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Meet one of the artist from The Last Judgement.

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1 month ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist

So I reached out to this team and I didn't release that I had actually interviewed part of the team before one of them was behind the project Token Girls and I can gladly say I was happy to see they wanted to chat about the new project but this time it was the new partners turn so let see what he had to say .

Hello. I'm Gorxela from The Last Judgement.

Hi and welcome . How you today ?

Great. And how was your day, if you don't mind me asking?

Good spent it with the family . Did you any work on your project?

Yes, did some sketches for the project. Not all of them turned out great, but it's just sketches. Only the best of them will eventually become NFTs.

So how did this project come about ?

Initially it was John's idea. He wanted to do something new, but since he already has one project he's involved with, he asked me to help and I agreed. I'm a beginner artist, so for me it was an excellent opportunity to grow my skill and test myself. And I'm having a blast working on this project.

Oh so this is your first NFT project ?


How have you found working on the project ?

Oh, as I've already written I'm having a blast working on it. Most of all I enjoy exploring pixel art as a medium. It wasn't really my preferred medium before the project, but John and I decided that for The Last Judgement pixel art was essential, since one of the main influences of the project as a whole are retro video games (Metroid, Castlevania and others). So I had to adapt and learn a new medium for me. It isn't easy but I'm pouring my everything into this project and try to grow my art skills constantly to create the artwork that viewers and buyers will enjoy.

And where you aware of NFTs before you started the project ?

Yes, since a lot of the artists on social media and YouTube were talking about it. I was actually considering creating NFTs myself, but John asked me to help with this project. I think that NFTs are great for beginner artists like myself to improve and support themselves.

And would wax been the blockchain you would of choose ?

Yes. Since it's constantly growing and is fairly accessible to newcomers.

How did you meet john ?

We've been friends for a long time. He's very industrious and full of ideas. I actually helped him in a lot of his personal projects before, but never as an artist. Plus it's the first of his projects that I'm not just helping with, but co-creating.

Oh so you have worked Tokengirls ?

Well, I wouldn't say "worked", but I helped him when he asked for help.

How many NFTs have you created for this project so far ?

All of the current and future NFTs in The Last Judgement. And some collabs. Can't take all of the credit for TLJ though, John was the one who designed them.

So how many is there so far ?

Well, about twelve, if I'm not mistaken. And a lot more are in the works.

Oh cool when does the next one drop ?

We want to try something interesting with TLJ, so we are going to release the whole project in one go, but that will take some time. Meanwhile we are going to organize giveaways and post teasers to keep people interested. The next giveaway will take place some time next week, if nothing goes wrong.

Ah so do you a favorite in your project ?

They all are my favorite, but if I had to choose one it would be The Hero of Wands. Mostly because of the lore, that I created for him.

Can we have a pic ?


That is class how long did it take it create ?

The art itself took about 4 hours. Design and lore took a lot longer.

What programs do you use for creating your NFTs ?

Mostly Aseprite. Sometimes I also use Photoshop for small edits and PureRef for reference images.

Have you guys lined up any collabs yet ?

It's a secret! I'm joking, mostly. We've got a few collabs in the works and we are always open for offers. We think that collabs between different creators are very important for the community.

Of course and how would be your dream collab ?

Our dream collab would be with Ultra Rare.

Who is your favorite artist ?

In the NFT community or in general? My most favorite artist and inspiration is Frank Frazetta.

I had to look him up I have to say his work looks amazing I can see why you like him

What is the biggest collection in your wallet ?

Well, I'm still new to the Wax community, so right now I'm only considering different collections for investment.

So I am guessing this is not your full time job so what is ?

Construction worker by day, freelance artist by night.

Oh cool tell us something random about yourself ?

I really like parcour, even though I'm not good at it.

What do you like to do to unwind when your not on a building site or working on NFTs ?

I read mostly fantasy or draw .

What does your family think of your NFT project ?

They support it, mostly. They like that I'm trying to become a full-time artist, since making art is what I love.

Of course can you show us any of your drawings ?

Hmm , well there is one art that I did while trying myself at pixel art.

That's cool hope that will become an NFT . How can the community reach to find out more about your project ?

All of the information about The Last Judgement can be found on our


People can also view our collection on AtomicHub:

So before we finish up is there anything you would to say or add ?

Thank you for your time and thanks to all who're following our project and looking forward to the release of The Last Judgement. We're pouring our souls into this project, so I hope that you all will enjoy it. It's going to be apocalyptically great!

I look forward to it .

Wonderful. So, if that's it I once again thank you for your time. The interview was fun, so I hope that we'll have a chance to do it again.

I am sure we will .

I look forward to it. Have a wonderful day.

You to .

So thanks to John for setting up the interview and for Gorxela for chatting to me keep an eye out for there project give them a follow on Twitter and the lads have kindly given me some NFTs to give away so please drop your WAX address and try say thanks to them on Twitter .

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Written by   418
1 month ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist
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Oh Gosh, I want some of his piece I hope I'm not too late huehue.


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I get Secret of Mana flashbacks rx2r4.wam

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I love it to be honest and i sent one to your wallet

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Thanks it really gives me that Secret of Mana feel not sure why probably the detailed pixel style loved that game...played the PS4 version last Christmas

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They really nailed the 16bit aesthetic for me. 1ccb2.wam if l have enough ram. If not, I'm going to try to part with some.

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Good read! As always.😇 rzcb2.wam

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