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Lewd Momoko and his free PFP

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4 weeks ago
Topics: WAX, Interview, NFT, Artist

Right guys you might know this artist by Lewd Momoko or his other name as I originally new him by his Blackfang well he has been working in his art shop on a project for the last couple of months of his own type of PFP and he is finally happy to drop it

Hey bro

Hey man . How are you? It’s been ages since we had a good chat.

I am good man busy trying to constructing the advent calendar it feels like a life time since we last chatted . How are things with you?

I loved the last year’s advent calendar, really fun to collect, good luck on that. I’m really good. I’m also as busy as you are ngl 😂. I’m working with Ultra Rare doing variation work for them and other stuff. Also been working a lot on my own collection, I got my Lewdie pfp series which is launching this week, it’s finally coming ❤️ .Started working on this pfp series since December 2021 thinking I could finish it 1 month 🤣.

Ha ha ha so lets say 11 months work have gone into it now are happy with it?

Yeah well it took me 1 month to plan it and around 8 months to have the art exactly how I wanted it. I made 280 traits for a supply of 555. I’ve redrawn most traits at least twice and some even more. I had to take out a bunch of traits I didn’t liked. There was a long process figuring out what looks best for my series, I want it to be a step up for what is the current norm on WAX. I want my series to be at the quality that you see on other big chains like Ethereum and Solana. A lot of research went through into trait structure, supply, ranking, percentages for each trait. Last 2 months I spent on the Chain champs generator, making and testing the packs on testnet and then releasing everything else. A lot went through, I was in touch with so many people during these 11 months because I went to ask for feedback to a lot of friends/creators I trust because I wanted to perfect my craft and launch something I'm proud of which is exactly what it is right now. Since my collection “lewdmomoko22” I've distributed all my NFTs for free, my intent was never to release something I'm not happy of. It’s my passion that I’m focusing on and giving back to the community. So that’s why I took my time on it without pressure to make something I like

So I am guessing you are ready to launch now?

100% yeah, otherwise I wouldn’t have launched it

Has it officially launched?

Pack drop is on right now, it will launch on 4th of November 6PM UTC, there’s a whitelist requirement for the lewd momoko collectors with its snapshot on 3rd of November.

How much will they cost?

Zero Wax whoever has been collecting my NFTs and has rare or scarcer will be in the whitelist, there are 4 tiers, you can get up to 4 packs per account. Here is the whitelist requirement

The drop will have 355 packs in a pre-minted pool and will be available on a first-come first-serve basis for 1 month. The rest of the packs will be used for community via the collab trait creators, streamers, promoters, lewdie club giveaways.

You will make zero from sales?

From the drop yes. The only way I can make something out of it is from secondary market, which is a 13% cut. It’s never been about the money for me, i want to give back to the community and this time I'm planning to build one of the best communities on WAX starting with the Lewdie Club. It’s a private discord server, the only way to access it is you need a Lewdie pfp NFT and verify it using honeycomb. It has a few perks to join in the Club.

That's so cool man fair play . What's the perks?

Exclusive giveaways, I'm gonna have NFTs from lewdmomoko collection and from some other collections, I wanna reward the people the wanna be part of this community. Behind the scenes sneak peeks of my future NFT pieces.

So its worth it to be in there?

I’m not trying to create hype on empty promises, just stuff I can deliver. I wanna be fair and deliver something consistent, I don’t have expectations to be honest, if it’s gonna be just me and a few of my friends so be it, I'll have fun. We also have a Lewdie rank and leaderboard:

What else can you say about leaderboard?

Once it’s launched the leaderboard will fill with the holders if you look each pfp has 12 trait types, and some of those traits are very scarce top 5 are Special Edition type, you can distinguish them by the background with their mint number written in Japanese those ones are manually made and have the most 1/1 traits in comparison with the rest 550 which are Generative type

Where did idea come from the PFP?

In 2021 I was collecting some really cool PFPs from ETH and Luna and I realized that WAX never had PFP trait structure and rarity knowhow behind it. It was just illustrations with not much else. And I wanted to create my own take on this, I made something I would like to collect as a collector. There are communities like Hellcats on another chain which create PFPs to the next level, their community is there and they collect to and find the best trait combos that they like. There are so many ways to analyze traits, because it can be rarity based on a specific trait but it can also be the combinations of traits. I wanna raise the bar for PFPs on WAX at least to something I would like to collect.

And the designs?

I just went wild on it, imagine in 9 months I changed so many traits, I just thought a lot on it and tested what works, what looks good and went from there and got here. There wasn’t a specific source of inspiration, it was more like all my interactions, the feedback I had from my creator friends and collectors I kept showing it a select few I trust and with the feedback I had I kept drawing and drawing till I got here. All my friends are my source of inspirations the people that stood by my side all these months and supported me: Magnta555, Koneptonwax , Burst of Energy from Atomikings, B00n, Bmac, John from Token Girls, John and Richie from Ultra Rare, NFTComposer, Puftcreative, Chainchamps, Toad and many more.

Some great names in there and where they giving you plenty of feedback?

Well I kept asking them for feedback ever since I started because I was after perfecting my traits, I came with the goal to step up what we had on WAX and I wasn’t gonna do it without constructive criticism from the people I trust. And I'm really grateful they were all honest and there for me every single time I asked. That’s why I wanna give back to this community because we have so many valuable people in it, this is just the beginning for me. You are also a big value for the space Crackers, you’ve been consistently looking for more artists and putting them on the spotlight in your interviews. Hats down to you buddy, you’ve been here from the start . I’ll always support people that grind with us, we all gona rise to the top with our actions

Its great that you such support for you I think we have a community to fall back on in here I also find WAX is alot less toxic to other community's and thank you bro its a pleasure for me to chat to all you amazing artists . Can I ask what is your favorite in the collection?

The last mint nr 555, she’s a goddess wearing a bikini armor, you can’t get better than that, any anime fan knows the bikini armors are the most OP.

Of course and it has laser eyes

Yes the only PFP in the series that has those lasers.

Oh really is there any others that stick out for you

Lewdie #443 which is rank 8, she’s got a 1/1 Platinum Atomikings Tiara and has a good mix of colors.

Lewdie #393, rank 23, has a 1/1 Bloody Ultra Rare Trucker Cap and has that red background and red micro bikini, love how it turned out considering it’s computer generated

Oh really how did you find using computer generated art work?

well I made all traits and I put the rarities I need to attain and let it generate random combinations in those constraints, I'm pretty happy how it came, a lot of good combinations there, all 555 PFPs are unique here’s the trait structure: you can see how scarce are some traits, I've done a lot of research on this as this is very important for me and also for the big projects on other chains

Would you do another PFP after all that?

It was a lot of work ngl, probably in smaller sets so it’s easier to manage but after I finish some other stuff I wanted to do so gonna be a while for sure

What will you be working on next?

A little series of a manga, but can’t tell more as I haven’t even started working on it. It’s gonna take a while as well as I wanna nail this at the level I want

Any collabs coming up?

Haven’t started yet but I want to do a collab with Mykee the creator of Red Panda and one with Senor Lupe ❤️ I would like to do these collabs as I love their art.

Of course I would to see that is there anything else you would like to add

The lewdpaper, a litepaper that covers all my progress and all the information in the lewdie drop: Gonna keep this updated along with my website . Any updates will be updated on Twitter: . That’s all.

Brilliant loving forward to this drop thank you for your time.

Thanks a lot buddy, you a legend as always ❤️

Anytime bro honestly.

If you want to win one of his NFTs check below link to Win

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Written by   650
4 weeks ago
Topics: WAX, Interview, NFT, Artist
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