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The Updates of and King Of The Juungle

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6 months ago

Juungle is a marketplace for Collectibles/Non-Fungible Tokens on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain. Buy, Sell, Auction, Collect ot Create digital assets instantly for a very low cost.

A NFT (non-fungible tokens) is a special cryptographically-generated token that uses blockchain technology to link with a unique digital asset that cannot be replicated.

Juungle was designed to have more projects, more than just Waifu NFTs. Now there's over 80 project that listed and unlisted at Juungle.

The new updates of is amazing, the trader are waiting for this and tadaaa! Everyone is happy about it, and of course I'm belong to them.

What is new and what is added and changing by Sir JT? So lets discuss about it.


* Increase rate limit for frontpage

John Rein Ascobido: "What is the different of trending to other list of sorting?"

Sir JT: "Its a custom algorithm for recommendation or a new NFTs. will be building more onto it, rn its still pretty simple but hopefully can use it to get better variety of items on frontpage + help recommend items that maybe you havent seen before or that you may like."

John Rein Ascobido: "It seems like a recommendation list. Got it :)"

Sir JT: "Yeah.. ideally if there is a new nft that will show up, and if it gets a few sales it will show up more, that sort of thing,but at same time, if you mint 10000 nfts, the frontpage shouldn't be flooded with that nft heh,every few minutes it regenerates."

* Links to explorer for token on # in account section

* Make dates in account section reflect action

This is about the reflect of action of the new unlisted, listed, sold and withdrawn assets. The example shown below.

* Add paging to account assets pages

This is referring to page numbers under assets.

* Add new username page

It's new feature that your account have username. The Juungle bot already give you name like catfish, lion, tiger and etc. but you can able to edit it again and set what your desire username.

* Add button to go to user page in

And you will direct to your assets that you listed in the market.

* Add new frontpage algorithm "Trending"

The trending NFTs listed at Juungle is about the new listed NFTs. It's an algorithm for recommendation of new NFTs.

* Set max limit of pages numbers rendered

A number of pages display

* Replace drop down with generated Collections page

This is referring to

* Add search to users and collection pages

* Improve reliability of buying NFTs

* Fix uppercase email bug

Convert the email address to lowercase when register or log in.

* Add new utility for checking failed transactions (admin)

* Create basic fail over system for bchd instances

If the standby server fails, then immediately restarted.

* (Backend only) Add ability to vote on NFTs

* (Backend only) Add ability to report NFTs

* Add deposit,withdraw,purchase timestamp sorts to api

* Partially add nsfw tagging

An option to show or hide the inappropriate e content

* Add king command

Message the bot in Juungle Telegram group of /king then it will show the top 9 "King of the Juungle".


Kings of trading competition (ends May 1 12:00 am UTC)
1st place will win 1 BCH

#1 bitcoincash:qp7upgtxnx2ppfw0l5s2j7x4sj8ee23rfqvnzyxxlt 2.61350379 BCH

#2 bitcoincash:qp4wry5yv06armxj99t6dkx8xcuchamcxgkfus7amc 0.43511747 BCH

#3 bitcoincash:qzn0ne5nqlvpsersvp7m3emgq0dctuz3a5nugk88mt 0.31402632 BCH

#4 bitcoincash:qzqjn970a6w6ss4khduvc8xzaplh9qkpdy28y0cmg7 0.176115 BCH

#5 bitcoincash:qpu0ta8s9k9swn00tlelr5a8tsxdn0hv6u4ldcsnc0 0.17191665 BCH

#6 bitcoincash:qzmru6ry8cc92l2s420pr0c8w3pmsm8f7qvxphwf8f 0.15623596 BCH

#7 bitcoincash:qqjw4tqvpgq2y9wkfuqffu4q7sz5nsp78v830sjk0c 0.14517235 BCH

#8 bitcoincash:qpczleahxanvm92t7lq6rzwahjv7lsmes5vjcqxvn5 0.14343361 BCH

#9 bitcoincash:qzuytvwqpd0u4vkdsuc3zcm46auu5fe66ckthmce6j 0.12521013 BCH
Image credit: Sir JT Freeman

* New utility methods to get more statistics (top buyers, sellers)

* Sort collections by volume

This are all NFTs sorted at Juungle marketplace, its look like this( Its was a NFTs parent of every nft listed at Juungle. Just delete the (01d7e8f8a873aea9b3e63593a4b13466332fcd578389f5b29c786743f414dbc7) and changes to the NFTs parent or token id of NFTs that you desired.

