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Meet the artist behind Cardinal Land

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2 weeks ago
Topics: Artist, NFT, WAX

So if you don't know cardinal land well there second series just went live earlier so now could be the chance to jump into I got to speaker to the artist about this and how much work he has put in .

Hi! I am the artist of Cardinal Land.

Hey how you today ?

I am fine. Like everyday. Wake at 6 in the morning, small coffee cup and back to work.

Did you do any work on the project today ?


Will you ?

I have a normal live, work and family. I spend free time in live drawing. You can check my Instagram and maybe from this live drawings I will make a new big project.

Oh really is that in the planning ?

Yes. All can be possible. Let's talk about Cardinal Land.

Of course .

So very simple. I am an artist and I have a lot of indie game projects behind.

How did it start ?

For example in 2011 the game call Contre Jour for IOS become reached #1 in App Store sales, and win few important awards. But like always, I am the artist behind the screen. Also I draw Graphic Novels (Comics) books.

How did you discover NFTs ?

So NFT is now everywhere in the news, and for a artist is natural to understand this part of the art market.

Why Wax ?

We found WAX very convenient for the NFT. Plus no gas fee. The blockchain works much faster if compared to Ethereum blockchain.

So what is Cardinal Lands ?

So the Cardinal Land is a NFT collection based on Cardinal Land Game. The game was also have a good entry on IOS, a few years ago.

How did you become part of Cardinal land ?

Back in time I was a part of the team behind the Cardinal Land Game. And the artist. I created all the arts, animals, designs. Was one of my favorite game projects for the last years. And the idea to go forward, from the game to NFT, I supported with confidence. Of course the Art is only a part of the work. So DogoTogo give a second chance to my art vision of this animal collection. A new breath.

Awh so this project started from a game how do you the cross over went?

Yes. This Project is like a Next Level of evolution of a awarded game on Apple platform and this is a good thing. The good art must raise in time and grow in value. And the NFT was a perfect time. I supported from the start. The idea to convert and perfect the already this good foundation. And personally, the story behind this collection give more value for the project.

When did project come over to NFTs ?

You know right now in the world exist NFTs made form art of the old masters, like Michelangelo. The Art museum make from real Art - NFT. Was like in July this year the first release, of Series 1. But the idea come on March this year. It came by accident and a part of this journey was R Planet. You know R Planet? They support us with the Series 1.

Oh R Planet supported series 1 ? How come ?

Yes. This was a good recommendation and relationship and they have good experience in NFT. So a good start for us. To get some help on the first project. But right now with Series 2 we move forward.

So what can you tell us about series 2 ?

This are amazing and totally new animals, big part of them originally wasn't released before in the original game and expend the Cardinal Land Art NFT collection to the next level. In general DogoTogo NFT announce a Roadmap on the web page.

Oh really IL add it ?

So the plans are very big. We want to have a good Art quality NFTs on the market. This collectibles must survive the time. The plan are simple, make a Premium NFT. We get inspired by Apple and Steve Jobs. The quality define the product. So for long terms, when the market will be really overloaded with tons of NFTs, only the good projects, with real value can survive.

In the second hand, we live in a "fake" or "half virtual" world. Sometimes we forget the beauty around us. This collection is about Animals. They are a big part of ours live and our Planet. This Collection is like a NFT library of animals. We can collect them, exchange and sell. But is a good reminder for us.

So you cardinal lands is here for the long run so at this time how many animals have you guys made ?

Yes. We are for a long run. But step by step. They are around 250 different animals in 3 series.

Oh wow does that include blends or 250 separate animals ?

Also DogoTogo NFT announce (in Roadmap) a Dinosaurs collection. And this come interesting. All animals are made by scratch . They look like low poly art, but they are more done like Origami.

You can see an example.

So the answer is, all are 250 separate drawing one by one animals. And because of specific gameplay design, they are made in perfect shape, with simplicity of the form, connected point, and reminds the art of Origami.

What was the first one you created ?

Was a hard work behind, with a lot of days and nights lost. I don't remember. But I think was like 2-3 of them. Pigeon, elephant and a flamingo.

Awh what has been your favorite to make ?

From my childhood I was in love with animals. I collect cards and make a 3D models from plasticine. But I like the tiger, giraffe, gorilla's and also birds. We even want, with DogoTogo, to make a game (maybe NFT collection) only with birds. This is why the name of collection is a Cardinal. :)

How long does each NFT take to create and is there much discussion about each one ?

Was a long trip. First the art itself was made for the game 5 years ago. But in the game was use only 30%of animals. Rest of the 70% wasn't released. Because they was made for the game No. 2. So in one day I created 3-4 animals. Depending of information we collected before the task and for NFT was much easier. Because the art was made in a vector format, was very flexible to transfer in NFT. But the concept and categories was time for discussion. The main point was quality before hurry up work.

