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Meet the Artist Behind Unaxx Battle Game .

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1 month ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist

So I am always on the look out for fun and interesting and I can happily say this is one that look good and I think it can only get better so I here's what they had to say about there project and themselves .

Hey !


How you today ?

I'm fine thanks, a bit tired but that's what to expect when you have 2 kids! What about you?

I know the feeling lol have 2 myself . Did you do much work on your project ?

Then we are on the same level here lol. Yes, I've been working since May on this. I started this project because I was curious on how everything works on the WAX Blockchain and having been watching/playing Pokémon on and off since 2004, lots of inspiration comes from there. Unaxx Battle Game as this project is called was originally a collect and trade only but people wanted more and I was so curious on how far this project could go. So I started looking around and asking people If they knew someone who could program a game somewhere for me. All of a sudden I get a PM from Malbo and we start talking and long story short, he and I partnered up and he became the developer for this. He's been really working hard on this project, which I'm super grateful for! Without Malbo, there would be no “Battle Game” .

Can I ask how did you discover NFTs and why did you decide to build on WAX ?

Good question, So it started in January 2021 when my colleague from work told me I should get into Crypto, I just had got into stocks and was not interested. But after he would not stop talking about all his gains, gains here and gains there. So I decided to jump on the train myself. After being in crypto space for a while he told me he discovered WAX NFT (Mars 2021) he talked to me about it and at first I said no, I couldn’t understand why people would even care for this. For me it was MAD. But I figured why not try it out? So April 2021 Was the birth of wallet jvgr.wam So one thing led to another and I met Apppllleee | World Of Cryptopups and I started getting into her project and started my journey there. btw, one of the cooler looking projects out there, hard working woman! After being a big supporter there for 1 month or so I decide to take on a project of my own, and Unaxx Trading Cards was born.

I chatted apppllleee a while back great person with a great project . So give us some details about your project ?

Unaxx Battle Game is an NFT Game Based on WAX blockchain and you play it on discord in our server. You, the trainer, set a team of 5 Unaxx Battle Cards and once you have done that you will be automatically added into Auto-battle. In Auto-battle you will fight your way up in 4 different leagues. You don’t have to do anything, our inhouse made bot will choose the team who played less battles. In Auto-battle you can earn some free Unaxx Battle Cards, higher the league, higher chance of getting an Unaxx Battle Card. These extra cards can be used to upgrade your Unaxx. Then there is Brawl. You set a brawl team every 2 hours to battle against all the other trainers teams. This mode supports up to 500 Teams per/battle, which is MASSIVE. 100% Guaranteed Unaxx Battle Card for the winner. (Only 1 winner per brawl)

So is it like pink slip with NFTs ?

No the winner get a Unaxx Battle Card NFT from our Bots wallet so we have a pool of Unaxx Battle Cards in there.

Oh right so you can basically win free NFTs everyday ?

Yes, so we give away a minimum of 12 Unaxx Battle Game NFTS each day. Some days we've given away 18-20. Excluding all the giveaways we been having.

How many battles happen per day ?

So in auto-battle novice league we have atm 624 battles each day and in duelist league we have around 360 Battles each day. No counting brawl which is 12 battle per day.

Oh right so is the top 6 from each receive a NFT ?

Anyone can receive a Unaxx Battle Card in auto-battle (higher % if you win and if you in a better league). But we have a new season each week, so season 2 is on right now and top 5 from each league will get 1 league card each. We have yet to decide on what those will be used for. But something epic for sure!

So you are trying to kick it a gear each season ?

Yes correct .

How many NFTs have created ?

Give or take 1 300 NFT since 22 august But we have a burning program for this so it should become a problem in the future. You can Blend 10 Unaxx Common, rare or legendary into a better version called Deadly Unaxx.

How many different themes ?

If you are talking about schemas, there are 3 of those.

What has been your favorite to create ?

My favorite Unaxx to create must have been "Luga". But I'm not the current designer, I was the original designer but we decided to get a designer to our team, she is called Nyth. Great artist, she redesigned all 22 Unaxx just before the launch

Well can we have a look a luga ?

Yes! will send original and redesigned Luga

Original Luga .

Redesigned Luga .

All I have to say is Day n night, love the redesigned Nyth done here!

Oh wow do like a pixel NFT but the second is amazing . Has there been any collabs?

