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This artist is a AI Art creator and what ever you can say about AI stuff his work he is putting out there is damn good . Now I know everyone has there opinion on AI but you have to agree his work is good .

Hey bro how you?

Tired but good

That's good to hear will you be working on your project today?

I don't think so as I worked in the morning and again at 18:00 two shifts

That's rough . How did you start in crypto?

In 2017 bull market I bought bitcoin for 2000$ I remembered then how a friend offered me to buy 1 bitcoin for 120$ in 2014 or something like that

Oh nice you still holding?

Yeah I still got BTC I only have 0.1 and rest in eth alts

Just a lil over that myself at the moment . What brought you to wax?

A friend of mine got a giveaway NFT on wax, so he opened a wallet and said its cool . I was trading wax in 2017. but not NFTs, that was 2021. when I opened my wax wallet

Now your project isn't that old when did you decide to start creating?

Its only around 3 months old now

What's the idea behind it?

The idea was to make pretty NFTs. I always thought most wax NFTs are quite ugly visually.

Can I ask why you think that?

There was no AI tools

So you think AI tools make better NFTs?


How do you create your NFTs?

I noticed how things work, a project starts with a nice visual. then as they realize they need more NFTs fast, they start making simple images. just to make it work . The main thing was originality. I feel its better to have an ugly NFT than to steal... and there was a lot of stealing. AH had a lot of work to do. now with ai tools u can make a pretty image fast and you don't have to steal. I use Midjourney AI tool for image creation

Ah so are your NFTs completely AI generated?

Yes but its a lot harder than it sounds. I sometimes make 100 images of a ninja duck to get 1 that I like, then I have to photoshop all the errors, and then I have to put the name of the ninja duck. so it still takes a lot of time. but faster than doing it manually.

What has the community said about your project being that it is all AI?

Some where disappointed

How come?

Well its more cool if a digital artist makes the image. But this is so much more flexible

Of course I can understand that . How do you feel about Neftyblocks plans to hide AI art on there market place?

I didn't hear that. personally I don't believe it. I'm sure the top collections use AI but they hide it. but everyone knows for example Alien Worlds and Avalon Druids are using AI but AH didn't give them the AI mark... not just that I see it. there are tools to discover that and ppl are posting on twitter as they put their images in . the result is 80% ai... so that means Nefty will remove Alien Worlds and similar top earning collections. and that is not in their best interest.

I can't comment on that but all Il say is we will have to wait and see . What was your first NFT you dropped?

It was the 3 promos

This was the first

How did they do?

This one was free 100 so it sold out in 2 minutes

Of course how many have you released since?


How often do you drop a new one?

Around 1 per week I have a type of subscription, 36 ppl that have Quacking Pass get the NFT airdropped to their wallet common and rares, every one that comes out

You said they are AI created on Midjourney how long does it take to create the perfect piece?

To figure out the name, and position the name, and create a back story takes more time than the image. lets say the image takes 2-3 days and the rest 3-4 days

Ah is it only Midjourney you use?

I have been using Midjourney for 1 year before I started making NFTs. I had to learn the commands I use Chatgtp when I write the back story and to edit the images I use Canva and Photoshop

Ah so there is a lot of work goes into it . What one has been your favorite to create?


How come?

It felt better quality and the back story was cool... and the name ... and users also like it a lot . I think it was the first time I learned revers engineering in Midjourney its a special command that I learned after 9 months of using it that helps with the prompt

Would you be open to collabs?

Yes sure, I am open to collabs. that's also the benefit of ai. for example the guys from defi mining (that you know) wanted me to try to do something... and I can show them in 5 minutes . I can make a duck wearing a helmet and mining equipment in minutes.. and an artist will need days to even give a rough sketch

If you could collab with anyone on wax who would it be and why?

I'm in talks with DefiMining and TheHustle

Do you have a favorite project on wax?

I would like to do stuff with Alien Worlds, but they are a bit ignoring me . I'm waiting for their permission as we speak to do some stuff with their logo on my NFTs it would probably be Alien Worlds. There where some others that I liked but most of them failed in the bear market or even before

What has been the best part of doing your project?

I have this system of subs. that is nice to know, that they will get the new NFT airdropped that's 36 ppl that log in their wallet and see the newest ninja duck. also the system of giveaways is quite fun. I do a duck race every day. and give out general Wu Coins (currency NFT) that are used for blending. That is also the advantage of AI, every day I make a new image of funny looking ninja ducks in a boat... so by liking the image u enter the giveaway, and they are mostly cool images (ppl even asking me to do NFTs out of them: and its a cool way to enter a giveaway that I didn't see others do)- and when I playback the video of the race I put music in the video so that's fun for me and I'm sure for others now I'm making a hunt for the ppl that have collected all ducks. I'm donating 500Wax to be split between them its fun

What has been the hardest part?

I'm not making any money. but I'm making wax if wax goes back to 1$ then I will look back and it will then be true that I made money. but now I'm losing money- only to use the Midjourney tool I have spent 34$*14 so I have spent around 450$ on the ai tool so far... so financially this is currently not great for me. but its fun and I'm meeting new people and learning technical stuff.

What you like to do when your not creating?

I trade a little bit of crypto , I trade NFTs, play blockchain games.

What blockchain games you like to play?

I like dark country, clash dome: pool, blockchainbrowlers, splinterlands, millions on mars... alien worlds. etc.

So mostly Wax based games?


What your family think of your project?

Well my mother has seen the ducks and thinks they look good.

Where is the best place to keep up with the project?



Where can we buy your NFTs?

On Nefty

On AtomicHub

When the next NFT dropping?

Possibly tomorrow

Any sneak peaks?

I have the Aw collab that is waiting for their response. I mean not a colab. Idk what to call it. The duck that the miners on my land on AW will get airdropped.

Nice any chance of a NFT to do a giveaway with?


Ah I see well before we finish up is there anything you would like to add?

I'm happy that people have found new ways to express them self and protect their invested time and effort with the help of blockchain. some even found new purpose. i think this technology is going to spread in other areas of life soon enough. I also want to mention I have a partner that is also a moderator . I don't know him personally, we met on wax he is from Slovakia. He is a streamer on twitch: Quadrellstar . he has hundreds of viewers on a good days. and I hope he will push the marketing one day in the future.

Thank you man for your time today

Sure man

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Keep bringing new stuff buddy!

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