If you think about it, majority of people DO NOT know me so in a sense I am anonymous. We are on the internet after all. I'm on voice and video a few places, and not opposed to doing interviews, so the "hiding" is more so meant for people thinking that all we have to do is hide behind a mask. I will continue to roll on with the mask concept, I have some cool ideas I would love to see come to life along with some physical items I would love to bring to life. Using the idea of a "mask" as the image for a brand if you will.

Alot of ideas I have stem from late night doodle sessions or random quirks. Like I said before, I have done character design in the past and would love to take one of my own original concepts and try to bring it to full force fruition while allowing everyone else to participate, enjoy, and benefit from supporting something so small.

Will be kind of a running joke? In the sense of anonymity through art, yes.

Lets talk about the PFP it sold quick and the feed back has been great are you worried trying to follow up on it? Honestly, yes I am worried about it. I never expected it to sell out as fast as it did, but I am extremely grateful for the positive feedback and hearing that people enjoy my art. That being said, I had plans before, and all that really did was push them into over drive. In such a fast pace place like NFTs or crypto in general, it can be scary as a one person team trying to do every side of the project... but I believe if I put my nose to the grindstone and stay consistent along with keeping everyone involved in mind, it's going to make one hell of a ride. I'm just a dude like everyone else man. Trying to make some cool stuff for the people who like cool stuff.

When would you hope to do your next drop? So I had already airdropped Cursed Tomes to every wallet that held an Incognita, and they are blendable for a Cursed Chest that allows people to contact me for a custom 1/1 . I have already made one custom, and I am working on the first 5 out of 21 customs. I should be able to reopen the blend for the Chests again this week! I'm keeping it 5 at a time, that way people can decide if they want to redeem it or try the market. These 21 custom pieces will have future benefits along with the original 777 Incognita.

This is the first custom piece made for LiterallyL3mmy on Twitter.

Oh wow so basically your just keeping yourself really busy lol but the community will love that . So is there a NFT you will be selling soon? Yes actually, I've been attempting to build a pack of NFTs, with varying rarities. Some blendable, some with future use! I am a planner, so when I make stuff like that I like to try to think of all possible outcomes before I release it into the wild haha not sure on the ETA because of the customs and other secret/not-so-secret addition to Incognitos I'm working on.. but I have a decent amount of what's coming next already lining up!

How do you create pieces? I use an iPad air and a Gen 2 apple pencil, procreate for the program! I've used a decent amount of different tablets and stand alone, and the Gen 2 apple pencil has felt the best for me. Also, big fan of the ease of use procreate allows, especially for illustrators and concept creators.

Are they all hand drawn? Yeah everything is hand drawn, characters, items, backgrounds. Everything.

How long does each drawing take? Depends really haha I work 50+ hours a week and take care of my kid everyday so some come out way faster then others. I'm used to doing commissions/studio crunch so I work relatively fast depending on how much info the person provided me on what they want for customs

That some work load . Do you have a favorite piece that you have created?

Aw yeah man but I love it, you always have to find time to do what you love. And yeah I do, but it has nothing to do with my current collection. It's an OC I made on a wordplay joke, a SUIT of armor.

In my collection, hands down my favorite piece is the Cultist/mage hat combo. Not really sure why, but the aesthetic hits me different. I have some other piece I really enjoy but I have yet to release it.

Ah so there is a lot more to come . Is there a favorite collection on Wax for you?Absolutely. And damn there are so many collections I love, Pirates of the Degen, Skunky Chunks, and CyberVandals to name a few. Also shout out to the NFTopia peoples, the ones putting it on and all the people I interact with getting a booth. They know who they are! I appreciate all the waxfam.

We all know who they are lol . Is there a dream collab out there for you? My dream collab for sure would have to be either Lembas or Skunky Chunks. I feel like the clash of styles on a collab would be interesting

Il happily reach out to both for you if you like . What has been the hardest part of doing your project? The hardest part has to be that I'm only 1 person and I have so many aspirations, but I know I can't do every single thing I want. So picking and choosing between ideas really becomes a difficult task when it comes to actually sitting down and creating.

And what has been the best part of doing it? Meeting more artists and talking to new people, and now having the ability to do collabs within the wax world

What you like to do to unwind? I like to smoke some blunts and play some fighting games haha big fan of Melee, been playing a long time. Platform fighters are my favorite.

Where is the best place to keep up with the project? Best place to keep up with everything is to follow me on Twitter, I post everything that I'm doing there.

Where can we buy your NFTs? Right now the only available NFTs from my collection will be on secondary market under the collection 'fourtyouncez'.

When will we see some new stuff? Hopefully with in the next coming weeks! Been working on some cool things, just waiting for stuff to finalize.

Of course I am guess you would have none of your work for a giveaway? Actually I have 3 Incognitas I can send you to do a giveaway with if you'd like!

Happily bro so before we finish is there anything you would like to add?

Keep it real, stay hydrated and be kind to your fellow human! I appreciate the interview man, much love

Anytime bro.

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