A catch up with the artist behind Byjurassicfx

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2 months ago

So I recently asked on Twitter anyone want to chat about there project I have chatted to this artist a while and he wanted to reach and give an update about his project.


Yo yo

How are you?

Man I am good how's things with you?

Awesome! I've caught an cold but besides that I'm good

Been an age since we first chatted about your project I am guessing its going strong?

Yeah our chat was at the beginning of it all. It sure has grown and I've added a lot of new stuff. I still lack some volume and my community is pretty silent most of the time but a lot of wonderful ppl in it.

I presume the plan is to keep growing your community by dropping new art . How pieces have you dropped up to now?

Exactly, new art, new functions if I discover an suitable and doable one, marketing is something I need to improve and more giveaways. Etc. Oh I'm not sure but there's a lot and the art had improved a lot

Have you changed how you create your NFTs?

Yeah, so at the beginning I used paint 3d. Now I sketch by hand or paint with watercolor. For some I still use paint 3d or Clipstudio but very few. So mostly hand drawn with pens, markers or brushes

How often are you dropping new art?

I try to get at least one new per week, sometimes more sometimes less if its an hectic week for me.

Has the project itself changed much since you launched?

Initially I ran an reward pool which after an vote where holders joined the Jellypool came. Jellypool as an wallet fractionalized into Jellypool NFTs as I call them. There is no smart contract running it so its an manual thing but works great. I also run an farm giving out my own token and an exclusive PFP farm giving out wax. + stakable in DM So there's a lot of new stuff indeed. Tokenomics is also different from where it started. My focus now is towards incentivizing secondary markets volume coz atm my sold NFTs rarely leaves the buyers hands, then end up in farm and stays there.

You did a PFP?

2 actually, 1 small to try the tools out and gave it some uses then an second small one that's still live on NFThive where I show how my own personal sketchingstyle has developed.

How many NFTs are in the PFP?

First one is locked supply at 106 minted and second one has an drop open with max of 242. I will prob continue with small ones now and then following an theme on each one.

Do you have many themes in mind?

Like game figures, horror theme ofc, xmas theme, etc. I Kinda do these as I get inspired and feel like I can express something personal with them. I don't want them to just be made to catch an hype or such, I want them to hold an meaning and to express something true them.

When is the next drop?

Next PFP will not be anytime soon, next Jellypool drop will prob be next month. And regular drop will most likely come this weekend if I'm not to occupied with other stuff as I have a few airdrops and such on the to do list along with everyday life stuff.

What are the airdrops for?

Jellypool holders will get an share of the accumulated earnings before its been invested to passively grow the pool. And first PFP holders will get an free NFT minimum each month along with highest rank holder of both PFPs will get an random treat randomly now and then.

Interesting is there many drops live at the mo?


There's the second PFP still live along with a few watercolor paintings. All can be found on nfthive

What is the price range on your NFTs?

Most goes for 3-5 wax or slightly below if bought with my token. The PFPs are priced 10-20wax

Fair pricing you have your own token?

Yeah I want it affordable for everyone who enjoys it. Yeah , BEANS, listed on neftyblock, nfthive, alcor, tacoswap. Its stakable on tacoswap also.

Beans what's it symbol?

Symbol is same as name, BEANS.

What's it rate against wax?

Initially I decided that 1wax:1000beans would be good and since then its been at an stable 1 wax : 900-1000 Beans

That's not to bad and you play Beans out in your farms?

Yup, pays out in regular farm and in some giveaways when I run them

Do you think giveaways a good way to find new community members?

Honestly I have low hopes of finding active members thro giveaways but it for sure does reach out to new ppl. I'm still trying to find an good solution to reaching out, I've been thinking a lot about streams and NFTopia etc. but I rarely have opportunity to do that coz I don't wanna wake my kids up etc.

With NFTopia that runs for a whole weekend so you can plan time for a Q&A when it suited you and streams are a great way as well have you tired to collab?

Latest NFTopia I was away otherwise I may have joined it so I do hope I can join next one. And yeah I really need to see if I can make an soundproofed corner in the apartment so I can do some streams. I've done a few collabs, some with great results, some not so good. I'm always open for new collabs as I do enjoy them.

Is there any collabs lined?

As of now I don't have an new one planned but I sure hope to find one soon

Is there anyone out you want to work with at the mo?

I always love working with Orlando (brsketchart1) Also I think an collab with byron would be cool as hes art helped me look at my own sketches with new eyes. Then ofc any kind of gamechanger/utility bringing collab would be really cool like the latest one where Goparel helped me set up an merch store

I forgot to mention that earlier, you can actually buy byjurassicfx merch from https://waxp.art/

Oh brilliant is there much merch available?

Mugs, some T-shirts, tank tops and tote bags with original art drawn by me

Oh nice man anything else you like to add?

Id love to hear from ppl what they think about my project, what it lacks or what they like about it. And if anyone wants to collab they should let me know! oh and you can giveaway 3 of the following NFT


Sweet bro thank you very much


Twitter https://twitter.com/spacecritter1

Discord https://discord.gg/qGCJnURbrJ






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