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Meet one half of the team of POPCORP

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1 month ago
Topics: Artist, NFT, WAX

So I recently started an interview with one of the team from POPCORP and this has been in the works for a while but as they getting ready for a new drop so I happily worked around there schedule to bring this to you guys and it was a pleasure to chat to Run .

Hey! This is Run from POPCORP .

Hey nice to meet you Run .

Likewise .

How you today ?

Super busy to be fair but good overall . yourself?

Brilliant finished work for the day so chilling looking around at some crypto projects . Where you working on your project today ?

Nice, which project has caught your eye?

I was actually looking at crypto Defi projects for my coins and I meant were you working POPCORP .

Ah yeah was working on POPCORP😆 I need to get more up to date with Defi projects tbh . A lot of promising stuff .

I know I struggle to keep up myself . How did you discover NFTs ?

We discovered it as we were seeing artists who we followed and liked, starting to release some of their digital artwork on decentralized blockchains as NFTs. Given that Mat, our designer, has a very extensive experience as a graphic designer, it was finally a chance for digital artists like him to finally have a place in the world of collectable art where their work is truly valued and to build their own brand and cool little projects without restrictions.

Of course and did you have a project in mind when you where starting ?

A project in mind that we liked or a project in mind for us to get involved in NFT’s?

When you were creating your project on wax did you already have an idea in mind?

Yeah absolutely, Mat started creating the project from scratch before we decided which NFT platform we would go with. With the idea that zombies were undead , we could immortalize our NFT's on a decentralized blockchain where they would be stuck forever, unless they were burned , which just fitted the zombie lore perfectly.

How did yous decide on WAX in the end?

We found that WAX had a very strong community behind that was particularly fond of collectable NFT cards which is what we are creating with POPCORP. Complemented with WAX blockchain dAPPs giving the ability of staking NFTs to earn passive income and play the games that people enjoy.

The secondary market also reminded us nostalgically of our youth , when we traded our cards with other school friends/ jumble-sale-esque market collectors to complete sets , get cards we liked....etc. We loved that vibrancy within WAX.

I total agree WAX has a lot going for it . And when did you mint your first NFT ?

Our first mint was for our undead promo card "Atomic Zweetmeat" we dropped it on the 17th of July .

That's brilliant I love the eyes just staring out how did the community react to it ?

Everyone really liked a free drop of course. It completely sold out in less than 5 minutes. Which wasn't too bad for our first drop ever.

Of course who says no to a free drop !!!!How many NFTs have you dropped since then ?

Right now there are 19,625 POPCORP NFT's .

How many Schemes you have created ?

6 schemas 50 templates .

Ah so is there a lot blending or different level of NFTs ?

We have 3 different levels: Decrepit > Awaken > Undead .

How many blending NFTs have you done ?

We did some for our Tumba Pack

Common and Special rarity NFT cards could be blended and turned from an Undead card to an Awaken (3.1 times as rare)

Oh wow how often you releasing new NFTs ?

We’ve only released one drop since launch which sold out. Since we favor quality over quantity we do drops every month to two months.

Our next one will be a mini-pack collab at the end of this month

Can you say who is the collabing artist is?

It is the amazing NFT Insider, who just got acquired by AtomicHub

What is your favorite NFT yous have made ?

For our designer Mat this one:

For myself:

Which one do you like?

I have to say the full colour over the rainbow its nice to see a zombie unicorn instead of a cutie lol .

Hahaha we like to break the standards .

Is this your first collab that you are currently working on ?

Yes it is .

Any other collabs lined up ?

As of right now, none officially set but potentially in the making . We will probably be participating in Oliveland's Incubator Program which should be fun .

Oh cool what's that ?

It's a game that Oliveland has with their NFT's in which you 'dig' ground to sometimes find some prizes

Oh cool when your NFTs going in there ?

By the end of this month .

How long does each NFT take to create ?

It really depends , on average from 40 to 70 hours.

What programs you use for creating ?

Photoshop and After Effects .

No problem . Is it just the two of you in the project ?

Our team is composed of two people full time and a part-time support team.

Oh cool . Who contacted who to start the project ?

Mat sent me the card "The Worm" a was like: this is amazing , we need to get it out there .

Awh cool where you guys from ?

Europe .

Oh cool what did you do before this ?

Mat, a.k.a. MATSO DEPARIS ( has been an artistic director and an artist with more than 17 years of experience in diverse fields such as motion design , brand identity and visual design.

He’s worked for some of the biggest brands in different industries, from fashion to finance, which has allowed him to broaden and absorb an eclectic taste, which made him create projects such as SUCK MY ART ( or POPCORP.

What's the biggest collection in your wax wallet at the moment ?

Wax Arena .

Nice . Tell us something random about yourself ?

Mat has an ear of one his friends tattooed on him 👂🏼

What you guys do for fun when yous aren't creating NFTs ?

We’re into sports and travelling . Mat is a movie aficionado .

When is your next drop ?

We will be releasing a collaboration mini-pack in about 2 weeks ( the goriest one we have done yet ), we will confirm dates on this next week. It will be a very limited number and higher rarity than usual.

Then we will be releasing our next big Pack (our first was the Tumba Pack) in October .

Awh . So can we link to where you communicate with the community ?

Yeah of course .

Where can we buy your NFTs ?

Currently only in Atomic Hub on Secondary Market

Any chance of a drop or competition for the readers ?


Brilliant so before we finish up is there anything you would like to say or add ?

We will be releasing drops and packs every couple of months. We favour quality over quantity hence whatever we bring to you, will just look insane and worth the wait.

Since POPCORP immortalizes characters through infection and consequent zombification, we’re working onto teaming up collab-style with some well-known nostalgic pop culture figures and take them through Mat’s wicked designer scalpel and turn them into POPCORP NFT cards. Some high rarities of those cards will have real hand digital signatures on top of each mint as unique 1/1’s.

We’ll be looking to do a high-quality limited edition physical card series that will have the same holographic and reflective UV effect as our Awaken cards, with potential AR features around them.

Expect POPCORP and it’s community to extend itself across various dAPP’s in the following months and cause a bit of havoc across WAX.

We’ll also be looking to add new formats for our cards to keep them insane, unexpected, slightly controversial and just badass overall.

We want to have fun with this project, and we want the community to have fun with it too. Expect the unexpected, expect us to break the rules of what’s considered the “standard” in the NFT space, and expect us to break new ground – from the underground up.

Thanks to Run for taking time to chat and check out his link to enter his competition and dont forget to give him a follow .

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Written by   409
1 month ago
Topics: Artist, NFT, WAX
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The drop is sold out 😅

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1 month ago

Was waiting for this then sleep! Good read and well done!

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Ha ha ha i am back up at 3.40 for work lol

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