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Lucid Dreaming: A Portal to Parallel World

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1 week ago

Many of us have experienced Lucid Dreaming and mostly we described it as astonishing experience about our dream because we can control and do supernatural things while dreaming without consequences.

It’s very rare when people frequently lucid dream because It is said to happen once in every month. Though I’m not really sure if this statement is true about Lucid Dreaming once in every month but I do believe that It’s rarely to happen.

Lucid Dreaming is a state where you “a dreamer” is aware of awareness that you are dreaming. When you Lucid Dream, you have the power to control your dream and experiencing supernatural things while this lucid dream event occurs.

But what if Lucid Dreaming lead us to Parallel World?

This article contains Fictional thoughts and opinions only and should never be taken seriously. This is for entertaiment purpose, not everything that are stated are a Fact.

This story that I’m about to share is based on my experience.

I often dreamed about getting lost in the middle of forest or so I thought I was lost. 'Cause even though I’ve never been there my whole life, the place looks really familiar to me, like I’ve always been there so many times. Not gonna lie, It's true, every lucid dream that I had always took me to that place for I don't know what's the reason.

At my first experience Lucid Dreaming, I thought it was real but immediately realized it was just a dream.

After finding myself lost in forest, I tried examing and exploring the forest.I was with someone actually but I can't really remember who was with me or whether it was a girl or a boy, I couldn't recognize faces either, all I know is that It felt real to me. The touch, the weather, the wind, I can feel everything. It’s supernatural. It felt like I was living in a fairytale, It was filled with so many friendly creatures that I can talk to, the clear river and the waterfalls looks astonishing as ever. Felt like I've been taking care of that place for a very long time.

Memories blur and everything fades. That’s the only thing that I can remember.

I asked myself so many things waking up in the morning. I have so many thoughts and try to sleep again hoping my dream to comeback but fail. My head is heavy and I can hear my heart pounding. Then the thought pop up to my head. “Maybe it was me in my Parallel Universe”

You can judge me or say "You just made it up" or "It was just a dream and not Lucid Dreaming” You are free to have that thoughts and opinion.

With this Lucid Dream experience that I had, you have freedom whether to believe me or not.I will never force you to believe me in my either.

This article may only contains fiction but base on my own experience, I’ll state some reasonable thoughts of mine that makes me believe that Lucid Dreaming is Our Parallel World.

  • First is that,

    Every time I Lucid Dream, I always woke up with my body feeling really tired and heavy, my mind filled with so many thoughts and it’s like I did things while I was asleep.

  • Second,

    I was able to feel so many senses such: touches, the weather temperature, the wind, the sound of the water.

    I was able to make changes in things and do so many things that my real world could never in Lucid Dreaming

  • Third,

    I have dream so many unbelievable and believable things but it wasn't Lucid Dreaming. I know when I Lucid Dream and It's just rarely happen to me but It always took me to the place I lucid dreamed before. (it rarely happens also but when it does I’ll alway make sure to have fun)

Some people believed that the person that we are controlling is us but other version of us and a product of the other side. It said that we are given a chance to control them for a mean time.

Other’s thought that we are visiting the otherside and the one that we are controlling is really ourselves.

Both of opinions are acceptable since no one really knows whether parallel world do exist. But If you were to ask me I always says that I believe in Parallel World.

Parallel World

Regardless of our ability to control our dream while Lucid Dreaming, many people believe and have told me that there are actually things that should be avoided during this Lucid Dreaming event happen.

I made a lot of research and tried to remember what my friends have told me to avoid.

I will state some of things that I remember and I would also share what I thought about it.

Things to Avoid While Lucid Dreaming

Although Lucid Dreaming is considered safe there are still things to avoid doing.

  1. Don’t Close Your Eyes

    Someone explains to me that when you close your eyes in your Dream, it provokes awakening.

    So if you want to enjoy the world of fantasy Avoid Closing your eyes.

  2. Don’t Do Too Much Exciting Things

    When you lucid dream, avoid doing too much exciting things.

    Doing such will trigger awakening almost immediately.

  3. Don’t kill people

    Of course, since Lucid Dreaming feels like real event it will affect your life in real world.

    It will affect your mentality and you will feel conscience and thoughts filled with negativity.

  4. Do not wish for something scary

    It is simply because your subconscious mind knows the best of your deepest fears. 

    So please avoid wishing for something scary.

  5. Don’t look yourself in the mirror

    This is really common thing to avoid that I’ve heard so many times.

    Although it’s really fine to do so but for information, When you look at yourself in the mirror you might experience seeing something scary, you won’t see yourself and how you normally look, but a different version of you, based on how you feel about yourself.

That are some of the things to be avoided while Lucid Dreaming. If you want to learn more you can always make a research about it.

That’s apparently the only thing to be avoided that I’ve remembered.

I have a fairly large amount of interest in Parallel World,Fairies and Witches, and so many incredible stuff to talk, but Parallel World happens to be my likable and an interesting topic to talk about.

This is an interesting topic to read. If you’re one of those reader who love to read and has interest in this kind of stuffs and topic online, please do leave your thoughts and opinion about this topic. I would love to hear it

Thank You for Reading !

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Written by   10
1 week ago
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