There has been no collabs so far. But we are a sponsor and partnered up with Polyplay $play Gold Standard Gaming Coin.

Would you like to do a collab at some point ?

Yes, we are looking into this, we are already talking with some possible collabs 😛

Can you drop any names ?

I am not allowed to talk about this for now .

Can you tell me what programs you use for NFT creation ?

We use Piskel for doing the Pixelart and photoshop for the cards and to add the Unaxx.

When is the next NFT going to drop ?

So we are already working on adding more gen 1 Unaxx, we just don’t know when they will be dropping. The next gen of Unaxx is also in the making, this one you don’t wanna miss! Expect on or before November 30! While waiting on additional gen 1 and gen 2, there will be a drop for current packs up each Sunday for the next 3 weeks! Drop can be found in discord.

Quessing its a busy time for you's at the moment ?

Oh yes! We have a lot coming.

What's the biggest collection in your wax wallet ?

That would Cryptopuppie from world of Cryptopus, as I said before, big supporter total of 369 assets!

Wow I am guessing that your favorite artist ?

One of my favorite for sure!

Can I ask how your family feel about your project ?

Well funny you asked. My wife thinks it is waste of time, but I don’t agree. My mom think it is fraud and illegal . I’m guessing they don’t understand this just yet.

Are you invested in other crypto currency's as well ?

I am, BNB and ETH. I am most invested in BNB because I play a lot of P2E games over there.

Oh really what you playing at the moment ?

I play a few, dragonslayer, dball and plantsvsundead. Would not recommend dragonslayer for the moment. They have some issues. Dball have to be the worst scam yet. Plantsvsundead seems stable and a good P2E I am heavily invested in stephero as well. Seems like a promising P2E!

Might look at them at the moment heavily into splinterland ?

crackers83Might look at them at the moment heavily into splinterland

Heard about it, but never played it!

Its good . Is this a full time job ?

It is not, It will be complicated to actually take profit to use IRL. I'm not sure how to figure it out yet. But so far I need my full time job that I have. I'm a care taker.

Oh cool how many hours a day you putting in here at the moment ?

I put in an average of 4-6 hours a day on this project (some days I can sit all day, while others only 2-3 hours) But I'm here to stay and I love doing this!

Of course . What you like to do when your not working ?

Since this Is a hobby of mine, I like to do this, but also hanging out with my 2 kids Is fun!

Tell us something random about ?

I used to change phone 3-4 times a week. (not a drug dealer lol) I just loved to switch phone around often. Was a bad habit I realized after 1-2 years.

Wow the must of been expensive ?

Well, I was abusing return policy a lot and Apple store talked to me and said "If you change phone one more time you will never see your face here again" . So I got away 1-2 years without paying a single dollar for a phone. It's not a crime, but they can just tell you to never come back again.

Ha ha ha that was handy .

For sure!

What advice would you have for new artists ?

Do what you like to do. Don't do what you think will do. If that makes sense!!!

Where can readers keep up to date with your project ?




Where can we buy your NFTs?

Atomichub: der=desc&schema_name=packs&sort=created&symbol=WAX

It does . Any chance of a competition or a drop for the readers ?

For sure, would love more people to jump on. We can give 5 lucky readers 1 Novice pack - 5 Cards each!

Brilliant so before we finish up is there anything you would like to say or add to the readers ?

I would like to say take it easy out there, crypto can make your dreams come true or make your life a living hell! Don't forget to check out Unaxx Battle Game -

Thanks so much .

So I am goin to give 4 away in here and 1 away on twitter drop your Wax address below and check out the link below for Twitter check out his discord and give him a follow on Twitter .

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Written by   410
1 month ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist
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Thanks for the great read!! p4ira.wam

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1 month ago

Another cool article/interview. Just recently learned about this game/server and didn't realize for active it actually was until this interview. I need to find she time to go get caught up lol.

Thanks for the giveaway as well! tuyt.wam

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1 month ago

Wahhh, love to have that Novice Pack 💙🤩


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1 month ago

rx2r4.wam lol "Not a Drug Dealer"

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1 month ago

431ue.wam This project i follow since August, and now they transform to powerful project . Love ❤️ it so much.. wishing you all the best for you and your project and community

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1 month ago

Yey. Thanks.


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1 month ago


Thank you! :)

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1 month ago

After PVM again😂


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1 month ago

Hello friend!

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