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So this is a project that is only going live in the next few days so I thought I would get the details on it before it goes live they will also have a stand in NFTOPIA 3 this weekend so I am sure they will happily chat to you there .


Hey man sorry was editing an article

No worries at all

How you today?

Hard at work! Just finishing up the final NFT of the first series - the vIRL Redemption NFT

Ah so how did you crypto journey start?

In autumn of, 2017 around Aug/Sept. - I'd been aware of BTC and crypto for a while, and decided it was finally time to learn more. Soon after I stumbled upon Hive, which is where it feels like my true crypto journey began because I was there, I discovered Splinterlands in it's Alpha phase, and started collecting those cards (back then we didn't even use the term NFTs) . And it was through Splinterlands I was introduced to the WAX Blockchain

Splinterlands brought you in what kept you here?

At the beginning of my WAX journey I found a few collections I liked and started collecting - I think it was through one of the first DYGYCON events I found some of those actually. Then a while after that, when I finally got around to joining a Splinterlands guild, it turned out the leader of my guild also happened to be a creator on WAX (BlockChainCards / wax collection 'blkchancards'. Which also happened to be one of the collections I'd previously found - what a coincidence. When I learned about how packs and blends worked (and how easily accessible it was), I was sold on WAX.

Ha ha one of the first NFTs I got was a fortune cookie box was of BlockChainCards lol . What made you want to start creating your own project?

Another coincidence! Yeah those fortune cookies are fun. Several hundred different of them now I believe. I knew for a long time I wanted to create a collection of my own, but was having a hard time to find a concept. I'm a creator by nature, and is constantly making something, but I've sort of always pulled myself in all different directions. Graphic design, photoshop, vector graphics in Illustrator, 3d level design for Half-Life (1) For years I've doing photography for instance - like nature scenery and such. Now, I'd always wanted to use them for something, but everybody does nature photos, and besides, they're not all that exciting by themselves. Then, about 6 months ago I discovered a software from Adobe called Dimension, which advertised you can insert 3d objects in your photos. Interesting, I thought, and gave it a go. I tried to insert a regular ol' sphere into one of my landscapes.. And I thought it simply looked amazing. Otherwordly and really beautiful. I soon, however, discovered the many limitations of this software, and decided to roll up my sleeves and get into learning Blender.

What is the idea behind the project?

So Fifth Spatial is sort of the result / culmination of all my skills and interests, all wrapped up into one product; Graphic design, 3D Artwork, Photography, love for blockchain, NFTs and collectibles, and my fascination for sci-fi and storytelling. The idea behind Fifth Spatial is a series of collectibles with an exciting backstory. For some unknown reason, strange objects - presumed to originate from a higher dimension - start appearing on Earth.

Nice so there will be a story behind it will each card for a bit of the story on it?

Not necessarily for each card/object, but yes. The plan is to elaborate the lore/backstory as the project continues, gradually learning more about the phenomenon and its true nature. The project/story is inspired by several novels/movies like Remembrance of Earth's Past, Sphere, Cube 2: Hypercube

Will the project be down to series or sets as such?

Yes. The Genesis Series is the first set, and I've got plans for subsequent ones. Though I also want to expand the collection beyond this - the collectible cards depicting the different objects (as in the Genesis Series) will be the "core" concept of the collection, and then we'll see how we can build other concepts on top of /in addition to that

How many NFTs will be in the genesis series?

This series is pre-minted. 252 Genesis Packs, 3 NFTs per pack. These NFTs can then be upgraded (by Blending) for Limited Edition ones. Blending will also be the only way (other than buying on secondary) to get the vIRL Physical Redemption NFT

That was the next question lol . Have you dropped any promos for it yet?

We've got an NFTOPIA3 exclusive promo coming up! It will only be available during the event. We're doing a FREE Whitelisted Drop for 200x Promo Packs - The whitelist form will be at our booth during the event. In addition 200 more Promo Packs will be raffled off at the official SWAG booth.

