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Crapuppets they are here

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2 months ago
Topics: NFT, WAX, Artist, Interview

Right you might already know who the creator is but let me tell you anyway its my main man Broken Dollz who is now coming up with a quite unusual project . From when Broken came on to WAX last year to when he came back this year with his Waxtrige this and did some killer collabs he is now back with his version of the muppets .


Yo yo

How's things?

I'm good actually, hyped about Amsterdam

Yea that's next Friday sadly cant be there.

Yeah what's with ya anyway?

Not much fiat mining lol . You launching a brand new project soon?

New scheme, if it works maybe I'll make a new collection It's still under the Broken Dollz right now , I think it fits the theme I'm planning to make it around Virls

I do think it fits Broken Dollz header . Where the idea come from?

I always wanted to do my own GPK, but didn't want it to be just another generic copy, I tried doing it with the Dollz but the art wasn't solid. So I came up with the puppets, the Crapuppets.

So the new theme is Crapuppets guessing from the name it wont be for kids?

Yeah , like, it's not really nsfw, but it's kinda edgy.

Ok we will call it 15s lol

Good idea!

How you creating them?

Photoshop and A.I

What way will this be working will it be done in series or packs?

Ok, there's a mini pack right now , that u can only get if u blend some of my candy packs, those pack has 2 NFTs, and there's a chance to get a viral. At Dygycon I'll drop the full packs with 5 NFTs . Holders of the Dygycon crapass will get a mini pack for free and a discount for the big packs and I'll raffle 500 $broke to the pass holders.

Of course do you have many ready to launch at the moment?

I have 12 char ready, with 3 rarity levels, some of the rare ones will also be $broke miners , and some of them can be redeemed.

So there will be 36 different NFTs would you call this series one?

36 and 4 jokers 1/1 40 and yes that's crapset1.

Will there max mint on each?

My goal is around 100 for the basic ones, 80 for the common, 60 for the uncommon. And still haven't decided on the rarer ones. I'll. Prob mint them in on Thursday and I'll decide it's not huge , not for the first season anyway . If it goes well I hope to make some merch to the upcoming Comicon UK on November.

Will they be blendable?

Not this round. Maybe I'll make something that can upgrade rarity levels but that's just an idea for now.

You said that there will be Virl redeemable in the project will it be a puppet or a card?

Shirts, stickers and irl cards , to make a real puppet is beyond my reach at this expensive to make right now

Will you be working on more straight away or will you wait to see how the community react?

Like , I know what I want to do, at least the basics, for the first season and the virls, what I've told you. I have plans to expend it but that will be determined by ppls reaction.

Of course where will the be available to buy?

Neftyblocks and NFT hive

Also there will be more info on

Will we be able to buy them in broken tokens?

Yes, there will be a drop on hive using broke tokens, it will be in limited numbers at a cheaper price so. Keep your eyes open

Do you have a favorite in the collection?

The baked buddy

Are you working on anything else at the mo?

I got some waxtriges up my sleeve abd I'll probably make some more dark "night wardens" things but only after dygycon

Of course do you have a stand at Dygycon?

Yes, at the Neftyblocks hall

Anything else you would like to add?

I love the community reactions and support so far, I hope they'll enjoy what's to come

If course its great having you back

Always a pleasure bro

You know it is

Right guys to keep with Broken keep and eye on his Twitter account and if you want to start collecting his crapuppets check our competition below .

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$ 6.05 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.05 from @tired_momma
$ 0.01 from @MoonTrader
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Written by   650
2 months ago
Topics: NFT, WAX, Artist, Interview
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