Meet the artist behind Gajes Central

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So this is actually two projects one is clean cut and honest well the other one is a lil say a NSFW but he is creating both at the same his work is all hand drawn

Hey and welcome

What's up!

How you today?

I'm good.

How did your crypto journey start?

To be honest it was something spontaneous ,the passion for art brings me to crypto space.

Why did you start creating NFTs?

Because I want to share my art, and NFTs are a great way to do this.

Why was Wax blockchain the right blockchain for your project?

Wax is the most user friendly blockchain and for sure in the future will be something bigger than now.

What's the idea behind the project?

For the main project the idea is to promote handmade drawings. 7.

What was your first NFT you dropped?

The first NFT dropped is Universal Lasers.

How did the community react?

I was surprised by the interest of the people, cause the drawings I made are not the best but the style I think it was interesting..

How many NFTs have you launched since?


How do you create your NFTs?

I use IbisPaintX or another drawing programs to create my drawings.

Do you use many programs

Maximum two(one for drawing and one for editing).

What has been your favorite you have created?

All are interesting.

Have you done any collabs yet?

None yet but open for them

Who would be your dream collab?

To be honest I didn't have a dream collab,but every collab in the future will be interesting. 16.

What's your favorite NFT project?

Maybe chairsonwax is one of the best collection. 17.

What is the long term plan for the project?

To be consistent and to create an amazing brand in special for AR lovers and fashion.

What has been the hardest part of the project?

To be whitelisted.

What has been best part of doing the project?

The best part is I create art in my free time, relaxing and drawing is one of the best things. 22. 23.

Will you push your project onto other markets?

For the moment no.

What does your family think of the project?

They are impressed.

When is the next drop?

This Friday, something interesting coming.

Where can we keep up with the project?


For the NSFW stuff


Where can we buy your NFTs?





Any chance of a NFT or 2 for a competition?

Sure, we will give 3 NFTs from our collection for the readers.

Anything else you want to add?

The main project will have only handmade drawings, that why we create Gajesnorules where there is NSFW content.

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