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Meet one of the team behind Don't Count Your Chickens

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This is a new project that is a just two weeks away from launching as they say its a P2E NFT-game that uses "NFT stealing" mechanics! So I reached out to see what the fuzz is all about and I got the low down on the game it even has a few secrets in here so put the reading glass on grab a chair and have a read.


Hey how you ?

Well thank you and you?

Cant complain short working week this week . How's your day been?

Very busy so good. How about yours?

Day job finished for the day so I am happy out . So I suppose we start at the start how did you get into crypto?

So basically Fifa trading led to Stocks and Shares which then led to crypto

So you telling me Fifa ultimate lead you down to crypto that's mad . How did you discover NFTs?

Basically and the free time during lockdown . A friend showed me Splinterlands in Jan 2021 and from that I went down a rabbit hole and discovered alien worlds and WAX.

How long after did you decide to build your project?

After about a year, it was after seeing how cool the wolf game mechanics were and there was nothing like it on WAX. I also noticed there was a high demand for RNGs from the community. I spoke to a smart contract developer, who had already built various games on WAX, about the possibility's of a "stealing" contract on EOS. From there we built the game out and added some other mechanics that use the RNG.

And the idea for the game where did that come from?

It is inspired by, rplanet, officeland and the bancor/uniswap swap mechanism.

What is the aim of the game?

From a Dev we are all wax ogs so we wanted to create something that cant be blotted for an advantage, where the gap between whales and smaller players is narrowed by the use of RNGs. Once we have overseen the launch we want to continue to build out the DCYC brand. Things like the sandbox, a unity game, a mobile game is the direction we are aiming at.

As a player, with the current scope, you want to get as many chickens as you can in preparation for PVP, which will come 75 days after launch. By the end of pvp we will have another minigame ready that uses our same smart contracts, the player just interacts with them in a different way and the UI will be different.

You also want foxes, as these steal NFTs for you when someone mints, and all chicken NFTs pay a fee to foxes when mining. There are 4 options when it comes to collecting tokens, each with varying odds of "success". Upon failure you pay a varying fee to foxes, depending on the mission selected

Oh wow that sounds really cool so it sounds like you will need a collection of each type of NFT? So what happens to the fee you pay the fox's ?

Ideally, yes. The fee gets sent to pool and distributed to foxes depending on their rarity. There are also "Elite" packs for a higher fee. The NFTs from these packs, be it a fox or a chicken, also get a % of all withdrawal fees.

And will this be in a native coin to the game or WAX?

Native. We will use wax in-game in the future, sometime in between launch and pvp, but I cannot disclose anything about this yet. If you mean pack, both WAX and native

What will the native coin be called?

You have GOLD as the token that you receive from missions and for making in game purchases. GOLD can then be swapped to EGG, which can either be withdrawn or used to buy packs. GOLD cannot be withdrawn from the game.

So is EGG listed on Alcor?

Not yet its on the testnet though . There is another EGG on Alcor but our token design is very different and we don't see it being too much of an issue

What will be the exchange rate between GOLD to EGG?

Im gonna quote our contract dev here " pricing should be determined by market activity and liquidity can only be provided by emission. This model follows a bancor/uniswap style pricing model" On launch it will be 1 for 1 but that will change very fast but then hold steady. A way to reward earlys.

When is the official launch of the game?

Its not set in stone but we need to launch before the end of august to stay within the timeframe we were given by atomic hub. So the 25th is the goal. Its a Thursday which we feel is best day to launch.

And will you be ready for the 25th?

Yes. We could launch tomorrow but we want to get marketing done properly.

Have you done much marketing yet?

We did some when we launched the discord back when we first spoke. But we noticed the demand for us to be whitelisted so then held off till we got that. Over the past week both I, our artist and mods have been working on collaborations. We will organize banners closer to launch and are looking at other ways such as AW and the new Landbox on wax

Do have done many promo NFTs yet?

We are giving away stickers(can be blended into ticket packs) daily via discord or givelab and currently have an invite competition in the discord for standard packs

How many NFTs have you guys created so far?

8 chickens 5 foxes

That's one big cock lol

I don't think this one has been revealed yet

So there will be different rarities?

