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Meet the artist behind Pixeledfaces

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1 month ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist

This guys have there brand new pack going live today and I thought I would get some details about them and there pixel project so check it out .



How you getting on today ?

All good . Thinking of what can we do to further promote our pack sale

Of course when did they drop ?

The pack sale is scheduled for the weekend 25-27 starting at 16.00 utc .

Oh brilliant and will that be on neftyblocks ?

Neftyblocks is becoming the way to go for its simplicity and above all its community support, so of course the majority of our packs will on neftyblocks .

Brilliant I think nefty has been brilliant for the community . So lets go back to the start of your project how did you become aware of NFTs ?

Well all started when Atari dropped their packs back in November 2020 . I was aware of the kities and other projects but never took the initiative to purchase one or get involved. I guess Atari was the spark .

Nice I remember playing Atari as a kid lol . And was wax the always the blockchain you wanted to make your project on ?

Purchasing Atari packs introduced me to the wax ecosystem did not have a project in mind at that moment, nor was I aware of wax potential .

When did you come up with the idea for project ?

Yet I could add that i was more into traditional blockchain projects, managing communities, advising, business dev and other stuff seeing the rise of cryptopunk from larvalabs was kinda astonishing and knowing the ease of minting on the wax blockchain, of course with the help of some artists, I decided to start something that began as an experiment I'm a scientist and photographer, not someone with a major in drawing or graphic design so I installed few apps and started drawing. Things here to mention is that I did not want to copy the punk style, which is clean, easy and straight forward I wanted to do something more complex, using my own style which I had to develop and improve with the time, something obvious in my pixeledfaces characters and to further differentiate my work for other, I decided to give them name not numbers, stories, personalities, characters... make them the habitant of an imaginary metaverse their stories are interconnected you can easily distinguish 3 roles, the heroes, the villains and the civilians and people must work together to repel an unconventional alien apocalypse led by Primaeus and Robert .

So your characters are more than just pixels on a page i think when you give something a name it brings it to life . Will each character have some sort of back story ?

They all do and the plan is to further develop the story by creating a dedicated comic book I do believe that once the community is bigger and stronger, artists will join and work on it with us .

Ah so I am guessing you will release new characters as the comic evolves or will you release them all first then add new ones as the series develops ?

It all depends on how fast we evolve/expand though I would say something in between

Of course so in the long run it will become a comic with each NFT character featuring or will it be a blend to comic ?

Not sure what u mean by blend to comic. Though I can say that I'm a huge manga fan and would love to see those characters in a limited manga series .

That would be cool . How many characters have you created so far ?

I really hope that this can be achieved one day, yet we also have other plans (indie rpg MMO game) that depends on how much funds can we raise. Coming to your question, besides season 1 50 characters ,and the 20 dropping in season 2, I have 40 more characters that are waiting to be released . Season 3 will feature many superheroes and bad ass villains .

Dropping them will depend on season 2 success !!!!

How did season 1 do how did the community react to it ?

Well let's say that season 1 was a test Poorly organized... Just dropping to see if there is interested on the wax blockchain... How things are done... What art is prioritized and so on It helped me learn a lot, and get to know many great people, projects and collaborators/partners .

Of course so series 2 will be more organized ?

Yes and more team members will join

How many is in the team ?

I Gave the chance for some friends... Let's say they did not perform as expected. So now we are back to single handed ambitious guy who is looking for nft and crypto enthusiasts to join him and help him further develop the idea and project

It is quite hard to do everything alone 😊 .

I bet I have seen the process to list can be quite time consuming have you asked anyone in the community for help .

Indeed, yet I tried to learn as much as I could and I can say that I'm comfortable doing most things ATM . Despite the fact that it did not succeed in terms of popularity and demand, yet season 1 was priceless when it comes for learning Though, eventually I'm looking for trustworthy team members to whom work load can be delegated to .

Of course and you will find them . Can I ask why pixel art ?

Well it is a blend of different factors: 1. i grew up playing video games, most of which if not all at that time were pixeled. 2. I love pixel art 3. The raise of cryptopunks .

What has been your favorite character to create ?

I love them all It is hard to favor one of your kids on the others .

Has to be one you think stands out ?

Though for instance, mada and Marko are fighting for the good . Brook is the one that never gave up and hard working to make his dreams come true . You got Aida and Regina as the faithful supportive women

One sacrificed her life to support brook, the other is backing her husband

Oh wow they really do have back stories !!!

This is Marko, vigilante form .

You got the ambitious ladies, hard working and talented guys Scientist, musician, painters.. Some in the blockchain business.

DZ V2, minted on Featured by binance

It's V1 minted on wax

You can clearly see the difference in terms of style as my skills improve 😁

Yea I you see the difference what programs you using for creating ?

I use many... 8bit painter, pixel studio, Piskel . Most are free apps .

How long would it take to create a character ?

It depends on how much do I want to put into the details, shading... And if it is an imaginary face or not . But anything between 30min to few hours and that depends on how many revisions it takes before being satisfied with the result .

Would you say your a perfectionist ?

Well, let's say I try to do the best with what's available I do believe in relativity... What's perfect to my eye won't necessarily be perfect to yours .

