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I owe Mikecreati big time for setting this up interview up for me with Novopangea late last month I chatted all about the back ground of there game and what they hope to come up soon and because there new drop is due to come out in a few days I thought no part time to release this chat.

Hey man

Hey bro!

How's things?

Good man . How are you

Cant complain what you working on today?

PvP and PFP overview deck. Dev is working on townhall level 3 and those features

So busy enough!!!


How did your crypto journey begin?

Word of mouth from friends. My buddy actually told me he was mining Bitcoin back when it was $200 each. I wish I understood then. But my first token I purchased was XRP. Then I found WAX and loved collecting cards, art and gaming. Felt like home.

When did you decide to create your own project?

The group started talking about it over 2 years ago. After reviewing some of the projects on WAX I was in. It had everything I love. Cutting edge technology, product development, entrepreneurship, creativity, data, gaming, collecting and a passionate community!

How many of you are in the group?


How did you guys meet?

We used to work together in corporate America

So tell us about your project what's the idea behind it?

The project concept has evolved from when it first started. Novopangea originally was story/lore first backed by beautiful art. As the project evolved we understood that Novopangea is the community first and for most driving the experiences. Right now we have a multi-player economy Web3 game on the WAX blockchain. Our game is centered around the community working together to advance their game play. We are also going to start leaning in on the story driven by our amazing community.

Ah so basicly your project evolved from an art collection to game that's amazing . What is the aim of the game?

It is different for each user. We are really designing it for the community to work together. Some love the social aspect, some enjoy the gameplay others like the token. We will continue to evolve the gameplay from the communities feedback that aligns with the main vision of the project.

How would you describe the game to a new player?

I tell them in is a multi-player economy game that you can play a number of ways. It is designed to play as fully sustainable or hybrid user. You do not have to own every asset to enjoy and progress in the game. You will always be able to lean on the community to complete tasks and earn resources.

Is there many assets to own?

Right now there is land, buildings and skilled workers the vision is to expand to realm specific resources and PVP. Those will introduce new assets

And is there many resources in the game?

Right now there is obsidian (main in game currency), food, building materials, energy and our NOVO Token

What category would you put the game under?

Strategy right now multi-player play and earn

What did y0u base your game play on?

Clash of clans, Starcraft and Final Fantasy X

I put so many hours put into clash of clans so at the moment how many buildings is there to built or is it ownership of NFT

We have 3 resource buildings. Energy Mines, Food Facility and Materials Factory. We also have Residential buildings where your Skilled Workers need to sleep. All of those are NFTs . We have a district town hall that the community needs to level up together to unlock new game features all buildings and skilled workers can be leveled up in the game.

Players are based in districts will there be a change when PvP so people have there own town?

No players will have a home district but will share it with others.. However, a player could own all 200 plots of land (NFT) in a single district but it'll make the game more challenging to not have the support

So each district has 200 plots (NFTs)?


How will the PvP work?

Not ready to reveal in full detail but will be working on the mechanics with the community. That discussion will happen soon

Of course is there a time scale for release?

Not yet. Will need to flush out the requirements more with dev before we release a date

When did the original project launch?

December of 2021

Do you remember what NFT launched your project?

Yes our sketch packs that showed the art teams original sketch's of the chapter 1 cards

How many NFTs have you created since?

We have our chapter one story card releases we have our chapter 2 story card releases we also have our game assets.. land, buildings and skilled workers I think its just over 1 thousand.

How long does each NFT take to create?

It depends on the complexity. Have you seen our legendary cards?

they are fully animated with auto and they are very story driven so those take a lot longer than a game asset

Of course so how does the team come up with the designs for new NFTs?

They are just rock stars we give the concept of the story or game feature and they make their magic happen

Ah is there many artists working on the NFTs?

Yes we have a different artist for each realm.

Oh really how many realms is there?

6 Space, light, shadow, time, earth, water

How are each NFT created? Are the hand drawn or A.I or done on procreate?

For the art all NFTs are tied back to the lore. We will give a brief of the lore and if the NFT is a for the game, we will also tell the game utility

Is it hard coming up with the lore?

Yes and no. We live Novo but we are going to start leaning into the community more

Is there any that stick out?

Oh yes!!! All of our legendary cards

I have seen some of the artwork they are amazing

They really tell a story in them

Is there a favorite for you?

This isn’t my favorite but I think it does an amazing job with the story part

You see how the main character Amanzi loves to explore. She is exploring a space wreck. You se a shark turtle with space realm tech attached to it. You also see the water realm creature helping clean up the ship wreck in the background. The water realm and creatures work together to keep the water clean

That is amazing I see what you mean that they all tell a story?


Has there been any NFT collabs with other projects?

Yeah I think it was blockchain heroes before we launched our chapter 1… no others yet.

Who would you like to work with?

Projects and artists that will add value to the community

Of course so it would be down to the community to vote on it?

I wouldn’t say a vote really. But if the project had good intentions and fits well with our values, then yes

What has been the hardest part of doing the project?

User acquisition mainly onboarding non Web3 players

Have you on board many?

That is hard to answer. If this was a traditional mobile game, no. But for a game in WAX that launched during the bear Market.. I think it’s pretty good

So your happy with how the on boarding is going?

After next month ;).. we are going to work on it next month to improve. I’m very happy with the reaction of the players who has on boarding. They love the game. They a very excited and happy because there is a lot more gameplay than many other games

That's great to hear what would you say has the best part of the project?

A lot of strategy community focused

Of course

And amazing art and lore the community’s excitement has been the best part. That is what drives us to get better everyday

What does the team like to do to chill out?

Haha.. Novo is a lifestyle. but everyone loves to spend time with their family. I also am trying to learn how to play golf.

Trying to learn golf lol why?

I love to challenge myself and learn something new. Also it is very relaxing being outside

I get it . What does the family think of the project?

They are supportive but would really like to see more of a work life balance.

Yea that balance can be very hard!!!

Yes it is buddy

Is the game available as an app?

The game is web based. You can play on desktop and mobile web.

Where can we buy your NFTs?

Users can buy with fiat and other crypto besides wax in our store

NeftBlocks with WAX

Novopangea Shop

Head to the Novopangea Shop to pick up Novo Gaming Assets, Packs and Apparel. You can also buy spots in our exclusive Novopangea Pack Breaks which we host on Twitch every week.

Chapter 2 Creators Pack - novopangeaio on NeftyBlocks | The #1 Tra...

Where is best to keep up with the project?

Our discord… hands down its very active. I live in there. We always post updates about the projects, news and events there . Also by creating a NOVO account. We send emails to keep the community active Also has all the links

When is the next drop coming?

PFP… which will act as a passport to the world of Novopangea!! We will be releasing a super limited number of each realm… these will be to founder PFPs. Very excited for it

When will that drop?

May 24th all the art is done. Working on the go to market strategy now.

Any chance of a competition for the readers?

I wont with the founders PFPs but we can do a chapter 1 writer's pack

Is there anything else you would like to add?

No and thank you very very much for your time and interview


I will be playing the game over the next few days so stayed to tuned to see my review of the game

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