Yes, this is where things get interesting for chickens we have 1 x uncommon, 2 x rare, 2 x epic, 2x legendary 1 x mythic in the packs . Sorry we have 9 chickens, we recently added Vermundo as the common that will only be airdropped to ticket holders, not in packs. Then for the foxes there is 1x rare, 2 x epic ,2 x legendary, 1 x mythic in the packs

How many NFTs are in each pack?

You get 1 NFT from a pack 90% its a chicken / 10% its a fox .

How much will a pack be?

Our starter packs with lower odds will be around $15, the standard pack with 10% fox will be around $30 and the elite packs with 10% fox and all NFTs get withdrawal fees around $75. In egg the fee will be EGG 1,555 and 450 packs in total can be minted daily, due to the EGG emission rate.

And can I ask how long would it take to get to withdrawal?

Depends on when players withdraw, you can claim instantly after they have withdrawn. There is a unstaking cooldown so you cant just buy a NFT, claim its accrued fees and sell. Foxes on the market can also steal NFTs, so you could get 2 for the price of one.

Where did you come up with the designs for the NFTs?

This was between the artist and I.

Was there many redesigns?

No not really. Only some game items that we will introduce later, a bomb for example, changed it from a counter strike esque bomb to an old style cartoon bomb. The NFT boarders were reworked as they felt a little bland. We used the bomb here too.

Is there many other weapons or animals NFTs to come out?

A special character will be available in class two packs(roughly 25 days after launch). There will be a 2% chance to get a special character and foxes will be reduced to 8%. We will add the bomb later which can be used to guarantee your pack cannot be stolen. This has not yet been disclosed.

Is there room for collabs within the project?

Yes, and we also have a mechanic in place that allows chickens to be "equipped" with NFTs from other collections. Thus increasing your mining power.

Who would you love to collab with?

Alien worlds or starship xD For the audience

And for you?

For me personally I like Senor Lupe, I think Byron does cool stuff, pulp friction ah the horrors there's loads I cant think of right now too. Game wise, I don't mind the collection as long as they are doing things right. IE not giving away thousands of NFTs to bot networks.

What has been the best part of this project?

So far learning about smart contracts and the friends I've made.

What has been the hardest part?

The smart contracts or the tokenomics have been the most difficult.

How you finding the community?

Well that depends but in general I feel everyone here is like minded and a lover of new technology.

How many is in the team?

We are five in the core team and have recently recruited two mods so seven in total.

Where you all based?

Europe. Spain, Belgium, UK, Germany and mods Ukraine.

Oh cool have guys meet up yet?

No just Discord calls. We want to go to the Neftyblocks event in Holland and will meet then I imagine. The artist and I are, the smart contract and front end devs are close, in Belgium and Germany so I imagine they will come too but I haven't checked if they are definitely coming.

Where will be able to buy your NFTs?

We will do drops on Neftyblocks and AH and then for the in game packs we have our own shop contract.

Do you have a website?

Yes, its

Where do you keep the community updated?

Via twitter, medium and discord and we have recently started posting to the TG

When you hoping to drop the first pack?

We will be dropping ticket packs for the first two weeks of august and then the main pack sale will be after launch. The game will launch with the common chickens that are airdropped to pass holders and given as rewards for completing tasks. We hope to drop on Thursday the first batch, I was doubting but we have managed to increase activity the past few days so tomorrow we will make a decision.

Any chance of a pack for the readers?

Definitely, So lets say couple of standard packs and a starter pack or an elite pack and a starter pack, up to you

Thank you so much . Before we finish up is there anything we have left out?

Okay great. Not that I can think of, I think we touched everything. Well there is a mission bonus. But not till after launch. While on a mission, you send your chicken north, south, east or west, eight times (8 hour cooldown). If the final location is where the hidden treasure is you will win wax and EGG.

That's one way to finish an interview on a hidden mission thank you so much for your time.

Thank you! Its been a pleasure.

Pleasure is all mine.

So Guys I have a few of there packs to giveaway check out the link below and check out there game coming on 25th August

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Written by   641
1 month ago
Topics: WAX, Artist, NFTs, Interview, Game
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