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Meet the artist Behind Signs of Power

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3 months ago
Topics: NFT, Nftartist, WAX

Welcome to another meet the artist this one is special one for as I have been chatting to this artist for a while this isnt his first NFT project but this is his brand new project which had its first promotion drop just before we started chatting but Il let the artist tell you more .

Hey bud

hey man how are you?

I am good and you

I'm great .

Great happy friday by the way .

happy friday or as we say "Shabat shalom"

Well shabat shalom . So what you do today ?

Today is a day off so I was chilling with my girlfriend and now working on my collaction .

Nice I hope you had a good day . You had your first drop today how did it go ?

It was a promo drop , these NFT's can be blended to get hex cards that are the basics for crafting in SoP. The drop went great , 200 nfts gone in seconds

Well done couldn't of gone better so . So I suppose we will start at the start this is your new project called Signs of Power ?

Yes it is .

How did it come about ?

Im an avid rpg and gamer, always liked card games and wanted to do one of my own.

Is these based on a game you have played in the past ?

This is a concept of a game I designed but never published it is a CCG battle game where players are spellcasters in a post apocalyptic dark fantasy world .

Would you not use the funds earned from the project to fund it ?

I will, I want to make it bigger and eventually make an online card game

Is this a full time job ?

I sure hope it will be one day .

What is the job at the moment so ?

I'm working from home a grapic designer and when ever i have free time i work on the project .

How many NFT's have been made for the project ?

There are currently 8 templates and there will be 32 for the first edtion.

Will there will be more than one edition?

Yes, the second one is already is working process

Oh interesting how much time willbe between first and second edition ?

About 2 months .

Will there be much blending in the project ?

Yes, many of the card can be blended to get upgraded and get animated effects

Do you have a blend chart for the project?

For the second edition yes, the first one is more of a go-along approach but i have a general idea how stuff works .

Oh of course so do you habe a favourite NFT in the collection ?

I grow up on Robotech so im a big fan .

Sorry I meant in your project ? lol

I love the pentagram

How come ?

Im a metalhead, it rocks!

Thats fair enough can I ask how long it took to create ?

The card template took about a week .

What programs you use to create ?

I use most of adobe apps, Photoshop illustrator .

It must help that you are a graphic designer .

Yes it sure does .

Will there be any Collab's in this project?

Not so much at this moment .

If you could Collab with anyone who would it be ?

I'd definitely pick Yoshidrops

How come ?

I love the way he thinks and operate

Of course love his project .have you try to get involved ?

Yes we have spoken a few times before .

Have you looked at other markets for your NFT's ?

Not really, atomichub seems to be the best one .

WAX does have a great community .

It sure does 🙂 One of my main choice of working with it.

How did you discover nfts ?

I'm into crypto since 2012 so I've heard about it around 2018 .

What made you get involved in making them ?

I so art all of my life , this is just another new cool way of expressing myself

How do you interact with the community what channels you have as in twitter discord telegram ?

I use mostly twitter

and just started a new telgram channel

Check out his his Twitter and Telegram to keep with his project . How does your family feel about your NFT's ?

My brother is really into it, the rest dont really understand the concept .

Will he help with your project ?

Yes, he helped me with the website a bit

Oh whats the link for the site ?

Tell us something random about yourself ?

I have a 9 year old daughter .

What can we catch you doing when your not working on your NFT's or in your day job ?

Desinging banners for large brands or reading fantasy books and playing tabletop rpgs .

Is there anything you would like to advice new artosts coming into NFT world ?

Be original and never lose faith .

Any chance of a drop or a competition for the readers ?

I have created this for are interview .

Brilliant I love it thank you we also have twitter competition to 5 of above NFT check at bottom of the article .So before we finish uo is there amything else you would like to add ?

Thank you very much man its been a pleasure . Stay tuned for updates on our website and twitter .

Check for my latest drops today .

The pleasure was all mine . So guys please show this new project some and drop your wax for a free NFT .

Click above link for the Twitter competition .

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Written by   411
3 months ago
Topics: NFT, Nftartist, WAX
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Am planning on doing a drop too but don't know how to go about it yet. Lol.

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3 months ago

Nice keep us updated

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3 months ago

Well so far haven't done it yet because no one is answering my question in another online group re: doing a drop. Lol.

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3 months ago

Are you on discord or telegram

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3 months ago

I'm on Telegram, lucystephanieseller.

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3 months ago

here's mine 😊


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3 months ago

ng5s2.wam Thanks! Have a nice Sunday!

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3 months ago

Very nice! ek3bi.wam

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3 months ago

Great looking artwork 👍 wf4b.wam

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3 months ago

thanks, udtr2.wam

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3 months ago ... heading to twitter now

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3 months ago

First for once...thanks an other nice story rx2r4.wam

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3 months ago