This all the example of NFTs sorted at Juungle market

* Update account pages immediately on action success

* Fix username settings

* Improve docs

* New missing icon image

* New icon system (will retry grabbing missing icons, also will compress better / crash less)

* Icon system now stores some stats on missing icons in db

* Add total collections to bot

This all Juungle NFTs collection so far

* Fix for price satoshis unset

* Cache frontend with cdn (before some assets weren't cached, this should cause faster loads after first one)

* Add lookup by username api method.

* Update Juungle Bot to show link to explorer on sale

This is referring to the Juungle Telegram bot

* Add new database methods for group tokens

* Increase amount of items shown on desktop

* Add receiving address to payment panel

* (Backend only) NFT Creator (where was spawned from) is ready.

* New share links

New share links for Reddit. And if you will send your assets, it will show the images of the NFTs.

The developer( Sir JT) keep debugging the new updates to ensure it makes easier to the user to have better access at Some issue of bugs must reported immediately to take it action.

What is Juungle?

Join to the Juungle Competition (1BCH prize)

Juungle Sticker Competition

NFTs Trading Competition

The marketplace where you can purchase NFTs:

How to mint NFTs?

Fungal Spore Exploder

How to create an SLP NFT that displays artwork properly on both SLP Explorer and!

Wallet that supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH) NFTs:

Pokket. cash

Telegram channel:

Please follow the Twitter account of Juungle for more updates.


If you have a question regarding the article please post it in the comment section or you can dm me at Telegram: (Constant1995)

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Written by   142
6 months ago
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Galing 💚, paganda na paganda ang Juungle. And ang dami ng nag improve. Looking forward sa mga bagong ganap.

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6 months ago

Yeah. Oo nga eh.. marami payang magbabago. Pwede din namang may palitan sa bagong feature. Baka may suggestion ka, pwede mo i commebt dito. Baka mabasa ni Sir JT or i message ko siya directly 'bout your suggestion. Wdt?

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6 months ago

Notification ahaha, pero baka naman gagawan din nila yan. Bukod sana ss email, meron din sanang notif na para di na natin need bisitahin ang email kasi meron na ss Juungle haha, katamaran ko talaga. Ang totoo kasi naka off sskin ang notif sa ibang apps ko like, messenger, gmail, fb and marami pang iba haha.

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6 months ago

Hahahah paki translate sa English. naman din yan, kaso tadtadin tayo ng notif. What kind of notif pala.?

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Notif pag may nag buu ng nft mo, ganon ahah

$ 0.00
6 months ago

ah hahhaah,pwede naman.. good idea.ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ

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6 months ago

See, pero bat baga ganyan kasi ang emoji mo, napansin ko lang.

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6 months ago

Bagong style, balik sa dati, keypad kasi gamit ko ngayon. :-D

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6 months ago

Ehh, bat nakaka open ka ng nois.e

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6 months ago

Ah may net naman yung keypad ko.. \(◎o◎)/

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6 months ago

Haha naols. Pero seryoso magkano nga sweldo mo??

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6 months ago

Just kidding. (‘◉⌓◉’) Ah 1k. 🤣

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6 months ago

Laki na nyan, monthly? Pakitanong if naghahanap sya ng tagahilod ng libag, aapply iz me

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6 months ago

Hahhaha just kidding. ┏(^0^)┛ Mm let me ask him and I'll your username in Telegram. (^3^♪

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6 months ago

Dami ng update, tingnan ko nga mamaya hahaha. Soon dadami na users nito😁

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6 months ago

Hoping it happen.🥰 Goodluck nakang sa ating lahat.l,more improvements pa ang kailangan.

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6 months ago

Vinisit ko now dahil dto.. Dami nga changes.

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6 months ago

Marami pa pong kulang at improvement ang kailangan, ito ay simula pa lamang. :)

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6 months ago

These updates were really cool. I hope my NFT's will get popularity now from other juunglers.

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Yeah. Don't worry, it will happen soon. And I like your NFTs. :)

$ 0.00
6 months ago