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Meet one of the team behind Stoney baloney

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1 month ago
Topics: NFTs, WAX, Artist

So I have been keeping an eye on this project for a while and since there big launch day is today I reached out a few before to try get the low down on the project and its team happily one of the team was happy to chat to me this is what he had to say .

Hey lee how's things ?

Hey, good. You ?

I am good I am guessing your up to yours getting ready for tomorrow ?

Yes, you are correct. Trying to cross all T's and dot all I's .

Of course its the first officially drop so I am guessing your excited ?

Excited and anxious def just trying to get to the finish line .

Well lets start at the start how did you discover NFTs ?

Sounds great! I discovered NFTs when I saw Elon Musk's wife's work back in March. My twin-brother, Mike and I live in Los Angeles, CA and have a background in TV production and had an idea for an animated tv show about the Stoney Baloney premise, but after learning about NFTs, I thought Stoney Baloney could be a great NFT opportunity.

Why did you choose WAX blockchain for the project ?

I was introduced one of our advisors is Joel Comm, who's behind Blockchain Heroes. He suggested wax as he knew we wanted to build a brand and thought wax is the best platform for trying to drop a card collection

So this is not going to be a small project you want to create a brand ?

Oh yes. We wants this to be the roots of the brand .

How long have you been working on creating this ?

For some time now. Prob 6 month !

Oh wow so what's the project about ?

Stoney Baloney, where Marvel meets marijuana, is a parody NFT collection of superheroes inspired by cannabis strains. Join Master Kush, Purple Haze, and the rest of the Stoney Crew as they battle the evil Dr. Herb, in his quest to conquer the world's supply of cannabis.

Ah so its a super hero vs Evil villain ?

Yo got it!

So tomorrow how many NFTs will be coming out ?

5000 packs. 65000 cards .

How many different NFTs ? As different characters rarities ?

12 different characters, 7 different variants and a bunch of added cards, puzzles, etc Yeah, it kinda snowballed!

Wow that is some collection to launch . What is your favorite one ?

I think the "Alive" variant. It's the variant with each character animated

Can we have a pic of it ?

Better yet, show you the card

Pineapple Express Alive variant .

That is amazing love it . How long did that take to create ?

Thanks. about 2 weeks .

What programs was used to create it ?

I believe after effects .

Have you any collabs lined up ?

Yep, already did one with Monsters of Rap 2, Graffiti Kings. Have some planned with Bropunks and Blockchain Heroes

Who would be your dream collab ?

Hmm, great question. have to think about it for a while .

Il let you think about it what artists you hold the most NFTs of ?

Right now, it's Graffiti Kings for sure. Love what they're doing over there we have a team of artists and a team that does operations. Maybe 10 total .

What has been the most exciting thing that has happen since you started this project ?

The validation from the fanbase, hands down! Have people buy some of the side collection pieces already, amazing feeling!

Is this a full time job ?

No, I hope to make it one very soon .

Can I ask what is ?

Business development consulting .

How does your family feel about your project ?

They love it. Fully support. If you've been in our telegram, they've been in videos.

Oh brilliant . Tell us something random about yourself ?

I can freestyle rap pretty well .

What you like to do for fun ?

Spend time with family and friends in the outdoors

Love it I always like getting out . So where can the community keep up with your project ?

Telegram https:

Website :


Can we have a link for where we can buy your NFTs for tomorrow ?

Any chance of a competition or a drop for the readers ?

At this I don't have anything for the readers but maybe down the road .

Ok no problem so before we finish up is there anything you would like to add or say to the readers

I look forward to the NFT business growing and seeing where it goes and if people are able to pick up a pack or two that I hope they enjoy it. Thanks for the time and the platform .

Not a problem anytime .

They official open there project for you to buy today at 4.20pm EST so check there link and maybe even buy one they have a look of great finished NFT and this could sell out fast .

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Written by   418
1 month ago
Topics: NFTs, WAX, Artist
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These are awesome! Unfortunately I can't buy another NFT until I get rid of some, but when I I do I'm definitely picking some of these up.

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1 month ago

The Alive looks nice

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1 month ago

That was cool NFT in there.

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1 month ago

That nft looks cool! Haha! But so sad! They have no drops! Yayy haha

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1 month ago

They launch today

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1 month ago