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Meet the artist behind Troysartwork

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2 months ago
Topics: Interview, Artist, NFTs, WAX

This is a easy one for me to cover if you didn't know Troy yet now is the time as his father has been killing NFTs in WAX and in the EOS blockchains for a long time and you will see the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree as his work is just as cool so lets what he has to say about his work.

Hey man

Hey man how's things?

Going good! keeping busy with creating, how are you?

I am good just chilling out so welcome!

good to hear, chilling out is the way to be

It doesn't come that often any more . Tell me how did your crypto journey start I might have a fair idea?

My crypto journey started with a gentle yet persistent push from my father Byron the Artist. In those earlier days I took artwork I created in the past and started selling it on the blockchain! from there I became inspired to create again and I've been putting out new work since.

Oh I know your dad well lol so I am guessing the artistic skills run through the family?

I would sure say so!

Are you only creating on wax?

Yes, currently I'm only creating on wax.

What is your project all about?

My project is about creating! I have always loved to create artwork of cats and the worlds natural beauty. my project is also about connecting with others through creating artwork. I believe that art can impact people in meaningful ways, and a silly lil drawing of a cat can surely make others smile. bringing my art to the blockchain has been an amazing way to meet lots of mainstream NFT artists and to learn from them and connect with their artwork as well

I think WAX is proubly the best blockchain for connecting with people . I am guessing cats would be your favorite animal so?

Agreed! cats are definitely my favorite they're very satisfying to draw.

When did you launch your first NFT?

I launched my first NFT in February of this year.

What was it?

This was my first NFT I dropped on the wax blockchain.

Oh nice but its not a cat lol . How did the community react?

I created that one back in 2017 I believe, I received lots of positive feedback and it encouraged me to put out more artwork.

Is all your NFTs had drawn?

Yes! every NFT is hand drawn and coloured by hand too.

I presume you must have loads sitting about?

Alot of the time I just get an idea in my head of what id like to create. other times ill have a dream and something in my dream will stand out to me and ill use that as inspiration. and then as I'm sketching out the rough copy everything flows together in terms of blends and packs.

How do you convert them to NFTs?

I take a photo with my phone and then I edit the image to enhance the quality. from there I upload the image to my pc and turn them into NFTs.

How many NFTs do you think you have made?

I think I've made over 1000s of NFTs so far!

What has been your favorite to create?

Cats!! I love creating cats. I love to draw them doing silly things, because cats are silly little creatures. cats have always been my favorite thing to create

Is there one that stands out?

Yes that would be one of my recent NFTs, the keeper of shrooms.

That's amazing and you hand drew that.

Yes! I started with a pencil outline and then I used ink to complete all the details it will be a coloured NFT in the near future too.

How long did that take to draw?

I would guesstimate 4 hours

Have you done any collabs?

I did my first collab a few days ago with Byron the Artist, we split a piece of paper into 4 squares and took turns drawing whatever we could come up with.

Is there a artist out you would call a dream collab?

I'm open to collab with any NFT artist on the wax blockchain, it would be a fun to engage with the community more in that way. I cant think of anyone I would call out though!

Do you favorite artist?

I cant pick favorites! the work of shoeeee1111, shnazzyNFTS, and breadlytoast have been inspiring to me.

What's been the best part of doing your project?

The best part of my project has been reconnecting with what i have always loved to do, and that's creating!

What has been hardest part?

The hardest part for me so far has been figuring out how the block chain mechanics work. such as learning how to create NFTs on Nefty and Atomic

When is the next drop?

I have an ongoing series where I sketch and drop almost daily! my next big drop will probably be my coloured keeper of shrooms! sometime next week.

What you like to do unwind?

To unwind I love to play Minecraft while I create art! I'll casually draw in between playing mini games on my favorite Minecraft server.

Tell us something random about you?

I have over 20 handpoke tattoos! each one I hand drew on myself and tattooed, one poke at a time. my favorite one would be on my hand, its a skull with hearts for eyes

Ha ha ha would creating NFTs be your dream job?

It definitely meets the criteria of a dream job for myself! any job spent creating artwork is my dream

Will you branch your NFTs to other blockchains?

I'm unsure! I love the WAX community, and its focus on creators! if I ever get the opportunity to grow on another blockchain I would

Where can we keep up with your project?

I update my twitter frequently with new drops and other happenings @troysartwork

Where can we buy your NFTs?

My NFTs are available for purchase through


Any chance of a competition for the readers?

For sure! lets say the winner gets a 1/1 one lined cat of their choice, from the collection Troys one lined cats. currently there's many to choose from, between 101-200 ! I could also throw in a mystery NFT of sorts

Oh interesting love it so before we finish up is there anything you would like to say or add?

Thank you for this opportunity!! its been fun to talk crypto and arts with you.

Its been my pleasure.

So if you want to be in with a chance to win his NFT check the link below .

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Written by   650
2 months ago
Topics: Interview, Artist, NFTs, WAX
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