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7 months ago
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I original Chatted to this artist well over a 2 years ago and he is back creating after having a lil bit of a slow down and now he has expanded his project and creating rock scenes called block stars in the only way he know which pixel so lets gets pixelated.

Hey bro
Hey Crackers what's up?

Not much how you? I'm doing good.  Working on CRT racer magazine #10  right now. Mowed today, it's been nice out this way.

Nice how does it feel like to be back creating?
Feels good, never really stopped but did slow down and did go a good stretch without engaging on Twitter very much.

Well your back now and I have noticed your gathering a lot of new fans.
Yeah it was kind of a surprise.  Shortly after discovering this AI boom, and discovering midjourney, hopped on Twitter to see what other artists were saying about all of it.  And just randomly got a shout out from Bohnart.  And he had grown tremendously since we last were really on Twitter and that set off the new interest really.

You have now started to create new NFTs that aren't dirty bikes how come?

You mean the Block Stars?  Those were actually started as a side project in March of 2021.  I did that on the side, because it was also fun.  We basically looked for things we liked that other people really were not making and just made that. The two things were so different couldn't justify putting them both in the same project, but they do have a ton of crossover and both are referenced within each other.

So you now going gunhoo with block stars ?
No I actually do whichever I'm feeling.  So right now I'm working on the latest racer magazine.  Issue #10.  Did #9 a couple weeks ago and been dropping bit bikes at least once a week. But also if an idea for a new BlockStar comes to mind, I'll just sit down and create one.  It's really fun.   I like the variety.  I think both projects are interesting and I know that I'd be collecting them if Ii found them out there and I still actually do.

Is the racer magazine now a monthly drop?
No schedule.  I had the idea for 9 and made that with a lot of care.  And then I got approached about a collab for cryptocross with another project, and then a magazine theme came to mind and I got all into it, so this one will be out any day now.  It's only been a couple weeks but it feels right.  It could be 3 months before #11 drops. Depends.

And blockstars how many have you dropped so far?
I've dropped around 28 BlockStars, but they are multiple mints so there are actually a lot more available on the market.  Maybe got more NFTs in Block Stars, but for sure more templates and individual works in Cryptocross, by a lot. It's always gonna be the main project.

How is the community reacting to you coming back?
It's been very cool, some old friends as well as some really good new ones.  Hit it off with the Pixtalgia guys, Pixil Mini and Prime Rogue who runs a very legit NFT discord. Others as well, but if spent a few nights discussing all kind of things with Pixil Mini who is a very interesting person with a lot of great insights. I'm fascinated with the game he is trying to create and am also a big fan of what Pixtalgia is trying to do. Very cool.

Have you found since you came back there is a lot more serous pixel projects?
There is, and it's cool to see.  But I like all kinds of stuff.  I learned about NFTs through the Cryptopunks, so that is a major reason why I went pixel art.  I just thought why not do something awesome like dirt bikes.  There is a lot of computer nerd types naturally in crypto (which I am partly as well) but my point is there just wasn't much that I saw that was Something that I personally would want to buy at the time.  So me and my brother started making stuff that we did think was badass if you will.  I remember being a fan of Byron's Zombies and Boneheads you know but a lot of projects just were not quite as gritty as our tastes.  And that's fine.  Many people do not like our styles either lol.  Something for everybody in the NFT world is a good thing.

Have you any collabs lined up?
Yes have an aqua coin collaboration coming soon. I'm just learning about the Alcor exchange and that wax has it's own trading pairs.  I'm still catching up lol.

There is rumours maybe started by me that you could be doing a collab with Waxitalia?
Lol I'd be up for it.  I'm sure we could figure out something that works for everyone. Maybe an Italian flag themed Bit Bike or something who knows.

When will you be bringing any blends out or build your own bikes?

Check out the blend page on cryptocross have done several.  I really like the blend feature.  An awesome way to make some utility or drive demand for other nfts.

Any new stuff dropping this week?

Look for CRT #10 it's a collab with aqua and I think its close.  Also have an interesting bit bike release where it will be two bikes offered together.  That will make more sense when it drops. Cool idea my brother came up with.

Speaking of your brother you also have him creating now?
Yeah he has always helped me on bitbikes but has been doing a lot more there recently.  He is excited to get his comic actually going but we got so much going on as I'm sure we all do.  For whatever reason we got ideas coming faster than we can make them at the moment. It is not always like that and it for sure wasn't like that during the break I guess you could call it. He also sent me this huge Block Star drop idea that he was kind secretly working on.  I've always done all those by myself but he showed me something pretty interesting and so that will be coming down the pipeline as well.  Maybe a pack drop, we are not sure just yet.

Oh interesting is twitter still the best place to keep with you
Yes for sure.  No discord or anything like that at the moment. It hit me up on twitter

Where can we buy your NFTs?
Cryptocross1 is the project name on Atomic Nefty or Hive, but if you just head to you can find links to everything there for all our projects.

Anything else you want to add before we finish up?
I think that about does it for now, thanks a lot for catching up with us and hope Meet the Artist continues to grow.  It's a really great thing you do for the community.

Thank you bro its great to see you back creating and hope to see your project get bigger your community just as big.
Thanks Crackers!

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