How to Tie Work Boots

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Stand with feet shoulder width apart

Place one boot on flat surface, untied. Spread fingers wide and then place index finger of either hand into opening at back of boot. Then spread remaining three fingers into opening. Now place toes of boots together so that heels are slightly apart.

Pull laces towards you until tight

Bring lace tips out through top of loops, then cross over itself once or twice to form an X under the loop. This will prevent them from slipping through the loops while you tie them. Now pull both ends of lace tightly, but not so tight as to bend lace tip under last cross forming knot. Repeat with second lace if needed for same shoe before moving onto other shoe/boot. Visit topworkboot for more informational content.

Tuck loose ends into shoe

The final step is to bend down both laces and slip the end underneath the lace loops around the shoe. This will help keep them from tripping someone up, which could particularly hurt if they're working on scaffolding or a ladder.

Now you have tied your work boots! Now tell me who's going to tie your shoelaces for you? I don't think so! Next time practice tying your shoes before leaving home so that you won't be late for work again! That's not a job I'd want either knowing how dangerous it can be when someone doesn't know how to tie their own shoelaces! So stop playing games now and learn today!!

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