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Meet one of the team of Grey Badlands

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I found out about this project through a Discord channel and they set up with one of there team members and they sat down and chatted all about the project if you want to check there project out have a look here and see what Chic had to say about there project


Hey welcome

Thanks I am nervous

No need to be how you today?

Well, it's been a hard day's work

Of course did you do anything exciting today?

Work, kids, stress... a normal day haha

Oh I know that feeling . How did your crypto journey start?

In 2018 I heard about cryptocurrencies, when BTC was at $6000. I remember they were going to start with the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork. I bought BCH and the next week BTC fell to $3,000. A good start haha. Since then I have been fascinated by this world.

So your in a while lol . When did you come across NFTs?

In 2020. I started with Alien Worlds. It seemed incredible to me that someone could earn money just by clicking a button. I've been obsessed with NFTs ever since.

And what made you start creating?

In my wanderings in the NFTs, I met a Hispanic youtuber named Flash. We became great friends and for a while I was a moderator on their discord, where I met all kinds of people. In that community I met MRP and Buti, who are the creators of Gray Badlands. They asked me for advice during the development of the game and without realizing it, one day I was part of the team.

Is flash the artist who was creating super hero NFTs?

YEAH! Amazing collection

Lovely guy I chatted to him a while ago . So you just happened to be in the right place at the right time?

You can say yes. The BOOM of the NFTs arrived and together we went through all the possible games. Successes, disappointments, scams... We became obsessed with NFTs and that opened many doors for me.

Of course so how long did you join grey badlands?

Practically from the beginning. I created all the Lore of the game and wrote the comic

So tell us all about the project?

Grey Badlands is a circular economy game, where you will take the role of a commander in command of the last colony of your race, the Greys. It will depend on you to succeed in your mission or not. We are now starting to create a base economy to get the game flowing, but there will be a lot of news and updates to come soon.

Is the game nearly finished?

The game is already running publicly. We are at the beginning of our adventure, collecting resources and crafting new units.

What is the aim of the game?

It is a P2E game. By collecting resources you can repair your troops and craft new ones that will help you become stronger within the Grey Badlands metaverse. But as I say, this is only the first phase of the game. We plan to expand the metaverse to incredible limits, where our players will be proud.

What do the missions entail?

How would you like to have your own ship and be able to explore a large number of planets, where you can exploit their resources and their ecosystem? or even colonize them with your troops? Sounds good, right?

Yes that sounds amazing so will it be like commander and conquer?

At the moment not at that level haha ​​we are a small team and those types of games are beyond our reach. Grey Badlands is a click to earn, but let's say it looks like a famous game called Ogame, do you know it?

I don't so its a simulated game as such so how do the battle play out?

All that section is still in development, taking care of both the details and the art of the game, which is something we like to highlight.

How far we away from it?

Probably in Q4 of this year

So not that far away . To start playing what do you need to start playing?

You can start your adventure with only one troop of your choice. That troop will collect a type of resource that you can exchange with other users according to your needs. The three current resources are food, metal and crystal, with the latter being the most valuable.

And how much will that cost?

The most basic troop in the game is the Scrapper, and right now you can buy it at AtomicHub for only $2.55

That's not to bad how many types of troops is there?

There are 4 different troops that mine metal, 3 that mine food and only 1 type of troop that mines crystal. That is why it is so valuable.

And is there a in game currency?

The resources are tokens, they have their own market in Alcor, where you can sell them in exchange for Waxp to be able to buy another resource or keep the Waxp as a profit

That sounds interesting so how big is community playing at the moment?

Well… we all know how the crypto and NFT world is right now. We are experiencing a fairly powerful crypto winter and logically this has made our player base not what we wanted, but we are trying to use our marketing techniques well to attract new players, who we know will enjoy our game a lot with the new updates.

How long has it been open to the community?

The game has only been running for a month, this is just getting started

So its still quite new have you got much feed from the users?

There are all kinds of feedback from users. Considering that the pre-sale of Grey Badlands was in December, when the crypto market was still good, some users believe that it is difficult to recover their investment right now, but many other users are happy with the game and want it to succeed. We are always looking for options to be at the top of Wax.