That's why I always do my Best when I prepare something. Yet as my skills are developing, I tend to see improvement possibilities in many of my previous characters

So perfection is a hard statement. There is always a lot of improvements one can add... And that's how precious learning is

Let's say Evolution πŸ˜… .

Of course evolution is part of life but that's great you like to do that .

I know you haven't done collabs yet but who would be your dream collab?

I have done some, the first was with boxmaze I did a pixeled version of their cubert.

Oh cool who would you love to work with ?

Anyone who is sincerely interested in supporting and promoting pixeledfaces .

Who is you favorite artist ?

I don't have a favorite. I see beauty everywhere πŸ˜…

Seriously... Every piece, every style, has its own character I'm a photographer the reason I see beauty in anything . Though when it comes to art, I prefer scenes that tells or hide a story .

Is photographer your full time job ?

No, it's a hobby which started 20+ years ago and was developed to a pro level .

Oh wow . So do you collect NFTs ?

Of course, and supported many artists when they joined wax. So my wallet contains different collections from different artists and styles .

What is the biggest collection in your wallet ?

Kogs, boxmaze, street fighter and Byron's art . Kogs being the biggest .

Many ended being scams and blacklisted as well πŸ˜…

Oh god I know Atomichub have now made it harder to get whitelisted which hopefully will stop some of the scammers .

I hope so . Though might end up centralizing the market .

Cant see that happening . Where would you like to see your project in a years time?

Well, I would love to build a strong collector Based community who would help us expanding, with an implemented game and ongoing comic book series. The ultimate goal is to build an indie rpg MMO game based on those characters .

Building such a game requires a dedicated team and a lot of funds, hopefully something we can achieve with the help of our community .

I can't promise anything, as mentioned in our whitepaper, it will depends on how much funds can we raise. If the support is there, we move from collectibles to dedicated in game NFTs .

Can we have a copy of the white paper ?

Our own token and so on

Everything we do is there 😊

And was published here

What lesson have learnt from this project ?

Many things, one of them is to rely on yourself as it is hard to rely on others only to get rekt, specially when working with the wrong people .

Very few are those who will sincerely support you for no return, specially when you are building something new. Keep on networking, as it is key to find one or multiple partners who share your interest and will gladly join in and build with you the business

Keep on learning and never underestimate your potential ... You will be surprised how far you can get .

Have you introduced NFTs to many people ?

I did and trying my best to spread blockchain knowledge and adoption in the Mena region .

Is it just wax you hold or do you hold other crypto ?

Of course as you can't put all your eggs in 1 basket .Though as I don't want my words taken as financial advice, I would prefer not to state any particular coin or project

Of course will your project stay on wax only

The main project will be on wax (collection, sets, game...), though few limited edition derivatives will drop on Ethereum, Polygon and BSC .

Oh cool . Tell us something random about you ?

Besides NFTs, I collect Minolta 35mm cameras and often use them in my shooting .

Oh cool when your not creating or taking photos what do you like to do to unwind?

Spend as much time as possible with my family . Going out or enjoying some video games with the kid .

Of course and what they think of your project ?

My kid like the work, my wife sees it as a long-term project (she coauthored the whitepaper) .

Oh brilliant have you let the kids design any yet ?

Check my page on Opensea .

There are 3 pieces by, Sergio 😊

Is Sergio your son ?


Where can the community keep up with your project ?

I try to post biweekly updates on our medium page, and community can follow pixeledfaces news on Twitter, and engage with us on telegram and discord

All links are in our

And I would like to end the day saying that the project is unique and ambitious. Support us by purchasing our packs. Most of the raised funds will go to fund a small initial game within the next 6months and later the mmo rpg game

We will also include rewards to our collectors as mentioned in our latest release. 10% from the raised funds, in waxp, will be awarded to full set collectors. Further info will be released after the sale.

Where can we buy your NFTs ?

Is there anything you would like to say or add ?

Thank you for your time today😊 this was definitely the longest interview I have ever had πŸ˜… .

So sorry I hope you enjoyed and I hope you got everything out to the community that you wanted to it was a pleasure to chat you and good lucky with the drop on Saturday .

Thank you for your time today .

So thanks to this gent I have a few of his NFTs to give away and one of his brand new packs that come out so to win the pack enter below and leave your WAX address below and Il drop a treat into your wallet also don't forget his new packs go live today.

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Written by Β Β 414
1 month ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist
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Can you check ur wax address saying it doesnt exist

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It's correct! mgcbg.wam

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Thanks Crackers


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1 month ago

I was trying to find pixalated graphic design services. Glad that there are free websites offering. I've also grown up playing games with huge pixels for graphics, it is nostalgic.


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Well I am probably a bit late, but had some busy days but it was a nice read on this beautiful Sunday Morning (see you at Sochi later ;) ) rx2r4.wam

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Wondering where you were

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Hope I'm not late UwU.


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Hope to get one of it as i just started collecting it here, Sir, thanks po :) b5yx.wam

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Hope to have oneπŸ˜ŠπŸ’š


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Wow, those are gorgeous work! Pixel arts for me are kind of unique and they're all stunning. πŸ’š Would love to have one. 😍


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