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Meet the artist behind Antylers

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The one thing I love is that there is so many different types of NFTs available to buy on the WAX blockchain and this is a cool little project that has been going for a while so sit back have a read and find out all about Antylersworld.

Hey man How you?

Hello! I am doing great! How about yourself?

I am good just finishing up work for the day

Being in America, I have just begun work today!

Will you do much work on the project afterwards?

Of course! Whether I make the efforts public or not, I attempt to spend a decent amount of time everyday to better the Antlyerworld collection!

How did you enter the crypto?

Throughout the past five years, the acceptance and coverage of Crypto has grown tremendously, and during those years the amount of curiosity grew within me. It all started with a few coins in a trading app for me!

Whats about NFTs what made you look into them?

It all started while I was looking into the possibility of buying real estate in the meta verse! I completely stumbled into the NFT scene without a clue!

Was it long after that you decided to create Antlyerworld?

It was that same day in which I created my WAX wallet, and later that month I created Antlyerworld!

So tell us about Antlyerworld?

Antlyerworld is a collection of 64 bit pixelated objects that could take on many forms. For example, there is no set boundary for an Antlyer. Some would call it a bird, others would call it a flying egg; or a flying-bird egg! Every Antlyer is made by hand on the computer; no auto-generation or use of any code!

What do you call it a bird or an egg?

Personally, I like to think of it as something that came from far away; like another galaxy! But that is the beauty of the Antlyer, you can make it what you want!

Have made many Antlyer?

There are 116 Antlyers currently out there!

When did you first launch?

December 24th, 2021 was the date I created my collection

What was the first NFT you dropped?

The first NFT that I dropped was the Mutant Antlyer, and it was on the same day that I created my collection!

How did the community react?

Initially, there was little to no reaction at all! I had no idea what I was doing and it took me a week or two to really understand what I was doing. After that, everything has been really great!

So you said have 116 NFT how often do you drop a new one?

It varies but approximately 1-2 regular “initial” drops per week, while trying to do 1 blendable “fragment” drop every two weeks.

Oh so your very active with the project . Does the community make suggestions for new creations?

Not yet, but I would love for that to happen! Actually, you’ve just given me a few great ideas!

Oh brilliant so how do you come up with the ideas for each NFT?

Random creativity mixed with some research usually turns into the product. There is also coordination within the collection; such as the Bionic Antlyer sets, rarity tiers, different variations, etc.

What programs you use for creating?

I use pixilart and Adobe PS.

How long does each one take to create?

Roughly 30 minutes to one hour depending on what I’m doing. If I’m testing out new ideas, it might take me hours

Do you have a favourite?

Yes, the Melted Antlyer definitely is one that I like more than others

How come?

The uniqueness, along with the color arrangement, just seems perfect to me.

Love it was it one of the first ones you built?

Melted Antlyer had a set number of 28, and it crazy to think that it actually was one of the early Antlyers!

Oh wow so it was one of the early ones have you done any collabs yet?

Not yet, but I’m currently looking into doing one! I’m open to doing collabs with anyone that resides within the WAX community!

Is there a dream collab for you?

Lost Masks, Bohn art, Breadcritters, and chair would be amazing to collaborate with! Can’t forget about WAXBALLZ either!

(Rumors there is a Waxball Antlyer collab happening)

Do you have a favorite artist you like to collect?

For my favorite artist to collect, I would have to say Bohn art or lost masks. Bohn art has such a unique feel to it; almost like nostalgia. I love collecting the Lost Masks due to how visually appealing they all look.

What's been the hardest part of your project?

The hardest part of my project so far would definitely be the learning curve. When I created this project, I had zero knowledge about NFTs. Due to the helpful community, and the ease of use systems put in place, I have studied and worked my way to a general understanding of NFTs. The complexity of the entire field would definitely adds to it.

Whats been the best part?

The best part would be the community that I was able to create around pixelated art. The entire WAXP community is a friendly one, and I’m just glad I get to call it home.

What your family think of your project?

Although my family doesn’t understand what an NFT is or the purpose behind them, they are extremely supportive of my collection!

Have you brought anyone into wax?

Not that I know of, but I do a lot of marketing towards my collection; and that is only available on WAX. I hope I did!

When is the next drop?

The Computer Antlyer just dropped yesterday, and there are three more drops that are currently live. I will have a flash week where there will be almost 20 different drops live for seven days, starting on Friday. Also, I have a giveaway and a contest going on!

What you like to do to unwind?

To unwind, I like building cars, cooking food, watching sports, and relaxing.

Oh cool building cars tell us something random about you?

Something random about me would be that I’m a huge sports card collector! I have been collecting baseball cards my entire life!

Would you ever like to be a full time in NFTs?

100% would love to be full time in NFTs. That has been the goal and dream that is driving me to always keep learning and getting better!

What is the long term plan for your project?

The Long term plan for this project would be to build a community around Antlyers, and to keep that community going for as long as I can!

Where can we keep up with the project?

Twitter would be the best place to keep up with the project

Also, my linktree has every Antlyerworld link imaginable

Where can we buy your NFTs?

Any chance of a competition for the readers?

I don’t have any competitions that come to mind, but I do have an idea for a giveaway if you’re interested! My last Antlyer pack sold out in a day, and there is no return of it coming any time soon. I was thinking about giving 1-3 of those away!

Oh brilliant . So before we finish up is there anything you would like to say or add?

Before we finish I would like to say thank you for having me on and doing this MTA with Antlyerworld, I appreciate this opportunity! As for the last bit, I would like to add that I am looking for collaborations within the WAX community!

Of course its my pleasure.

And I’m always up for working in something again in the future! This was a great experience and had a fun time!

Well we do a Friday night YouTube show its normally on at 16:20 pst

I would love to join in sometime!

Excellent Il pass you on are calendar.

To win one of his packs check out the link below

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Written by   631
1 week ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist, NFTs
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