How many different NFTs are available at the moment?

Right now our collection has 68 NFT templates, from packs to troops.

Oh wow that some amount how often do you drop a new NFT?

For now there will be no more NFTs, it is not necessary to sell more NFTs on our part. The players themselves will be in charge of making the game grow by crafting new troops for new players.

I am guessing if you guys create a new kind of troop you will need to create a new NFT?

Of course, in that case we must create a new template for that NFT, but with the amount of troops we have right now it is enough. The game must have a balance

What was the first NFT you guys dropped?

The first drop we made was only for troops, depending on the pack you bought, you had a greater chance of getting a higher value troop. 4 months later we dropped Addons, which are accessories that you equip the troops to make them better.

Do you know what was actually the first created NFT for the game?

The Grey Trooper, of course. The Greys are the protagonists of our story. A strong race that can with everything

How did you guys decide on the design?

That was not my thing. The creator of the characters was the CEO of Grey Badlands, @MRP. He tried to create some quality NFTs, something never seen before in Wax, and I think he accomplished the goal. Really the art of the game, both in the visual aspect and in the narrative aspect, is something that we have taken care of down to the last detail. We believe that the strong point of our game is without a doubt the art that we have created. I invite you to see the comic to check it

Do you know how long each NFT take to create?

Many hours without sleep, of course hehe Keep in mind that each NFT is not just a character with an animation. Each NFT is a 3D scene with lots of plugins and details. Have you seen the Praetor? It is fascinating to see him swim in the water.

No would Praetor be your favorite NFT?

My favorite NFT is the MRP-666, an android with a superior IA that is capable of extracting metal in large quantities from inside radioactive mountains.

Do you like it?

love it .

And this is the Praetor.

They are amazing it looks like alot of love went into that!

Yes, we try to take care of every last detail in our art. The comic is a great example of this. Look

That's amazing is out there to read the whole thing?

The comic is on sale for a price of $10 and with a limited supply of only 600 units. It is a collectible item that will have benefits in the game for those users who hold it

Oh is that a hint for holders

Haha yes, this is privileged information

Oh nice . Is there scope in the project for collab or crossover

At the moment we have all the artists we need in the team, but we do not rule out collaborating with other projects. It would be great to be able to create hybrid art with other Wax projects.

Is there one you would love to work with?

There are very good projects in Wax with great quality NFTs. My favorites are RealmNFT and Novopangea. I would love to collaborate with them.

When be the next big update for the game?

Probably late Q3 or early Q4. I can't give details on this yet, but we will announce it shortly. It will be an update that will bring many new features, such as expeditions to new planets and new resources.

Any chance of a competition for the readers?

Since you dedicate yourself to writing, how about a contest of stories about the Grey Badlands universe where your readers can win magnificent prizes?


Nice! Let´s go!

Il let you set the rules

Without rules. Let the imagination fly. Just write a story of between 15 and 20 lines related to the Grey Badlands universe. We will announce the contest in our discord and specify the prizes

Brilliant where the best place to keep up with the project?

Mainly in our discord. It is where we publish everything related to the game

Are you on twitter?

Yep and if you wanna contact us:

Where can we buy your NFT?

Preferably at Neftyblocks, they were very supportive of our project from the beginning. Although you can also do it from Atomic Hub. NEFTYBLOCKS:

Atomic Hub:

And where can we play your game?

In our website Just click in "Play Now" and start your adventure in Vaenion X!

Before we finish up is there anything you would like to add or say?

Yes. Be careful when you take your first steps in Vaenion X. Do not trust anyone and above all, if you see a Gozak, run without looking back

Love it thank for taking time out to chat to me its been a pleasure.

The pleasure is mine. I have loved sharing with you in a short time and I hope to do it again in the future. Thank you! For the colony!

So guys get your writing hats on join there Discord and write them a just write a story of between 15 and 20 lines related to the Grey Badlands universe.

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Written by   641
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Topics: WAX, Artist, Game, Interview
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