You understand what I mean? We delay the release date for the Series 1 for almost 1 month because of quality check and the Series 2 for almost 4 months. So I hope the Series 2 will be successful. And then the Series 3 will come faster.

Of course what programs you using for creating ?

Photoshop. For the Mythic cards we use iPad Pro and some cool programs. I don't know the names.

No worries will there be along wait between series 2 and series 3 or is series 3 just being talked about ?

Series 3 is almost done but we still need time between release dates and we prepare a lot of nice surprises. For more details I think DogoTogo NFT can answer.

Of course so you excited for launch of series 2 ?

Yes. I am always excited when people appreciate our hard work. And when people invest, collect, exchange our collectibles. Then our work continues its life.

Has there been any collabs in cardinal land yet ?

With external artist no. But with the NFT collection the DogoTogo NFT and DogoTogo Creative Studio are fully involved and responsible. My responsibility is to control the Art quality. As far as I know, DogoTogo are open to any good collaboration. And like with the experience with R Planet, also maybe in the future projects we can collaborate again with them.

Ah do you collect NFTs yourselves ?

Yes. I have a lot of them to . But I take it from secondary market, because Series 1 disappear before my login even start. It was impossible for me to buy it in the first line. Series 1 was sold out in les then 5 seconds and with my internet connection I was out from the first Drop. 😅

Ah what is the biggest collection in it ?

For the moment I collect only Cardinal Land. I am not very good in Crypto and that things I would like to collect some cool NFTs.

Ah is there any other project you keep an eye ?

On the Wax I like the R Planets projects and some nice projects are in Opensea. And they are very expensive, if you are not in first line. On the Opensea I keep my eye on "Bored Ape" project and "0N1 Force" have a very good Art.

Is this a full time job ?

No this a DogoTogo project and because I was a part of the company few yeas ago, before I move to my new life location, I support little bit them. This is why I share with you my Instagram I have some other projects in my desk. Right no NFT is not my full time job. Even a half. 😂 But who knows. Next year, like an artist my focus will be more on art development and Concept Art for games and movies.

Can I ask what you do for a full time job?

Concept art. Its easy to check it on LinkedIn and I have there some cool concepts.

Like in example. For the next years I like to expand my knowledge and achieve more skills in this direction. NFT is only a side effect of my love to good and quality Art. And NFTs are fare away for a good quality Art. Right now is a lot of very bad quality projects. In the movie and game industry, the quality control are one of the most important things. I hope in NFT world will be the same in the future. But right now is a totally "mess".

My god you should have your own project . What do you like to do to unwind?

I love to have time with my family but I also have a huge ps4 game collection waiting for me. And less and less free time for that. But I collect games, Graphic Novels and comics.

I know the feeling . Tell us something random about you ?

I think my Instagram account reflect my hobbies. 😂 I was born in Romania. And the best of my live time lived in Ukraine. Now I move from 3 years in Germany so is not the final destination. I love art and I wish to have more time for my own projects. I have a lot of ideas, but not to much time free. I have two kids. I would like to draw more Graphic Novels. But right now, is a very hard topic. To much effort and very low revenue. But I get crazy with drawing.

Comic NFTs are getting bigger is that something that would interest you?

So I still fight to get better and don't stop learning all my life. I don't think I will be interest in long time period with NFTs. Maybe with some Huge projects on the future. After DogoTogo NFT journey End. I will chose the Projects very careful. In the end is my reputation.

Where can we keep up to date with your project ?




Where can we buy NFTs from Cardinal Lands ?

Links to the drops and secondary market are on the website.


Can we do a giveaway ?

We should Yes, we can do a giveaway

Of course so before we finish up is there anything you would like to add ?

I hope the community will appreciate our effort and Art of Cardinal land Series 2. And we will put more effort in the future, to bring this Premium collection to the next level. Also we want to make people happy. And I hope they will enjoy our NFTs. Thanks for the questions.

They will and thank you for your time tonight and look forward to hearing and seeing more of your work .

Thank you. And I hope we see you next time! Have a nice day, evening. By! 🙌

You to .

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Written by   465
2 weeks ago
Topics: Artist, NFT, WAX
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This look quite cool, I like the concept.

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2 weeks ago

You are extremely wonderful based on your level of imagination and creativity. Your construction and composition is cherished. Keep it up and stay blessed.

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2 weeks ago

Can I ask the artists for permission to use of his concept art pictures for my phone wallpaper.

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2 weeks ago

So ... Where's the giveaway? 😆

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2 weeks ago

Hmm maybe retweet it on twitter

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2 weeks ago