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Meet the artist behind DRB NFT

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1 month ago
Topics: NFTs, WAX, Passion, Artist

As you know I am always hunting new artist to chat and this is no different this artist is still quite young in his journey but his NFTs are cool and very colorful just had to have a chat .


Hey there .

How's things ?

Not to bad .

Ha ha did you get any work done on your project today ?

I Managed to get a few things done in between diapers and bottles. worked on my new schema for my collection. Also starting to learn a new program for 3d modeling.

Oh nice its a skill you will learn baby and bottle in one hand phone in the other lol . How did you discover NFTs in the first place ?

I was involved in crypto in 2017. I actually tried to get my own NFT project going. What's ironic, is it didn't get much further than just the idea, as I couldn't find a visual artist. Never occurred to me, to just do it myself, seemed quite complicated at the time

Of course so now you have done the work yourself was wax always going to be the place to launch it ?

Opensea had a lot more going on back then, and it was only a few pennies for gas , so eth was the better option. But Now there is no real other choice Besides wax. Their staking system is better than the pay for everything you do model.

How did you come up with your project ?

My wife showed me my sons sonogram picture, and it looked like he was flipping it off. with that I made my first NFT . Nobody can stop at one just NFT , so I Downloaded my first art program and just stared painting

Awh nice so how many NFTs have you made now ?

Just over 300.

Do you mean you have minted 300 or 300 themes ?

300 themes aka unique NFTs .

Oh wow that is some amount and which is your favorite ?

MY favorite is generally whichever one I am currently working on.

Really can we have a pic of that ?

Well I have been working on a new series. I have about 50 nfts ready to go. Here is one of them. Let's see if you can guess what the new series is about.

Peace love and stoned as f$$ked lol

That is pretty accurate lol . I am also working on my newly acquired Uplift land. I working , I mean I'm pretty much doing yard work in Minecraft lol

Oh god my 4 year old is plays Minecraft lol

How did you create that NFT ?

Lmao, I spent one day stuck on the wrong server getting killed by zombies and the next day stuck on the air. So your 4 year old needs to help me out here lol .

Ha ha ha been there lol .

First I sketch out the idea on my pc, and then add different layers . I then download it to my phone and and use several apps to manipulate the image. The final step for some pieces is to add animations .

How long does each NFT take to make ?

It depends, the longest part is coming up with the idea for the most part. Sometimes I just start drawing and see what happens . Some take just a few minutes others I work on passively for a week or so .

Ah so depends on your mood ?

Well I don't keep everything I work on, some . Some just don't make the cut and get deleted .

Ah would that happen to many ?

Not really mood ,more like a time factor. Perhaps after this interview , I'll add a bunch more collectors. So I can create NFT art full time . Yea I delete a lot as I don't like things to be too similar .

Hopefully . Have you done any collabs yet ?

I signed an artist contract with a well known project on wax. Honestly I am not sure if I am allowed to talk about who it's with just yet, but I am excited.

Y****i ha ha he is bang on .

Yea, I think it's a big deal for me.

It is indeed !

The whole team is busy, so I'm basically just waiting to be notified when it comes out.

Ah . Who is your dream collab ?

How about every wax artist working together on one collab. I have an idea to get the ball rolling on this. I'll make sure to include you when I'm ready to announcement something .

Oh defo . Who is your favorite artist ?

That would be Bro Bro Kenn Bosak. He's the #1 Bro G artist on wax. Also I've heard He may also enjoy Herbal Refreshments .

He might do lol . What's the biggest collection in your wallet ?

Yoshi drops, I have like 2200 NFTs lol

Oh wow

Yea, they will all be stakeable. Almost all the nfts I own are earning me some sort of passive income or will be soon .

Is this a full time job ?

Sure is, always a ton to do. It's one of several full time jobs. luckily i do them all at home .

What is the others ?

Well one would be taking care of the little one. my wife and I have an online clothing business, as well as a sports card business .

You have your own clothing business ?

Yes, we sell New and Used Clothing on a few sites including ebay. Also going to be adding T-shirts of my NFTS that will be made to order on amazon .

Oh class .

I have a ton of stuff planned , just not enough time .

Of course .

That hardest thing for me to do, is name my finished work. I have about 100 ready to go, but figuring out how to mane them is the reason they are sitll waiting .

Ah dont over think them .

I'm not sure anyone cares about the name except me anyway lol .

I kinda agree if i like a peice Il buy it I wont check the name . Tell us something random about yourself ?

An Art collection that I used to Own was Featured in a book .

Oh cool what do you do for fun when your not creating nfts or changing babies nappies lol ?

My favorite thing to do, is make my son laugh. Since he started laughing it's been a daily goal of mine.

Love it where can we find your nfts to buy ?

For Wax, I drop all my Newest Items on Nefty Blocks

Also Starting to Drop 1/1 Pieces on Eth

this is my gallary for my ETH stuff

I want to make an NFT for the article, and we put the claim link at the bottom. So if they read it, they get a reward .

Checkout this Crackers Interview Exclusive drop!

Perfect . How can the community keep up to date with you ?

My Telegram and Twitter are updated with every Drop. People that interact in my chat may get a surprise from time to time.


Telegram - RoyalDexNfts

Before we finish up is there anything you would like to say or add for the readers ?

If anyone has a cool idea or would like to do a collab, LFG!

Just dropped this one .

So thanks to this talented artist he has given a free NFT for everyone who reads this article don't forget to claim it and also check out his NFTs he has for sale and his community pages .

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Written by   410
1 month ago
Topics: NFTs, WAX, Passion, Artist
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1 month ago

Another Awesome NFT artist .

Thanks for the drop yay 💚

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1 month ago

Thanks buddy!

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1 month ago

Yey. Got it..thanks 😁

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1 month ago