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Dagga Dudels are out there

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2 months ago
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Right guys this guy has been killing it in the NFT creation for as long as I have been here and we have chatted every time he creates sometime new . Its always a pleasure for me he started off as Mosaic Art when he was creating his birds but he has always tied to stay ahead off the curve and he is back with his new creations called Dagga Dudels which was apart of NFThive drop week .

Hey bro

Hey crackers

How you doing?

Good. Lot of stuff to do currently, some things planned.

You always have something planned so your back with a new project where did that name came from?

The name is born because of two reasons. First, the big lebowski is my favorite film. The Dude is a loser in the eyes of the most I guess. For me, with the way he understands and lives the life, he is a hero. Second, of course, I am influenced by the big collection Doodles. I love this style and you can see the influence in my stuff.

What's the project about?

It started with some simple cartoon characters but with the time, they become more. I had a lot of fun creating them and there were some ideas born out of the dudels which will become reality soon.

Would you call this a 1 of 1?

Yes, I definitely. As I mentioned before, they are influenced by the Doodles. But that wasn't enough for me. I wanted to do more as only change some body parts and colors. Every Dudel is unique and "handmade".

Is there rarities?

Well, there are rarities and traits. If you look at the attributes inside the NFT you can see the traits. Unfortunately, there is no PFP analytics on wax. But I know at least two projects which have started to develop that. I am in contact with them about and I really plan to release all rarities and traits. A ranking could be calculated then. This is future, but definitely a plan.

How many of mints will there be?

The Dagga Dudels have 100 main ones and I made 7 special ones for the artists who helped me a lot. In total, there are 107. The dark dudels have 50, but this is not a 1/1 project. When did you launch On 22nd of September

Is this a complete set or a series?

A series because there are the Dagga Dudels and the Dark Dudels. Also, born out if the Dudels, there are Salty Lemons cartoons which should be my main work in the future. But I also have plans to create Dudels 2.0 which will be a little bit different, but definitely again 1/1.

How are you creating them?

Good comes to mind and i draw them on my graphics software. All are spontaneous ideas, some were born of a happening in reality. What programs you using Mainly GIMP

Do you have a favorite out of them?

My favorite one is number #63 from Dagga Dudels and #5 from Dark Dudels

Is there any utility with this collection?

You mean what are the benefits? The Dudels have no utility in the classic way like a game. The Dagga Dudels are eligible to claim future Dudel and Salty Lemons NFTs for free. Not every NFT, but a lot of. Dark Dudels were free for Dagga Dudel owners for example. My second "utility" is, I am planning to found a kind of newcomer support. If the project reaches certain sale status, I add an amount of wax to a wallet called waxtinyelves. From this wallet, I want to support newcomers and also established artists with several possibilities. The first 500 wax are added. The exact kind of support has to be defined soon. Additionally, if all 100 are sold, I will start a raffle where Dudel owners can win some amount of wax.

How much are they?

50 WAX each but as I said there is so much benefits .

Where can we buy them?

They are launched on NFTHive. NFTHive brings a lot of advantages for artists and the support is super extra class.

Are you working on anything else at the moment?

You can call it a spin off, the Salty Lemons cartoons. They are just in the beginning, I made just two strips and two with just one image with the story inside.

Where can the community keep up with the project?

How are community reacting to the project?

Awesome. I have never thought that people like Dudels that much.

Anything else you would like to add?

Only that I try to give something back for all that great support. That's why I created waxtinyelves. This and salty lemons are "under construction" and it needs some time to build them. Also, Dudels 2.0 will be created but it needs time.

We have a little competition for one of his Dudels on Twitter

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Written by   650
2 months ago
Topics: Interview, Artist, NFT, WAX
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