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Meet the artist behind pixeltycoons

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1 week ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist

So I have been stalking this project for a while and have happily promoted it and it recently went live its project I had to grab him to chat about . I have to admitted I do have a love of pixel NFTs.



Do how you today ?

Today I learned a lot, so I feel good and fulfilled!

Where you working on your project today ?

If you mean pixeltycoons, I work on it everyday, and today was no exception. Today was a day to give special attention to the new members that arrive in the channel, eager to know more about the Collection.

Oh brilliant so tell us more about the collection ?

At first I thought about calling it pixelfarmers or pixelfarming. I wanted to create an interactive NFT collection without limiting my creativity nor the collection potential. I wanted to mimic the real world economy inside a NFT Collection, so I am glad that pixeltycoons name wasn't taken. Currently there are 2 professions, being the farmer and the collector. Like in our history, agriculture was one of the Technologies that allowed for the birth of the first civilizations, so it is on pixeltycoons.

What can people do with your NFTs ?

If users own 1 Farmer and one Land asset, they can flip one water and one Seed asset to get a random crop.

This is the farming mechanic explained bluntly.

Collector is the second profession, so far, which can be used to explore the surroundings of Pixel City, but also to collect NFTs according to a set of rules.

All this mechanics are being applied manually by me, and there is no user interface yet. If this resembles a game, imagine a text game for now.

There are quests which contain info on pixeltycoons imaginaries, and offer a way for the users to flip the crops produced into other resources. Soon I will release a new set of quests featuring partnership collections. This way collectors from both projects will have an advantage in obtaining more NFTs.

All NFTs on pixeltycoons have or will have an use, and some of them are sold on specific places, for specific tokens, in order to represent and make justice the inclusiveness that the name pixeltycoons holds!

Wow sounds really interesting so I am guessing it must have a lots of NFTs?

Currently there are only 25 assets created, but the room for creation is as big as the real world inventory and even plenty of space for fantasy.. of course there are certain priorities on that side of the collection development. On the remaining of September, I will be creating new assets to include in the current mechanics. That includes new crops, new Collector drops but also some tools that will act as production modifiers.

That will get things prepared for the release of a new Character/profession.

Can I ask how did you discover NFTs ?

Sure! On the last year crypto market has caught my attention. Not as a trader point of view, but as a new premise for a new reality, ruled by decentralized services. That is still a dream I have.. NFTs are being typed and said all over the internet and at first I didn't look at it too much.

When I found the wax chain, and how versatile NFTs can be, and how great and open the community is, I fell in love so hard. Let's say that wax healed my broken heart hahahaha

Finding NFTs on wax was the most enriching experience that I had on the field, definitely!

Wax blockchain was the dream blockchain for you ?

Well, it certainly isn't, but from what I know, it is one of the best offers for a citizen like me, and possibly it can fit most of the users in the world for many reasons. But it also has its disadvantages. At least the range of services on the chain is growing in a very interesting way, and i think it will not stop anytime soon. Even DeFi experience has a different approach than most of what I had seen previously.

Being the most green blockchain is something that I love. I hope it dissolves the misconception that blockchain is very energy demanding.

Probably not the dream one, but it offers some of the qualities that could make it really great and mass adopted. Let's see what happens hehe .

When did you drop your first NFT ?

The first nefty drop was 9 September, around 39 days after the collection creation.

Those drops are still on :)

Before I handed a lot of NFTs for free to all the people and creators that inspired me on the chain.

Then i started auctioning some lands and selling seeds on the secondary market before whitelisting happened.

10 September was the release of the Cait Shop, and I made sure that pixeltycoons.was among the first collections to use the platform.

You have been very busy . what has been your favorite to create ?

Well, with pixeltycoons, with and making a living as a freelancer musician that occasionally does random jobs too hehehe.

My favorite to create was the Powered Cookie.

It is the most rare NFT and also the one that took most of my time to make. It was also my first final result for a Pixel animation. I would love to talk extensively about it, but your question is answered 😃

Can we see powered cookie ?

There you go 😁

Love that . how did you create that ?

I use an android app called pixelstudio. A phone is not the best interface to create pixel or any art in general, but I am glad it can be used. This way, creating and managing can be done everywhere. There is no excuse to slack of hehehe

How long did it take to create ?

Well first drawing the shape which was inspired in the Friendship Cookie. Then I created 10 more frames and created a different artwork for each and set the frame rate. Was this what you meant?

I meant how long did it take to create ?

I get totally immersed when I start working so time really flies by. I am not sure about a concrete number since I worked on it on a series of days. But I will say a minimum of 6 hours

Have done any collabs yet ?

Not any collab NFT, but I started some partnerships which are opening some room for it. I am eager for that .

Oh cool can you tell us anything more about these partnership ?

