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Meet one of the team behind VincentvanJoe

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1 month ago
Topics: NFT, WAX, Artist

I am quite proud to bring this the colours and the design are so vibrant and plus it has dinosaurs who doesn't like them it has everything to make a great project so I got to chat one half the team check what he had to say . Oh there is some sneak peaks of there new NFTs .


Hey! How's it going ?

Good and you

I'm doing good as well .

What's the plans for the day ?

I am actually flying back home to Seattle, WA Today. I was in Ohio to visit family.

Is it a long flight ?

It is about 5 hours .

Oh god long enough .

Hahaha yeah it is a trek for sure.

Will you do any work on your NFTs when you get home ?

Yep, we are getting prepared for our largest Series yet .

Oh brilliant when you hoping to go live with that ?

We are shooting for end of October launch date.

Oh cool so what brought you into the crypto world ?

It was when I was in college. A few friends of mine started talking about this thing called bitcoin, and how it was the future. It was the time of the Mt. Gox. collapse. I didn’t start investing until a few years after that, but it started me down the rabbit hole of researching and trying to understand what this crypto thing was all about.

When did you discover NFTs ?

I started to get into NFTs early this year.

When did you decide that were going to create NFTs did you have a project in mind?

It was around the same time. I got really interested in learning all about NFTs and how to make them. My “first” project was on open sea. I only did it to learn more about the process. I didn’t have any expectations. I used to create tons of intentionally crappy photoshopped stock market art back in the day, so I used those as my first collection stock market fine Art .

If you know anyone interested in an Eel on tusks you just let me know. Lol

Oh lovely so when did you decide to move to WAX ?

Hahaha. It was around the time of the Topps MLB drop. I was stacking some wood coins and WAX NFT creator Blockchain Cards whipped out a Wood Gang NFT it what seemed like minutes, and sent one over to me. I was instantly intrigued as to how something was ready to go what seemed like instantly.

And did you have a project ready to go ?

Not at all. As you can see from my beautiful art I have my limitations. I was having tons fun learning and playing around with everything though. It was around that time I asked my friend Trevor who is an amazing artist if he would be interested in starting a little side project just for fun. Very similar to Stock Market Fine Art our main objective was to have fun and enjoy the process. We started having some brainstorming sessions for the name of our project, collections, and goals.

So its a team effort ?


Ah so tell us what is the idea behind the project with series 2 coming out soon will be there anything to keep an eye out for ?

Our next and largest Series yet will be Deep Sea. It will still be a more traditional style project for us focusing on high quality collectible art and fun blends. From there we plan to start expanding beyond the art itself. We have some ideas brewing, and are planning to bring another one of our friends expertise to continue to build a fun experience for our collectors.

Oh cool so we need to stay tuned to see what happens . How many NFTs have you created ?

Yep! We have created 75 unique NFTs so far with a total mint count of 5,966 in circulation

Oh wow and what was your very first one you minted ?

One of my personal favorites

The ultra rare velociraptor skull .

That was your first and your favorite can I ask why ?

I have always loved dinosaurs and fossils that is part of it for sure. The main reason though is that we turned an idea into something "real" it was so cool and exciting. At that point even if we only had put out our first 5 fossils and called it a day, I would have enjoyed the journey, but we weren’t done yet.

So dinosaurs are a real interest for you have you thought about doing 4 NFTs of dinosaur's parts for collectors to blend together to create a whole dinosaur ?

Funny you should say that. We have 2 complete fossil blends out now. Our Raptor requires 3 Series 1 fossils, and the Liaoceratops requires 4. A mix of series 1 blends and series 2 fossils

Oh they are amazing . Have you done any collabs yet ?

Thanks! Not yet. We really want to though. One of our biggest opportunities right now is to continue to grow within the WAX creator community.

Of course who would be your dream collab ?

That's a tough question. There are quite a few really exciting projects out there right now. Ultra Rare has some really amazing art and it would be fun to work with them. WAX Arena might be our top choice though. They are doing some really cool stuff.

Oh that would be an armed up dino lol .

Haha, No one is gonna F with an armed dino that is for sure

Who is your favorite artist ?

Another tough one. Damien Hirst is up there. Especially now that he is in the NFT game.

Of course . So will your project just stay on wax ?

For now that is the plan. We played around with Algorand NFTs and ASAs for a bit as well. I’m a big believer in Algo long term, but the WAX market and community have been much more fun to work with.

Is this a full time job ?

Part time/hobby for the both of us. It would be amazing to turn this into a full time venture.

What does your family think of your project ?

They think it is really cool. My dad is a full-time artist, so it was hard for him to understand why NFTs were selling for such crazy amounts, but he still thinks what we have been doing is cool and fun. I’m starting to finally convert him though! On a more personal note, my mom was always very supportive. She passed away 2 months ago from metastatic breast cancer. She loved keeping up with our project and seeing all the cool stuff we were working on. I miss getting to share all our fun progress we have made with her, but I always think of her and how much she would enjoy seeing the new things we work on.

I lost my mam to breast cancer nearly ten years ago its great that she got to see it at least . What the biggest collection in your wallet ?

Sorry to hear that F Cancer. In terms of number of NFTs Robotech. in terms of value probably Funko or Topps. I enjoy dabbling in a lot of WAX projects. It is addicting .

I know its quite fun watching new projects come out of no where !!!

It really is. It's hard to keep up with how fast the community is growing. We only started in late May and it feels like a life time ago.

I know that's the fun part of this community . So where can the community stay up to date with project ?

Twitter is our main outlet for updates

We also have our site where we will release teasers. you can also view our entire collection on our site.

WAX NFTs AtomicHub:


Open Packs:

Blend Cards:

Tell us something random about yourself ?

I'm about to be a dad at the end of December! Really looking forward to it, and will be fun to have some down time from work to work on our project even more than I have been able to.

Being a dad is so brilliant I have to kids 4 year and 10 month . What you like to do for fun when your not creating ?

Very nice! I have a few hobbies that I enjoy. I like to think of myself as a "maker", so I am always building something. Carpentry, Coding, Lego, Cooking, Etc. Any time I get to build and create It brings me joy. I also enjoy going out to local parks and trails with my wife and pup.

How do you split the work load of the project between the two of you ?

We both get to do what we enjoy most, so it works out well. Trevor is the man behind the art. I take care of minting, setting up packs, drops, etc. as well as the site and social media. It is a pretty balanced workload.

Have you been friends for long ?

Solid amount of time. It’s been almost 9 years

Are you both based in the same town ?

Yep, we both live in the Seattle area .

Brilliant . Any chance of a drop or competition for the readers ?

We would love to give away some series 2 space packs!

Oh brilliant what would you like the readers to do

If they would like to comment their WAX address in the comments section we will randomly select 6 winners. 5 readers will win a Standard Space Pack and 1 lucky winner will receive an Ultra Space Pack .

Brilliant that is generous .

We really love the WAX community, and I have really enjoyed myself today! It’s the least we can do !!!

Thank you so before we finish up is there anything you would like to add or say to the readers ?

Just want to say thank you for the chat, and we want to give a BIG thank you to the community for all the support we have received so far. It’s very humbling seeing almost 2000 unique accounts holding our NFTs! Also stay tuned for our Deep Sea Collection at the end of October! We are really excited to drop our biggest collection yet! Here are a few mid progress sneak peeks for the readers.

No thank you for your time .

Of course, any time!

So to be in with a chance one of there packs leave your wax wallet below .

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Written by   410
1 month ago
Topics: NFT, WAX, Artist
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