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I know this artist for a while but I didn't know he was creating his own but he is and yea its A.I created but his community is loving it and has just dropped a new series called The Paper Back which dropped yesterday.

Hey man

Morning, I just woke up . You good?

Cant complain man what's the plans for the day?

Today I'm free my brother, I don't open shop on weekends, so ill be smoking up a storm with the wife and finishing of some stuff that I'm busy with for the paperbacks

Ah so you wont be working on the NFT project?

Yes I am my brother, I'm working n a collection now at the moment Cyberpunk Cityscapes

I know you have been around the Wax blockchain for a while what brought you into in the first place?

What brought me into it in the first i remember it like yesterday, I used to involved in crypto and a lot of it evolved being on twitter and from the I started following @FromNullToZero and won my very first NFT from him and that was me caught hook line and sinker

When did you decide to start creating?

Start creating was about 7months ago, got into a fight with my wife she was storming up and down the house enraged and I took that moment put it into words generated my first batch of images and the "The Good, The Bad, and the Pissed off Bitch!" was born

Ha ha ha so your first batch was because the misses was annoyed lol?

Took the words out my mouth brother

Your art is A.I generated right?

Yes that's correct

Can I ask why you choose to go down that path?

To elaborate a little on that which path, A.I NFTs the path I walk with my brother Nytewolf, A.I I like the realistic stuff so its easier with the A.I, NFT's always been a lover of art use to draw a lot before my mother was taken by cancer so in away I'm drawing again, the path of the 22's well if you cant be humble and humble in the things you do towards yourself and others there's a problem, and meeting Nytewolf and everything he does and stands for we just clicked

So what was the first NFT you dropped?

The Good, The Bad, and the Pissed of Bitch! TEMPLATE ID #656740

How did the community react?

To be honest better than I expected they enjoyed the concept bunch of pissed of woman getting together and cleaning house and making the world a better place and it all sold out actually the whole of chapter one/two sold out

Oh wow man that's good how many NFTs have dropped altogether?

Wow now you giving me home work, The Good, The Bad, and the Pissed of Bitch! totaled about 220, then herofanart1 is standing at about 1300 already, and the paperbacks are still a baby

How are you creating your NFTs?

With great difficulty I'm at constant war with my chat.openai AI I have an idea or concept that I give the AI to help me create a prompt from then ill add the effects lighting backgrounds textures etc. and then I must give credit to playgroundai id say 90% of what I choose to publish is created there

How long does it take from typing in the A.I to finish NFT?

That's a tough one anything from 5min to a couple of hours, though i must say ive spent three days on Wolverine just to get his claws in the right place

How many programs do you use for creation?

Currently three I'm using to help me with my prompts, and then I'm creating on and and from the two platforms ill choose the best and they get published

Is there a favorite you have created?

That's a tough one id go with something new I just started with the heroes The Kremlin Conqueror NFT ID #1099904172922 basically the hero up against the evil of today in this case we have The Kremlin Conqueror[Vladimir Putin] as a Super Villain

Have you done any collabs yet?

Yes I started the Mashup Sundays where I gave other artists the opportunity to create there version of a hero or villain where we saw the like of @NoName4AmiGo @VicktorSWAT @burnerSquare to mention a few, but with the loadshedding in South Africa we more without power than anything else so I stopped I was to unreliable to dedicate myself to Sunday due to the power issues

Is there a dream collab out there for you?

Wow that's a hard one but id love to do something with the Horrors, Ultra Rare Collectibles

What your favorite project on Wax?

I would have to say NoNameAmiGosBand NFTs

What has been the best part of doing your project?

Best part the people I've met one of my best friends and who i consider a dear brother to me Albert Goikhman I met in this industry amongst others yes id have to say the people

What's been the hardest part?

Dealing with the loadshedding I don't get to stay constant with my work its very erratic sometime I release daily and then sometimes ill have like three gaps

When the next drop?

New collection went live yesterday

Nice how much are they?

Round One: 8Wax

Round Two: 26Wax

Round Three 44Wax

Il give you the quick breakdown

  • The Paperbacks Present...

# Cyberpunk Cityscapes A series of futuristic cityscape illustrations that embrace the cyberpunk aesthetic. Think of densely populated urban landscapes with towering skyscrapers, neon signs, holographic billboards, and a sense of both high-tech advancement and urban decay. #

Round One:

  • [Common] a Collection of [Common] cityscape images.

  • [Uncommon][Buyers Reward]

  • a Collection of [Uncommon] cityscape images.

  • Recommended selling price 17Wax.

  • Stake your [Uncommon] at 00.0017AMG/p/h. #

Round Two:

  • [Rare] a Collection of [Rare] cityscape images.

  • [Epic][Buyers Reward] a Collection of [Epic] cityscape images.

  • Recommended selling price 35Wax.

  • Stake your [Epic] at 00.0035AMG/p/h.

Round Three:

  • [MasterWork]a Collection of [MasterWork] cityscape images.

  • [Legendary][Buyers Reward] a Collection of [Legendary] cityscape images.

  • Recommended selling price 53Wax.

  • Stake your [Legendary] at 00.0053AMG/p/h.

  • The End: [Collectors Reward] A thank you for collecting the whole series.

  • Recommended selling price 62Wax.

  • Stake your [Collectors Reward] at 00.62AMG/p/h.

  • Stake your Rewrads here:

This is the [Buyers Reward] for that drop

Inspiration for this collection comes from a good brother of mine @NoName4AmiGo and you can catch up with all his work here

Will you be spreading your project to other blockchains?

I'd like to yes at some stage like to move over to OpenSea list my stuff for ETH or POLY

What you like to when your not creating?

Then I'm part of WIFI company keeping 200plus clients happy, a father, a stepdad, and a husband to my beautiful Queen B

What does your Queen B think of your project?

She loves it and she's involved in everything from my ideas to choosing the NFT's which I publish, she's really been very supportive

That's class she is so supportive .where the best place to keep up with the project?

Herosfanart1 at

The Paperbacks on twitter mainly on my page

Where can we buy your NFTs?

herosfanart1 @

The Paperbacks @

Any chance of a giveaway?

Anytime you choose the character Hero or Villain ill work some magic and well call it the Crackers Special, you can round up wallet addresses and ill add the to the Whitelist, drop only obtainable by leaving there wallet address, and the drop will be limited to the amount a wallets you give me, is that fair

Sweet bro so before we finish up is there anything you would like to add?

Be humble be humble at what you do, stop believing the media because 90% of what we taught is a lie, and question everything that's why the great book "Basic, Instruction, Before, Leaving, Earth" its written "Seek the Truth". Other than that thank you for this opportunity I thank you and bless you my brother.

Couldn't agree more bro its been a pleasure

Pleasures been mine my brother I enjoyed this thank you

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