Sure. I think that pixels work better together. So I wanted to integrate what already exists on my collection. I then got to know Todd, the creator of pixellabs123 and I realized that some sort of organization already existed. I adopted the pixelshopnft which is the official way to obtain the Friendship Cookie. And Friendship Cookie is the first "bridge" NFT. It's mechanics are yet to be announced and applied, but it's creation had this partnership in mind. Holders from certain collections may use the friendship cookie for exclusive stuff. The first use for that nft was as an ingredient of Powered Version of the same.

It takes 5 FC and 2 other ingredients to blend it. But if you are one of the first 50 to do so, you will get 2 Friendship Cookies monthly. That's the value of 3000 pixel tokens each month for the value that the Friendship cookie is sold!

Partner collections will be featured in pixeltycoons quests and mini games that are going to be announced really soon!

I offer some benefits for the partnership collections and the only thing i ask in return is sharing partnership related info. I totally accept any input from their part as well as nfts that I can use to create engagement and rewards for activity, but I don't require that from the partners

Everyone is already busy, so why give them more work? Only if they want it 😁

Oh I know the setup I remember Todd telling me a while ago . Who is your favorite artist ?

That is such an hard question. When I look at NFTs, it's not all about how they look. Of course, aesthetics improve the overall feeling when engaging with them

I can't say which is my favorite artist because I don't have one. I have a collective of favorite artists that I give preference due to the work they have been developing on the chain. I can point a good number of names like nifty wizards, Taco, Smelly Koala, CAIT, cxc and the list could go on and on, believe me.

I never had a big chance to support creators by buying NFTs, but in time, value can be generated to allow me to support those creators in other ways. I love art, as a musician, bonsai keeper and recently NFT creator. But i love also utility and that's where NFTs really shine

What is the biggest collection in your wallet not including your own ?

Good question! First place is funmanbobyjo. I hadn't mentioned earlier but that creator was a huge inspiration for me to get started.

Oh really that's cool . What has been your most exciting thing about your project?

The most exciting thing has definitely being in contact with super intelligent people that create on the chain. Having a small, genuine and organic community has been heart filling. Specially with the support of great creators that I mentioned above and some more that I hadn't. Also it has been super exciting to put myself at the edge of the blade and get started on creation without a proper know how. This is the hard but honest truth... I am learning as I go, and learning can be very exciting when you find a new passion in life and the a place where they are not so hard to manifest .

Is this a full time job ?

I work on many aspects of the collection everyday, and a lot of hours each day. I don't plan to take any personal gains until I can fund the creation of a dapp with an easy user interface to manage and interact with pixeltycoons collection. I wish I could find more blockchain jobs so that I wouldn't need to work on anything besides blockchain and music, unless I really wanted too. But that is just a dream for now

Where you from ?

I have been born and raised right at the Western edge of Europe. Lisbon, Portugal

Oh cool how does your family feel about your NFTs ?

Well, most of the people around me don't really understand what I am doing nor have much knowledge about blockchain related stuff. So it can be pretty lonely on real life compared to the liveliness in the virtual social life, at least on the NFT field, I mean .

Tell us something random about yourself ?

I am a very anxious but very patient at the same time. Can you believe? As random as random can be, I guess hahaha

What you like to do to relax when your not creating or working on your project?

Listening some good music, tending my little trees. Lately I included researching as a relaxing activity .

Where do you share your news with the community ?

Mostly I use pixeltycoons telegram.

Pixel Tycoons - Nft Collection on Wax

Pixel Tycoons is a Nft Collection, in which you only need to own the right combination of Nfts to start producing more every week!

Just for your info, sometimes I do Exclusive giveaways for the tg community. The community can participate in the Twitter raffle but they will get a free nft regardless if they follow a set of rules (same as raffle but have to paste the quote tweet link on the chat!) If you want to get in there could be cool too

That is the current library for all the info on everything about this collection. Twitter is more like news to the world. Soon I will open a discord because it's a benefit in organizing info.

Where can we find your NFTs for sale ?

Nefty Blocks


Taco Shop - Soon


Torum (not really a shop but a limited way to acquire pixeltycoons NFTs using XTM)

Any chance of a drop or a competition for the readers ?

Check the link for the competition .

It was a competition but I awarded the top collection supporters with some nfts. I did the same for the top 30 holders of pixel/wax LP

I can create a competition possibly to award a NTT. I really feel like trying it out

So before we finish up 8s there anything you want to say or add ?

Only that I had a great pleasure answering this questions .

Thank you so much for your time.

And thank you for yours and for giving this attention to pixeltycoons!

Anytime !!!!!

Dont forget to enter the competition

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Written by   328
1 week ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist
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It will not stop anytime soon. Even DeFi experience has a different approach than most of what you will seen previously.

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wow! very cool :D this is awesome!

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Thank you . I'll head there

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