How many vIRL will there?

A total of 7x vIRL REDEMPTION NFTs can be minted by Blending. Each redemption contains all seven cards of the Genesis Series in physical form + 1 random physical Gold Foil card! Shipping is worldwide and free of charge. All details about this can be found here:

Which hall will your swag booth be in?

The Hive Hall

How are you creating each NFT?

A combination of photography (all background photos are 100% original and taken by me), 3d rendering, modeling and animation in Blender, vector graphic work in Illustrator, Image editing/composition in Photoshop and animations in After Effects. I think that pretty much sums it up . I had never used neither Blender nor After Effects when I started this project, so it's been a steep learning curve. I believe I spent more than two weeks just on the Genesis Pack. Of course, as I'm learning more, I'm also able to work a lot quicker.

How long did each NFT take to create?

Ridiculously long lol . To generalize, I'd say I've been working about 20 hours a week the past 6 months on this project.

Your nearly there do . What has been your favorite NFT you have made so far?

Gotta be this one

Can you see yourself collabing with any artists on WAX?

Definitely! I'd be very open for that.

Who would be your dream collab?

Any passionate WAX or HIVE creator where our work could fit together would be a dream collab. I've been so busy getting this project up and running that I haven't really given this much thought yet. But as I'm starting to get my head above water, I'll be keeping my eyes open!

What your favorite project to collect?

Just one? That's a tough one. Besides the one already mentioned, I've had a lot of fun collecting stuff from The Adventurers Guild, Clashdome, Worlds of Smil and SenorLupe, to name a few. Very recently started collecting/studying Drawn Company, both from a collector's and creator's standpoint. They're doing a lot of insteresting and innovative stuff. There's just so much inspiration to be found in the WAX ecosystem.

What has been the hardest part of getting your project ready?

Probably marketing. Creating art may be both frustrating and difficult at times, but where I've truly had to step out of my comfort zone is the marketing/networking part. Luckily I stumbled into the NFTOPIA community just in time for NFTOPIA3, which has proven to be an invaluable learning experience for me. What the NFTOPIA team is doing for the WAX community and each (however small) creator, is truly admirable.

What has been the best part?

The small victories; Being happy with the result of each individual piece, minting it and putting it all together in neat packages, seeing it all come together . Whenever I found something that worked really well/looked really good after hours of experimenting

What you like to do when your not creating?

Physical exercise, like weight training and climbing. Being active on Hive. Gaming (mostly blockchain gaming, but also "regular" video games). Listening to music

What does your family think of the project?

They think it all sounds really complicated, but they love the art! My brother is more into crypto than the rest of them though, and he's really excited about it. He's been an invaluable discussion partner in deciding on concepts, numbers etc, and definitely deserves credit for that.

Nice so he is kind of involved in the project .


Where is the best place to keep up with the project?

The easiest place is probably to follow us on Twitter. The best place to get all the juicy details, is our blog on the

Hive Blockchain

Also doesn't hurt to join the Discord community

Where will NFTs be up for sale?

During NFTOPIA 3; the upcoming Saturday at 8PM UTC

On NeftyBlocks

Would you have any giveaway?

In addition to the free Promo Sticker Packs, I'm raffling off 10 Genesis Packs at the official NFTOPIA SWAG Booth, and an additional 8 Genesis Packs at our own Booth in the Hive Hall. I should have 3 Genesis Packs left over, if you'd like to do a giveaway as well.

Happily so before we finish up is there anything else you would like to add?

I'm very thankful for the opportunity to speak with you! And for what you're doing for the WAX community and for big and small creators/collections.

Anytime looking forward to your drop

Oh one last thing actually. I applied for the Originality badge and Identity verification badge from AH on July 7th. They have confirmed in writing (in my ticket) that I'm qualified for both badges, but I have yet to receive the actual badges. Apparently they currently have a huge amount of inquiries in this regard. I hope to get them in time for the drop, but it doesn't look good.

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